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Tuesday 10:00 PM on CBS (Returning September 23, 2014)
On Person of Interest, aside from the main cast, central to every episode have been the various, well, persons of interest. There have been a lot of guest stars, familiar character actors, but also relative TV unknowns popping up on the show to play the irrelevant of the week. A couple of them have been upped to series regulars (Root & Shaw), a few others appear from time to time (Zoe Morgan, Carl Elias & Leon Tao), but there are many others who have just been one-off characters.

Which POIs have made an impression with you? Who would you like to see again in future episodes?

I've excluded regulars Root & Shaw from the poll below, but included in it everyone else who is currently recurring, or dead - because 1) WHY NOT? and 2) Hello, flashbacks! - and those whose status are undetermined. The POIs are arranged according to season/episode in which their number came up first, but if I left anyone out, sound off in the comments below!

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