Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on CBS
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    Person of Interest "Critical" Review: Bring On the Bad Guys

    This real-world Batman show is becoming a moving comic book, thanks to an expanding arsenal of villains.

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    Reese and Finch set out to protect a surgeon who has come up as their newest Person of Interest. However, when they discover that someone from Reese's past is involved, they turn to a former Number for help.

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    • Yes, a Waste

      @TexasJake: "Good story line, excellent action So far, so good. "Why would you tarnish" a potentially great review such as yours could have been by suddenly spitting spitefulness? POI is no more "pushing a lesbian agenda" by portraying a reality of life in NYC than it is advocating anarchy by portraying the occasional necessity of vigilante justice. "Disgusting," indeed. You take something that could have been a 9 and demean it to a 1 -- your review, not the episode.moreless
    • Every episode POI ventures into new territory

      This show is fearless in delving into new genres. This time it went full ER mode and it did a great job of dealing with human emotions. The fact that some viewer felt bothered by a lesbian couple living in New York is really sad. This viewer needs to understand that gay people exist, especially in a place like New York. To say that it was a political statement by making the POI gay was more than stupid, it was tunnel vision that mobsters, cops, single moms, politicians, felons, convicts, judges have all been POI's in the past but for a lesbian to be the POI that is just plain wrong? I feel that Ironman166 needs to grow up and accept that this show is good on its own merits without trying to make a political statement.moreless
    • realism

      ahahahaha has anyone noticed the "gun", that the fake police officer is pointing at John and the girl when they're on the way out of the park? you certainly can't shoot anyone with that! lmao

      other than that, the show's quite good :))
    • Somebody tell me why? Please stop now.

      This show in normally entertaining; however, tonight it crashed and burned. You can always tell when a show starts to lose it's direction and tonight was that night. The writers felt it was time to throw in their "social" message and try to influence the audience. If you are an avid TV watcher you would recognize the same thing occurred on SVU last season and caused me to stop watching it. This season they have stayed away form the "social issues" and returned to the show basics, crime & suspense. If the writers of "Person of Interest" want to keep loyal viewers stop now with the "social" crap. I will also change my overall rating until this show gets back on track.moreless
    • Quality

      I LOVED this episode! Multiple storylines, SMART villains, bring back an old character and re-occurring villain and my all time favorite, story misdirection. You think the story is going one way and it goes the other. First off, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but let me bring up a couple common complaints:

      1) the ER / surgery scenes were not accurate. WHO CARES? If you can make it realistic to the common viewer, that's all that matters. Whenever I watch tv or movies I always accept a certain amount of fudge factor. FF is simply entertainment subbed in for actual facts and procedures. If I wanted to see a 100% accurate ER / surgery scene, I'd watch the Discovery Channel. And if every tv show got cancelled because it wasn't 100% accurate to their professions, Grey's Anatomy would've been cancelled eons ago.

      2) The same sex couple situation was inappropriate. - Meh. Did it interrupt or ruin the story? No. You could've subbed in a friend, her husband, her daughter, her sister, an aunt and the story wouldn't have changed at all.

      3) The story was average. - The WORST episode of POI is better than 90% of the crap out there. I too have stopped watching SVU (not because of Stabler) but because the writing went down the tubes. The stories became less factual more story based, characters became one maybe TWO dimensional and the stories just were flat and boring. POI need not worry about that. Not yet, any ways.

      So I loved the episode and since I can't give ANY episode a full 10, I'll give it a 9.5; cause well, it could always be better, right? :)moreless
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