Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 4

Cura Te Ipsum

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dr. Megan Tillman is working the ER at a hospital and Finch comes in, complaining of back pain. He claims that his doctor is in the Caymans and he needs medication, and Megan checks his x-rays. She notes that he had spinal surgery some time ago and asks how it happened, and Finch says that it's a long story. He asks for a prescription and she reluctantly gives in. As Tillman turns around, Finch replaces her pager with a duplicate. Once she leaves, Finch uses a remote and makes sure that he can control the hospital's security cameras.

Earlier, Finch informs Reese that Tillman is the next number from the Machine. She puts in 80 hours a week at the hospital and lives alone. There's no complains or lawsuits against her and everyone seems to like her. Reese follows her and notices a man in a suit bumps into her as she gets food. That night, Reese realizes that she's preparing for a night out. He follows her to a club and a man tries to pick her up without success. Reese notices that the man has what appears to be a gun, and he's following Megan. Reese catches up to him in the bathroom and confirms that the man simply has a PDA. Reese spots the young man from earlier, bumps into him, and steals his wall. He confirms that the man is Andrew Benton and that he has roofies on him.

Reese returns to the library and tells Finch that Megan left the club at 3:30. The bartender informed him that Megan has been at the bar every night, and Finch confirms that she has been driving herself at the hospital. He checks Benton's record and learns that he's an investment banker. There are a string of sexual harassment and stalking claims against him but he's never been formally charged. Reese breaks into Benton's apartment, confirms that he has heroin, and copies his email and personal files.

Carter goes over the footage of the evidence lockup robbery and figures that one of the hooded men is Reese. She shows her partner, Kane, that Reese spoke briefly with Finch. The interview statement shows that Finch is a paralegal at a law firm.

Reese and Finch go over Benton's files and discover a number of photos of him with woman. However, there's nothing to connect him to Megan. Finch checks on Benton's college records and discovers that one of the files has been expunged. Reese goes to see Fusco against Finch's advice.

Fusco is playing street hockey with his son. Several drug dealers approach him and demand the drugs that Stills and his friends took them. They want the million dollars in cocaine from Fusco and give him two days to deliver it before they go after his son.

When Megan goes out for the night, Reese watches her until Benton comes in. He sits next to Megan and flirts with her. She introduces herself as Kate and Reese listens in via the bug in her pager. When Megan goes out, Benton goes with her and Reese follows them. He offers to take her back to his place but Megan begs off, saying she has to work early. Benton accepts her refusal and walks away, and Reese follows Megan to her car. However, she follows Benton to his apartment and takes photos of him, and Reese realizes that she's stalking Benton.

The next day, Fusco meets with Reese at the park and he explains that thugs from the Toreros Cartel are after him. He has Benton's record and the examiner's report, but demands protection from Reese. Reese tells him that there are plenty of crooked cops that he can turn to and leaves with the report. He goes over the files with Finch and learns that while in college, Benton sexually assaulted a freshman girl after drugging her. He wasn't arrested because the girl waited two days to report Benton out of shame. The girl was Gabrielle Tillman, Megan's sister. She died a year later, a suicide, and they figure that Megan is planning to murder Benton as revenge for her sister. Reese points out that she's a doctor who saves lives, and killing someone will destroy her.

Carter calls Finch and makes an appointment to see him. She visits him at his home and comments on his limp. Finch explains that it's an old injury and she asks him to describe again what happened. Carter notes that one of the men talked to him and Finch says that the robber told him to stop staring. She points out that most people look away from a man who threatens them and asks if Finch said anything to Reese. Finch says that he asked Reese to let him go, and describes how he was so terrified that he begged for his life. Carter gives him her card and promises to catch the guy.

That night, Reese is watching a police officer who is meeting with a prostitute. Finch calls to warn him that Carter is on his trail and Reese says that he's recruiting a new officer to take care of Fusco and Carter. He then goes to the rape victim support group where Megan is listening to a victim describe her experience. Unable to take any more, Megan steps outside and Reese goes outside with her. He strikes up a conversation and Megan admits that she knows someone like the woman who was talking. Reese says that he lost someone close to him and Megan offers her condolences. She claims that she had a friend who was raped and that she's been unable to put it behind her, but then she saw the rapist a month ago, looking content while her life was shattered. They introduce themselves and Megan again uses the name of "Kate Leman."

