Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • Yes, a Waste

    @TexasJake: "Good story line, excellent action So far, so good. "Why would you tarnish" a potentially great review such as yours could have been by suddenly spitting spitefulness? POI is no more "pushing a lesbian agenda" by portraying a reality of life in NYC than it is advocating anarchy by portraying the occasional necessity of vigilante justice. "Disgusting," indeed. You take something that could have been a 9 and demean it to a 1 -- your review, not the episode.
  • Every episode POI ventures into new territory

    This show is fearless in delving into new genres. This time it went full ER mode and it did a great job of dealing with human emotions. The fact that some viewer felt bothered by a lesbian couple living in New York is really sad. This viewer needs to understand that gay people exist, especially in a place like New York. To say that it was a political statement by making the POI gay was more than stupid, it was tunnel vision that mobsters, cops, single moms, politicians, felons, convicts, judges have all been POI's in the past but for a lesbian to be the POI that is just plain wrong? I feel that Ironman166 needs to grow up and accept that this show is good on its own merits without trying to make a political statement.
  • realism

    ahahahaha has anyone noticed the "gun", that the fake police officer is pointing at John and the girl when they're on the way out of the park? you certainly can't shoot anyone with that! lmao

    other than that, the show's quite good :))
  • Somebody tell me why? Please stop now.

    This show in normally entertaining; however, tonight it crashed and burned. You can always tell when a show starts to lose it's direction and tonight was that night. The writers felt it was time to throw in their "social" message and try to influence the audience. If you are an avid TV watcher you would recognize the same thing occurred on SVU last season and caused me to stop watching it. This season they have stayed away form the "social issues" and returned to the show basics, crime & suspense. If the writers of "Person of Interest" want to keep loyal viewers stop now with the "social" crap. I will also change my overall rating until this show gets back on track.
  • Quality

    I LOVED this episode! Multiple storylines, SMART villains, bring back an old character and re-occurring villain and my all time favorite, story misdirection. You think the story is going one way and it goes the other. First off, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but let me bring up a couple common complaints:

    1) the ER / surgery scenes were not accurate. WHO CARES? If you can make it realistic to the common viewer, that's all that matters. Whenever I watch tv or movies I always accept a certain amount of fudge factor. FF is simply entertainment subbed in for actual facts and procedures. If I wanted to see a 100% accurate ER / surgery scene, I'd watch the Discovery Channel. And if every tv show got cancelled because it wasn't 100% accurate to their professions, Grey's Anatomy would've been cancelled eons ago.

    2) The same sex couple situation was inappropriate. - Meh. Did it interrupt or ruin the story? No. You could've subbed in a friend, her husband, her daughter, her sister, an aunt and the story wouldn't have changed at all.

    3) The story was average. - The WORST episode of POI is better than 90% of the crap out there. I too have stopped watching SVU (not because of Stabler) but because the writing went down the tubes. The stories became less factual more story based, characters became one maybe TWO dimensional and the stories just were flat and boring. POI need not worry about that. Not yet, any ways.

    So I loved the episode and since I can't give ANY episode a full 10, I'll give it a 9.5; cause well, it could always be better, right? :)
  • Higher and Higher

    Person of Interest did again, another excellent episode, another interesting and smart villain name Westley. Other good point great action scenes, I like the all storylines.
  • A clever title goes here!

    I thought this was a great episode! Not only was I on the edge of my seat to see if the number would become the perpetrator or not but I was also deeply amused by the return of Leon. The fact that Team Machine have yet another big bad going up against them is interesting. I think that all those intelligent and dangerous bad guys bring an interesting dynamic to POI. Root is clearly a evil Finch while Wesley is a Reese who went dark side and stayed there. It almost makes me wonder if those two will meet up to face our heroes.

    Seeing how Leon contributed to the success of foiling the baddies now has me wondering if one of the reasons the Machine brought up his number was as a replacement for Finch to work with Reese, other than just saving his life, I mean.

    Very enjoyable episode that even with the Carter bits advancing the Snow storyline is strong on it's own. Finch's horrified and sick "It's so squishy." was hilarious!
  • Every number is worth saving

    Loved this episode. Enjoyed it immensely. A lesbian couple doesn't tarnish an episode anymore than a mob hit man, an ex safe cracker or a reporter with questionable etihics. Gay marriage is legal in New York. The show is in New York. They were just another couple who needed help.
  • Please don't miss the point--either way

    That point is: Every number is worth intervening on, because a potential victim's life is what matters, whether they share your political/moral/social views or they are on the opposite side of that spectrum.

    If nothing else, the opening (humorous) scene with Leon should have established that fact--here's a guy who keeps putting himself at risk by choosing the wrong friends, and yet Reese and FInch will still save him every time.

