Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 23

Deus ex Machina

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 13, 2014 on CBS

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  • Good finale to a slightly rocky third season

    After the HR arc finished, this season fell apart in a huge way but it bounced back with a good, action packed finale

    Let's all pretend that Vigilance twist was good writing though, cause what a joke to just wipe out one of the season's villains by telling us it was just basically a long con by Greer - ha!

    But other than that, i liked the trial, and it was nice to see Control start to redeem herself

    An a great cliffhanger
  • Bloody Decima.

    It was all going so well, and then instead of wrapping up the bloody never-ending Decima storyline, they made it WORSE.
  • No real surprises

    No real surprises and not a real ending, although things are going to be very different next year,
  • The trial of the century

    I was really hoping that when the introduced the Defense I was hoping Alan Shore (Boston Legal) would show up. But we still have Elanore Frutt (The Practice) All kidding aside, this trial was very heated and the build up to Peter Collier was great in the previous episode. Without explaining his backstory we the audience wouldn't understand why he was so furious at the government's activities against its own people.

    Awesome they chose Radiohead's song 'Exit Music' as the ending theme. Very appropriate.
  • "We hope that you choke"


    A review from thefanof over 5? Amazing. I guess there was no "skylar" holding him back.

    But truly, one of the greatest season finales of all time. The ending music was absolutely amazing and perfectly chosen. My mind started to go crazy with speculation and nothing else would take up my attention for the rest of that day and for days to follow. I saw Transformers 4 that day because I had no other real choices but I could only think about POI. Amazing. Simply amazing. Pure quality television.
  • amazing - stay tuned 4 season 4

    The war is on as the old Brit said ... that war will have limited space 4 Finch John Shaw to help, I so excited with the finale that I can't wait 2 say let the games begin.
  • Deus Ex Machina

    The concept of the trial was way too over the top, and I don't like the prospects for next season based on how this episode ended, but overall it was fairly enjoyable. Solid finale.
  • excellent season, amazing season finale!

    for anyone who is complaining about this show or this episode, put the phones down while the tv is on. stop trying to multitask,its not working. then u wonder why nothing makes sense.

    one of the best season finales i have ever seen. cant wait for next season
  • "Honest to a fault"

    Those were the words Elias used to describe Reese in Season 1 ("Baby Blue"), but can also easily describe the whole team, from Finch ("I built it. " ) to Fusco ("What Machine?"). While Hersh may have gone to his grave thinking Lionel is an idiot, we know better--Lionel chooses to stay in the dark about how Finch & Reese Inc. operate for his own good and that of his son (recall his conversation with Carter about Alicia Corwin's murder early in S2). And while Rivera, Garrison, and Control may have done everything but name the Fifth Amendment on the stand in Vigilance's bogus court, Finch stood up to take responsibility fully on himself, knowing it would bring down Collier's wrath upon him, to save the lives of people who had tried to kill him and his oldest friend just a few months earlier.

    The same can be said of the show, and the story that Jonah Nolan and company are telling through it. While the first season may have been about redemption, and the second season about everyone's life being valuable, the third has had the running theme of believing in a cause bigger than oneself. Granted, the overarching debate has always been about security vs. privacy, and this finale brought three divergent views on the subject into sharp focus, but that alone is not what makes this show as powerful and compelling as it is. It's those human moments--glimpses of something in practically every character with which we can identify, which is always easy to find in heroes like Joss Carter, but still can be found in characters who are at the other end of the spectrum--in Control's dignity in the face of execution, in Hersh trying to dismantle a bomb that is clearly too much for him, in Collier's look of betrayal when he learns too late that he'd been played from the start, even in Greer's pained expression as he recalls being a child in London during the Nazi Blitz.