Back at the library, Reese tells Finch that the photos of Benton with his victims are the man's trophies. He shares coke with them, sedates them, and then rapes them. They're too humiliated to go to the police and too concerned about incriminating themselves. Finch tracks down three Kate Lemans and one has a vacation home in Montauk. Reese goes there and finds eight pounds of lye that Megan plans to use to destroy Benton's body. Finch wonders if they should let her kill Benton, but Reese warns that murdering someone will destroy her. He vows to find a way to make Benton disappear.

Fusco is preparing to go after the cartel men with his money when Reese arrives. He kicks in the door and takes out the men. Much to Fusco's surprise, Reese leaves them alive but takes they're cocaine. A little later, he approaches Benton as he drives through an intersection, approaches him, and punches him unconscious. When Benton wakes up, he discovers that he's parked in front of police headquarters with cocaine on his front seat.

The next day, Reese and Fusco watch from across the street as Benton and his four lawyers emerge from the courthouse. Fusco is concerned about what the Toreros will do to him and threatens to get Reese arrested, and Reese asks what's stopping him. Fusco doesn't have an answer and Reese walks away.

At home, Megan listens to her sister's last message on her answering machine. Finch tracks her via the GPS in the pager and calls Reese. Reese is at Benton's loft and watches as the man arrives. Before he can follow him, Torero's men knock him out and haul him away. Inside, Benton discovers that his security alarm system isn't working. He goes inside and Megan tasers him unconscious. Once she drugs him to remain unconscious, Megan straps Benton into a wheelchair.

Finch tries to call Reese without success, unaware that he's at the Toreros' hideout. Lionel is with them, and the cartel leader, Diaz, explains that Fusco betrayed Reese to pay off his debt. The cartel thugs start beating Reese.

Megan takes Benton out to a van and drives away.

Diaz demands the cocaine and Reese says that he's sorry the man is going to lose his head when his boss finds out he's been helping out his rivals in the Gulf Cartel slaughter the boss and his men. Diaz's men wonder how Reese knows, and Reese takes advantage of the distraction to take them down. He grabs a gun and tells Diaz that if he meets him again, he'll take his head. As Reese heads for the door, Fusco says that it was nothing personal. Reese says that Fusco isn't the only dirty cop he knows and that it's time for a chance of scenery for the officer. As he goes, Reese warns Fusco not to ever set him up again.

Megan stops at a truck stop to get gas and Reese catches up to her. He addresses her by her real name and invites her to have a cup of coffee with him while Benton waits in the van. She reluctantly agrees and Reese warns her that she might not get caught, but she'll never get away with it. He says that he knows all about her and Benton, and that if she murders Benton in cold blood then the guilt will kill her. Megan asks if his claim that he lost someone was true, and what he would do in her position. Reese says that he knows that you lose a part of yourself when you kill someone, a part you can never get back. He suggests that Megan drop it but she warns that Benton has seen her face. Reese says that it won't matter and asks for the keys to the van. When Megan wonders what she gets, Reese tells her that she'll get her life back and Gabrielle gets to keep her memory of Megan. When she wonders why Reese is there, he tells her that everyone needs somebody to talk to. After a moment, Megan hands over the keys.

Finch calls Reese and asks what he plans to do with Benton. Reese says that he plans to have a little talk and then asks Finch why he does everything that he does with the Machine and the numbers. Finch merely says that he has his reasons and asks about Carter, and Reese says that it's taken care of.

The next day, the captain that Reese saw with the prostitute escorts Fusco to his new desk next to Carter. The captain has Fusco call Reese and tell him that he's done what he was ordered to do, and that he wants the blackmail photos that Reese took. Carter comes in with the files on the lockup robbery and Fusco introduces himself.

Benton wakes up at the house at Montauk, seated across a table from Reese. In the middle of the table is a gun. Reese tells him that he sent Megan away because she fixes people, and he and Benton break people. When Benton wonders what Reese is going to do, Reese says that he hasn't decided yet. He asks Benton if he thinks that people ever change, and that they both hurt people. When Benton tries to deny everything, Reese reaches for the gun and Benton says that he's crossed some lines but he won't do it again. He asks Reese to let him go, and Reese says that he could let him go because Benton would know that he was watching. And maybe they'll both change. However, Reese says that people don't really change. Benton says that he can tell that Reese is a good person inside, but Reese just laughs and says that he lost that part of himself a long time ago and he's not sure if he can find it, or if it matters. He reaches for the gun and asks Benton to help him make a good decision.