    Beyond Leon, there were two potential victims here: one was an uber-wealthy CEO of a massive utility conglomerate who had his own security team and a knack for expressing near-zero empathy and not much more social grace. The other was an artist who was equally open about her support for other artists and about her lesbian marriage. The situation--if one lives, the other dies. The POI (the surgeon of the CEO and the spouse of the artist) was the one with the choice--which one should be the one to die?

    Chances are, one or the other seemed the more acceptable one to you as the viewer, as each represents opposite ends of the spectrum on a couple of true hot-button issues, even more prevalent during election year.

    Kudos to Nolan and the team for handling this masterfully and tastefully. Yes, they likely pressed a lot of buttons out there (which as you'll see led up to the point), but they did so without presenting anything you wouldn't see from either side in 2012 NYC (and actually a lot more toned-down than typical TV over-characterizations of either). Aside from the obvious opposite ends of the spectrum represented, the show refrained from anything over-the-top from either of them, and also gave us no further info about either potential victim that would make the choice any easier.

    So, which one?

    Reese and Finch answer for us. Both lives are worth saving. And they go about doing so without hesitation, putting themselves at risk of exposure without a second thought. No debate about which life is worth more. Finch stays at the hospital to protect the CEO, Reese goes to the park to protect the artist. And this time, we're not getting the easy out. When it seems like things may be wrapped up in time to prevent the moment from arriving, we're thrown a curve ball. Both Finch and Reese have to directly intervene to save their potential victim.

    I must admit, like most people, I do have strong feelings and views about some issues, including the ones presented by the CEO and the artist. This episode did not change those views, nor did it intend to do so.

    What it did do was remind me that, no matter what a person's political/social/moral views, their life is still valuable and precious. Yes, sometimes lethal force has to be used to stop a murder or protect others. But no potential victim's life should be viewed as not worth saving.

    And that was the point. Especially in an election year like this one, and heading into the holidays in the aftermath, it's a needed point. Not to water-down or compromise our views, but to maybe remember at Thanksgiving dinner that your aunt or nephew or sister sitting across from you may have voted for the other guy, but their life is still precious.

  • 2x07 "Critical"

    Great new villain. And great episode overall, Bear is now my favourite dog on TV.
  • Whew! This was so tension-filled that I had to "nurse" my courage along not to change channels.

    I mean, if a hero's success rate is measured by the enemies he makes, then John Reese is proving more successful than Horatio Caine! In Albert Wesley, we seem to have an anti-Reese. Someone with the same espionage black ops background as John. But, with the same malicious deviousness as Root. On top of which, John's left-for-dead partner Cara (alias Kara) is back in town. The only question is: is she gunning for John, or just the CIA?

  • It's squishy!

    I love this show. Compelling concept with interesting characters. Tonights story introduced another potential long term villain while continuing the sub-plot of an existing one. A bit less action than usual but did a lot in providing a background for potential future story arcs.

    I did feel the 'Lean Tao' arc was a bit out of place. Are the writers planning to make him a semi-regular? The idea that they had to stash him at the library as the only safe place because the 'Albanian mob' was looking for him seemed a bit of a stretch. And then at the end just dump him back on the street? No real resolution. It did not fit in with the rest of the spisode. Still it did allow us to see more of Bear...

    A good episode overall and worth watching even if only to see/hear Finch in the hospital, looking /sounding like he was about to hurl and going "Oh dear! Look at it, it's squishy!" Absolutely hilarious!!
  • Going to watch this episode right now and I'll probably enjoy it

    I'm starting to think my taste in television entertainment is in the minority. For some reason, whenever I see an episode of any particular show that I really enjoyed where I then feel the urge to visit to write my review, I notice that the community has rated the episode badly. This has happened to me 3 times in as many weeks so I guess it's just a matter of taste. I also guess it's because the community have no taste or room for creative expression because any show that has a one-off, unique episode that follows a different style than the norm, the community get the hump. Personally, I enjoy seeing something different, a new perspective usually brought about by a guest producer/director.

    Anyway, as I said, I'm now going to go and watch S02E07 of POI (Critical) and judging by the poor ratings so far, it seems as if I am going to enjoy this one. I'll finish this review, rate and submit it when I come back after I've seen it.

    Person of interest S02E07 Critical -

    Well, I must say, this was just a typical episode of POI with nothing different from the normal weekly plot we're all used to by now. So with that in mind, I'm rather surprised that this episode received such a low rating from the community. Granted, there was nothing special about this episode but even so, I would still rank it on a par with most other POI episodes.

