Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 13

Dead Reckoning

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2013 on CBS

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  • Vile disappointment

    Season 1 this was the best show on tv. Season 2 sucks. THis whole thing with Kara Stanton and the horrific acting of Annie Parisse is awful. Really disappointed with this show. Need to go back to the magic of season 1 or risk being cancelled.
  • An Outstanding Episode, overall great show

    This episode cemented the Finch and Reese relationship for what they may face five months from now. The "machine tech" has been an actual government project to look for terrorists conducted by over a dozen federal agencies before and after 9/11. Any individual obtaining the power of "the machine" could amass wealth, power, knowledge of future events. Of course, the "machine" could have the characteristics of Larry Niven's time machine (if a time machine were invented in a given universe and individuals in that universe could send messages back in time telling past individuals what to look for, a time machine would never be invented in that universe). The question to ask, in five months will there be a paradox set up by the machine that may show Finch to be perceived in a negative light by the government or will this be like a Foreign Power vs. Finch/Reese. I'm also struck by the similarities between "Person of Interest" and the 1960s "Wild, Wild Finch as Artie, Reese as Jim West. This is the best show on TV -- finally!
  • Worth the wait!

    In a word---superb.
  • Been waiting for one fight scene since S1E10--go Reese!!!

    Don't pretend you don't know what I mean. Someone has needed to be handed his rear by Reese for 26 episodes, and, while it's fairly brief, it is oh so satidfying.

    Oh yeah, the rest of the episode is awesome as usual, and provides insight into the final weeks of this season. Astute viewers will notice that this story was apparently originally slated to air two months ago (as S1E22 showed that, when the episode gives present-day dates, they coincide with the air date), but I like the repositioning--the second half of season 2 has started out even better than the first, and I like the looks of the thrill ride it's building toward.

  • Seance

    That was a great group of dead people. This episode was a lot of fun (and fanservice there at the end) and another excellent example of how PoI keeps its viewers on its toes. But there were a few things that could have been executed better. Quit with the replaying of Reese and Kara in China. Been there, done that, over it. The hospital scene at the end was good, that was new, but all of the flashback wasn't necessary. Kara not checking/suspecting/realizing that Snow was in her car. That was WAAAAY too convenient. I really would have liked her to stick around (though there are a lot of enemies hanging about before this new one was added this week). I also really hoped the name given to Kara was Ingram - we haven't seen anything about him in ages - but alas, too much to ask. All in all a decent episode, but it wasn't nearly as epic as the past few have been.
  • Did anyone else think this was the like the last fifteen minutes of an action movie?

    While I like this episode (and really kind of enjoyed the Reese and Bear reunion) I kind of feel like it was a let down from the total awesomeness of the last episode. The whole Man in the Suit and basically John's back story were all wrapped up almost too neatly. I did think it was kind of obvious Harold's name was going to be the name given to Kara (but I have always kind of wondered if that is is real name) and figure this likely is related to Nathan's death and Harold's accident that gave him the limp (like Nathan was the one who actually sold the laptop, Finch tried to stop don't know something like that). I am glad Fusco reminded Carter about her kid....
  • After thoughts

    Assumptions en masse. Our PoI was apparently Kara Stanton (KS) as Harold had three books out and was entering (all we saw were nine asterisks) into the machine when initially talking to a very groggy Carter disentangling herself from the car wreck. Carter identifies Kara as the main culprit of the wreck/Reese's abduction/FBI man killing and on Harold's computer Kara Stanton's picture shows up. So KS can thus be both victim and perpetrator.

    We also know that Harold's numbers are the "non-relevant/non-terrorism" numbers and yet Kara's actions can clearly be defined as terrorist-ish in nature aka cyber warfare. So why the 'cross-over'?

    A couple of possibilities: 1) the machine "detoured" KS's number to Harold & Co. to give an early alert to "Daddy" about what is brewing in the background as otherwise the government entities in charge would have kept a lid on it . malware infiltration of the centralized US network) and precious time might have been lost when/if Harold had ever learned of it PRIOR to doomsday in five months;

    2) as KS's motives for her deeds were essentially PERSONAL, aka revenge for China op betrayal, she was thus correctly 'filed' under the "non-relevant" list;

    Might there be yet another possibility around the twisted corner?

    Well, do we believe the machine to be cognizant (Root hinted at it)? If so, is it truly "neutral"= machine-like or as one can posits is it capable of making value-based decisions (remember how it "learns behaviour"? If the latter, than a clear threat to Harold Finch (aka 'Daddy') was identified and the missing few seconds/flicker showing the blow-up of the car might also have shown for example how the car door locks engaged, closing KS and Snow in (or some such thing-aka direct machine interference).

    Remember when Reese learned from Fusco a little about Harold's background (S1 E14 final scene), the machine opened a box with three response levels (called "course of action" assessment) under the heading of SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR SECURITY BREACHED and settled on the lowest " monitor" re Reese. Noteworthy is the fact that the machine's other response levels read as: mid-level "subvert" and highest level "mitigate".

    If correct, the machine will not interfere in Harold's personal risk choices (phone-bomb), but will SUBVERT and MITIGATE outside threats, if not covered by Admin's "ground rules" (S2E1).
  • The end of an era, and a new beginning

    I'm starting to sound repetitive by now but omg, what an amazing episode!! I had begun to get serious PoI withdrawal symptoms after the (way too long) hiatus, but PoI is back with a vengeance! Let's hope that was the last hiatus in season 2, because this is the best show on TV right now and nothing else can remotely compare to it, imo. End hiatus rant.

