Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 4

Cura Te Ipsum

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2011 on CBS

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  • Good character development

    This show has descended into a predictable patter, however the amazing writing and character development saves it from disaster.
  • The last five minutes are easily the best bit of television I have seen all season.


    Person of Interest is quickly proving itself to be anything BUT just another CBS procedural. This last episode had stellar performances all around with the star easily being Linda Cardellini. I thought it fitting that she reprises her role as a medical professional (having since made the jump from nurse on E.R. to a doctor here) and her performance on this episode was an absolute necessity for all of the major themes to come through.

    I've heard this show being likened to The Dark Knight (seeing as how Christopher Nolan is one of the showrunners) and it is very apparent in Cura Te Ipsum. From the Latin for "Heal thyself" we find that the meaning of the title applies as much to Cardellini's character as it does to Jim Caviezel's Mr. Reese. They are both seeking a way out of the circumstances that have haunted them for years and the ending scene of this episode is so brilliant in showing that maybe we can't choose which path we take and we can't choose who we are, and that sometimes the "good decision" has to be made for us.

    Person of Interest is not just a smart, high concept thriller - it is quickly becoming one of the best shows to explore vigilantism and the innate illegality of being a "superhero." I heard awhile back that they were toying around with the idea of creating a Smallville like television show for Batman. Forget that, we've already got our TV Batman: it's Mr. Reese and he's even got an Alfred in the form of Mr. Finch.

  • Great episode, the ending even better.


    First if all I hate the idea of the big brother and of that machine being able to foresee that someone is going to kill or be killed. That's nonsense, but the whole show is based on this stupid assumption and I have a hard time persuading myself to believe it just for the sake of being able to watch the show comfortably. And there is a lot to watch: a great deal of action and even more of feelings. Everything well-balanced and perfectly played. It seems to me that the "whole crew" - the production team, the script writers, the actors - are all aware of what they want to serve us and they do it. I just love the perfect measure of all ingredients. I first thought of it, watching episode three. In this episode they managed to do it again, and the ending scene is a masterpiece, first of all from the scriptwriters. But Caviesel and the other guy were just brilliant. Especially the other guy who played a bad liar. I only pray we will never know what decision Mr Reese has taken. 10 out of 10 for this and the previous episodes, and I can't wait to see more.



    Seriously thix show is probably one of the best show i've started to love this year, acting is great, story line is incredible , sometimes i feel like im watching bruce wayne in action without his mask! must watch! give it a try people who haven't yet, you won't be disappointed!

  • Remind me of American Psycho


    Great episodes. I love how you never know who is the bad guy. Im pretty sure they based this episode off American Psycho, that guy just reminds me of christian bale. The money, attitude and his respect (or lack thereof) of women. The ending is a bit odd though, does he kill him or let him go. Lets hope they address it in the next episode.