    At the end of the day, the show is always entertaining with a very interesting storyline and this episode continued with this usual theme..i.e the machine gave a social security number of someone in trouble so Reese and Finch worked together to help this person.

    Also, as usual, there was reference to the season-wide plot involving that insane women who's trying to gain access to the machine, she still has a suicide vest strapped to a ex cop who is doing her dirty work. Carter caught up with him and he revealed the vest, asking her to pass a warning onto Reese.

    This episode also featured a new highly sophisticated and intelligent enemy called Alistair Wesley who managed to evade capture in the end, not before making a promise that he's a worthy adversary that the duo will cross paths with again one day. Mr Wesley is played by the brilliant bad guy actor Julian Sands. He's an ex Mi5 agent with the skills and contacts to make good on his promise.

    This episode also saw the return of the greedy, money hungry crook Leon Tao played by Ken Leung.

    All in all, S02E07 (Critical) was an average episode of person of interest. As always, it was an entertaining episode with a time sensitive mission to rescue the lesbian wife of a highly respected surgeon who was being targeted by numerous snipers to force the surgeon to murder her patient who was a very powerful man that owns major energy companies. With the help of Detective Fusco, Reese managed to get the surgeons wife to safety while finch assisted the surgeon.

    @ TexasJake

    Just because the main victims in one single storyline from one single episode of Person of Interest happened to be a married lesbian couple, it doesn't mean they're pushing some kind of 'lesbian agenda' as you put it. Don't you know that Lesbians are a fact of life in todays day and age? Seriously, I can only imagine you must live in some kind of isolated neighborhood where the real world doesn't cross into. With that in mind, I'd love to see (and have a good laugh at) your opinion of normality. BTW - Today we are living in 2012 believe it or not! Anyway, I can only apologize if I've got my facts wrong and incorrectly judged you from that short comment of yours. If so, I recommend a new tin-foil hat to keep the conspiracies inside. Well I'm sure one of my opinions must be right, its either one or the other. The Truth is out there! Ha Ha Ha
  • Oh Dear!

    I am a huge POI fan - and to date the scripts have been fantastic... BUT - this was the most ham-fisted episode ever. It was just simply bad.

    Despite the usual good performances by the actors it was the padded and inconsistent script - with trite directing - that simply could not be saved. Everything seemed forced - from the inclusion of Leon (a better actor who deserved a more complex role) to the silly attempt at contrvercial romance (like who cares (except fot the guy below who seems to have an issues with same-sex couples)). It was just all in all crappy... I mean, the gunfight in the subteranon scene - virtually pointless in the extreme.

    Because fo the great quality of the past I'll be back next week but if whoever penned this script helms many more episodes then Iam afraid that my loyalty will be short-lived.

    Love POI but this particular episode was a let down.
  • It's Squishy...

    This episode went along a very different vein than have previous ones. The narratives were divided in a number of different directions but were never difficult to follow. I very much appreciate both the new "force to be reckoned with' and the reappearance of Leon. I enjoy that we'll have two more recurring characters to look out for in the series. It's past time to build the world, and these are characters that are compelling and will prove interesting as PoI continues.

    The end scenes with Carter and Snow and then Carter and Reese were incredible and really pushed the over-arching plot. This episode was a successful blend of the weekly case, the building of the world and the main plot, regardless of its realism (which has never been 100% - it's a television show!) or what agendas it's "pushing" (which it wasn't; just showing another lifestyle present in New York - stop being closed-minded).

    I can't wait for the next installment to see where we go next. I'm so much more engaged with what Stanton's up to after this revelation from Snow (whom I hate but can't help but feel sorry for now).
  • My first 5 rating :(

    I wasn't happy with this episode overall. I'm an operating room nurse and the total lack of reality in that portion of the story tonight just pulled me out of the whole show. Procedures could have been done properly and still preserved the essence of the episode. I also didn't like Leon this time around. I enjoyed the opening scene (am a MMORPG gamer and know all about the pains of gold farmer spam) but felt his "buddy/buddy" attempts with Finch fell flat for me. They just seemed to push Leon on us too much.

    I did like the park scenes with Reese and Fusco and the Carter B story set up for the Kara/Mark storyline. I felt the very last scene with Carter and Reese was phenomenal. I've rewound it probably 12 times already. Then again I do tend to prefer Carter/Reese scenes the most. I've seen interviews where the show was always intended to be about Finch, Reese and Carter working the POI cases together and I can't help but wonder if this last scene is meant to push Carter closer to a full working relationship with the boys. My guess it she'll leap into wanting to know more. She just can never let anything go.
  • What a waste!

    Good story line, excellent action scenes. Why would you tarnish a great series like this by pushing a lesbian agenda? Disgusting. You take a show that could be a 9 to a 1.