    The scene with Finch and Reese on the roof was so wonderful! Their relationship has progressed so far since they first began working together, that at this point one would sacrifice his life for the other. They both realize that but none of them makes it apparent in his behaviour, which makes it so much more significant. Reese was reminded of his past by the return of Kara, who was his nemesis like Tim pointed out very correctly. So in a way his eagerness to self-sacrifice was perhaps an attempt to atone himself for his past, a bi-product of his guilt. It was very evident from his scenes with Snow, how far he has come and how much he has changed. Finch was luckily there to save the day and didn't leave him to wallow in his guilt and get killed.

    Kara is definitely dead, they found both bodies in the car and there's no way she would've had time to escape and plant another body there in a matter of seconds - because the place was swarming with police, and that's how long it would've taken them to get to the site of the explosion. That was a very exciting arc but I didn't like Kara, so I'm glad she's dead! I liked Snow a little more, but I still can't forgive him for framing Carter to get John killed in the previous season, so in a way he also got what he deserved.

    I think the British guy's speech about the Titans not only has to do with his own plan to infiltrate government electronic systems, but also with the reasons behind Finch's action to sell the laptop to the Chinese. Because he did give it as an answer to Kara's related questions, and the show generally never strays from its pattern of linking the past to the present. So perhaps Finch was trying also to destroy something from the inside, whether that was the government, the people behind Nathan's death who operated as a black branch of the government, or the Chinese who were trying to compromise the machine? I somehow believe there is a darker story behind this, that has to do with Nathan's death and Finch's role in it. A crazy theory of mine is that Nathan didn't die, and he is the super-wealthy, super-secret person behind Kara's employer, trying to regain control of the machine. It was clear he disagreed with the way it was used, and perhaps Finch played a part in his death that might have been a little more dubious. Finch is very secretive and we don't know what happened with Nathan. So in my theory he might be the mastermind puling the strings on the opposite site - there might come a time when the myth of their brotherhood will also be torn down.

    As it is John has no clue about Harold's involvement in the Ordos mission, or Jessica's death that ensued. If he finds out he might not actually be able to forgive Harold.

    Carter and Fusco were kind of on the backseat on this episode, so there isn't really much to comment on that front, except how the scene with Fusco trying to pull Carter away from John was very moving. But with so many CIA agents running around it's kind of understandable that they would get less screen time.

    I'm sorry Donnelly is after all dead, I was kinda hoping he might have survived and we would see him again, he was a cool actor and a cool character.

    Overall another great episode, with tons of excitement, plot reversals, big reveals, dramatic moments, amazing acting and a tremendous amount of hints and background to start a whole new arc in the rest of the season. I love how unpredictable this show is, and how it never allows us to rest on our assumptions but always manages to surprise the hell out of us!
  • This is of interest

    This episode had me on my toes the whole time. No person of interest but lots of tales of interest. One whole episode on an arch that has been playing with us for a long time. We've got a new arch to play with: who is this elderly guy and who is he payed by? Loved the welcoming of John by Bear (love Bear in any situation, he only understands Dutch, my native language), he really seemded to be happy. And the cliffhanger at the end: is Finch realy part of what happenened? One can hardly believe it.
  • My vote is Kara Stanton

    Too bad her name is not listed for MVP, her role as a villain has been foreshadowed since episode 1 of season 1. You know just how far this woman would go to achieve results. She is very similar to Reese but she is a distorted version of him. Whereas the ends justify the means for Kara, Reese cares about the human aspects of saving people. Kara is a sociopath, she was specially handpicked because she can be merciless when it comes to dealing with National security issues. She named Reese and always playfully called him boy-scout which is very accurate. I will really miss Annie Parisse's character moving forward.

    I counted the timer from when Kara got into her vehicle and counted when the explosion happened. I also noticed a momentary blip on the video. I am just hoping that the momentary blip was enough time for her to make the escape. I also find it hard to believe that the show writers would kill of such a strong character like Kara. I am sure hoping that there was a female pedestrian just happened to be walking by when the bomb went off so that Kara can use her body as a replacement, but that would be wishful thinking on my part. I will miss
  • Wow! Some Great Scenes and Surprising Parts!

    So many great scenes. You could see how upset Carter was about having to leave behind Reese, urging her to go. It looked like she wanted to hug him the way she was grasping his arm so tightly.

    I was actually shocked when I saw the name written down on the piece of paper in the car fire's flames: Harold Finch. I'm a little confused as to what he did... Sell some sort of laptop to the Chinese? What was on it? And what about a son? Or Nathan?

    What a great scene towards the end with Finch disarming the bomb on Reese. Great and touching moment. It almost looked like Reese was about to cry. Great acting!
  • If You Don't Think This Episode Is Awesome, So I Sorry For You, Because I Think Is Excellent.

    I know is your opinion @ KateSwede, but you need to try to catch more details of this show, because is amazing. Dead Reckoning is definitely one of the best episode of the all series, you claim this season don't have magic, but you are wrong, they expand the universe of the show after season 1 and season 2 is more consistent, have great plot, more answers and great characters. If you not like the show anymore, please stop watching.