Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • Please don't miss the point--either way

    That point is: Every number is worth intervening on, because a potential victim's life is what matters, whether they share your political/moral/social views or they are on the opposite side of that spectrum.

    If nothing else, the opening (humorous) scene with Leon should have established that fact--here's a guy who keeps putting himself at risk by choosing the wrong friends, and yet Reese and FInch will still save him every time.

    Beyond Leon, there were two potential victims here: one was an uber-wealthy CEO of a massive utility conglomerate who had his own security team and a knack for expressing near-zero empathy and not much more social grace. The other was an artist who was equally open about her support for other artists and about her lesbian marriage. The situation--if one lives, the other dies. The POI (the surgeon of the CEO and the spouse of the artist) was the one with the choice--which one should be the one to die?

    Chances are, one or the other seemed the more acceptable one to you as the viewer, as each represents opposite ends of the spectrum on a couple of true hot-button issues, even more prevalent during election year.

    Kudos to Nolan and the team for handling this masterfully and tastefully. Yes, they likely pressed a lot of buttons out there (which as you'll see led up to the point), but they did so without presenting anything you wouldn't see from either side in 2012 NYC (and actually a lot more toned-down than typical TV over-characterizations of either). Aside from the obvious opposite ends of the spectrum represented, the show refrained from anything over-the-top from either of them, and also gave us no further info about either potential victim that would make the choice any easier.

    So, which one?

    Reese and Finch answer for us. Both lives are worth saving. And they go about doing so without hesitation, putting themselves at risk of exposure without a second thought. No debate about which life is worth more. Finch stays at the hospital to protect the CEO, Reese goes to the park to protect the artist. And this time, we're not getting the easy out. When it seems like things may be wrapped up in time to prevent the moment from arriving, we're thrown a curve ball. Both Finch and Reese have to directly intervene to save their potential victim.

    I must admit, like most people, I do have strong feelings and views about some issues, including the ones presented by the CEO and the artist. This episode did not change those views, nor did it intend to do so.

    What it did do was remind me that, no matter what a person's political/social/moral views, their life is still valuable and precious. Yes, sometimes lethal force has to be used to stop a murder or protect others. But no potential victim's life should be viewed as not worth saving.

    And that was the point. Especially in an election year like this one, and heading into the holidays in the aftermath, it's a needed point. Not to water-down or compromise our views, but to maybe remember at Thanksgiving dinner that your aunt or nephew or sister sitting across from you may have voted for the other guy, but their life is still precious.

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