Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 13

Dead Reckoning

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2013 on CBS

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  • The end of an era, and a new beginning

    I'm starting to sound repetitive by now but omg, what an amazing episode!! I had begun to get serious PoI withdrawal symptoms after the (way too long) hiatus, but PoI is back with a vengeance! Let's hope that was the last hiatus in season 2, because this is the best show on TV right now and nothing else can remotely compare to it, imo. End hiatus rant.

    The scene with Finch and Reese on the roof was so wonderful! Their relationship has progressed so far since they first began working together, that at this point one would sacrifice his life for the other. They both realize that but none of them makes it apparent in his behaviour, which makes it so much more significant. Reese was reminded of his past by the return of Kara, who was his nemesis like Tim pointed out very correctly. So in a way his eagerness to self-sacrifice was perhaps an attempt to atone himself for his past, a bi-product of his guilt. It was very evident from his scenes with Snow, how far he has come and how much he has changed. Finch was luckily there to save the day and didn't leave him to wallow in his guilt and get killed.

    Kara is definitely dead, they found both bodies in the car and there's no way she would've had time to escape and plant another body there in a matter of seconds - because the place was swarming with police, and that's how long it would've taken them to get to the site of the explosion. That was a very exciting arc but I didn't like Kara, so I'm glad she's dead! I liked Snow a little more, but I still can't forgive him for framing Carter to get John killed in the previous season, so in a way he also got what he deserved.

    I think the British guy's speech about the Titans not only has to do with his own plan to infiltrate government electronic systems, but also with the reasons behind Finch's action to sell the laptop to the Chinese. Because he did give it as an answer to Kara's related questions, and the show generally never strays from its pattern of linking the past to the present. So perhaps Finch was trying also to destroy something from the inside, whether that was the government, the people behind Nathan's death who operated as a black branch of the government, or the Chinese who were trying to compromise the machine? I somehow believe there is a darker story behind this, that has to do with Nathan's death and Finch's role in it. A crazy theory of mine is that Nathan didn't die, and he is the super-wealthy, super-secret person behind Kara's employer, trying to regain control of the machine. It was clear he disagreed with the way it was used, and perhaps Finch played a part in his death that might have been a little more dubious. Finch is very secretive and we don't know what happened with Nathan. So in my theory he might be the mastermind puling the strings on the opposite site - there might come a time when the myth of their brotherhood will also be torn down.

    As it is John has no clue about Harold's involvement in the Ordos mission, or Jessica's death that ensued. If he finds out he might not actually be able to forgive Harold.

    Carter and Fusco were kind of on the backseat on this episode, so there isn't really much to comment on that front, except how the scene with Fusco trying to pull Carter away from John was very moving. But with so many CIA agents running around it's kind of understandable that they would get less screen time.

    I'm sorry Donnelly is after all dead, I was kinda hoping he might have survived and we would see him again, he was a cool actor and a cool character.

    Overall another great episode, with tons of excitement, plot reversals, big reveals, dramatic moments, amazing acting and a tremendous amount of hints and background to start a whole new arc in the rest of the season. I love how unpredictable this show is, and how it never allows us to rest on our assumptions but always manages to surprise the hell out of us!