    That is what draws us in and connects us to the show. And that is what this season finale has used to build through its as-usual taut pacing to a conclusion that tears at us because we care. When Root mentions hope at the end of her montage voice-over, we grab onto it as desperately as the characters do, not as a cliche, but as people who know what it is to need hope. And it is on that hopeful note that Nolan & Co have ended a season that put the characters--and us--through the emotional wringer. Not with a neatly-tied little package or a nail-biting cliffhanger, but a masterfully orchestrated promise that this too shall pass, despite the storms ahead.

    Not bad for a show about a Machine--or rather, Machines.

  • just 7

    why fusco is not protected by the machine? it's make no sense for the next season, if is still part of the team
  • Decima and Vigilance

    To all those people who think Decima and Vigilance are one and the same you are wrong. Grier created Vigilance subversively because the machine was doing to good a job at preventing terrorist attacks. therefore preventing Decima from convincing the government to give them access to the feeds for Samaritan.

    Decima created Vigilance for their own purpose, but Vigilance were oblivious to this fact. and until the end before he was shot, Collier knew nothing about the Decima origins.

    Show gets better and better.
  • The Old Brit *** Wins, Again

    What the hell? When did Vigilance and Decima join forces? How did this happen? This episode made zero sense, unless of course, you expect our suspension of disbelief to stretch from here to eternity. Okay, this aside, we're back to square one. Finch and company are back being "invisible," fighting the forces of evil. Hitting restart now is great timing. And Bear is also back, which is great news. But come on! That old Brit just keeps walking right out of gunfire unscathed, like a ghost no one can defeat because, ostensibly, he's immortal. Whatever. I still love the show, if only because I can't get enough of everyone else.
  • The Long Game

    Person of Interest is one of the best shows currently airing because it's not afraid to go where you don't think it possibly could--which is very often the only place it is realistically able to go. We tired out the case of the week in season one and completely by the middle of season two. We tired out the crime circles and the backstories soon after that. We can't just keep hiding in shadows. We can only move forward in the light (anyone remember the walking in darkness line from season one?) to really keep the momentum of the show going. Next season will be taking out Samaritan, in all likelihood, which will be an incredible race to watch. It will be disjointed and different and probably a bit disappointing in the beginning, but I have confidence they'll make it work. Hoo boy, let's do this, season four.
  • Favoritism BS

    This episode was a great example of favoritism among Nolans. Let's put this English guy who gets to hold America hostage, become untouchable and always outsmart everyone. Yeah, very realistic. Not.
  • Best finale EVER !!!!

    Please tell me I wasn't the only one not seeing the whole vigilance is decima plot???

    (I know the signs were there when greer was unfazed with the whole trial and vigilance thing)

    They even made sure they close plots before setting up next season.

    and the whole what are we going to do now??

    from the get go this show was different.

    And you know what? even if this was the series finale (which is not THANK GOD/MACHINE/SAMARITAN) it would be the perfect episode for this show!

    Two questions remain:

    1. What in the world should we do to make time go faster so that season 4 will begin??

    2. Like the pilot of the show what's going to happen next??
  • What was the point??

    The writing of this show is really getting worse and I'm a big fan of POI. There seemed to be a whole lot of plots and sub-plots that were quite frankly a waste of time!!! So Greer has manipulated Collier from the start, just so that he could make him the fall-guy!! Does Harold (or whoever the hell he now is) lose his entire wealth? Is the "Machine" even working now or has "it" had it's identity changed as well??? And why Root????? Wide eyed with a lala grin and not a clue!!! As endings go, this was very sub par. If only Shaw hadn''t saved froot, I'd have had something to cheer.
  • God in the machine

    Wow, what a great finale. The god in the machine. Samaritan has won this round. The team has gone underground. Samaritan is operational and with few human controls restraining it from carrying out its prime directive giving it god-like powers over the life and death of humanity. The machine saved the team to fight another day. Will there be a battle in cyberspace between the two machines and whom would the gods seek to destroy.
  • 7 servers - 7 identities!! Writers .. epic!!

    That was the best seson ending for POI. i never ever thought samaritan would ever come online. And COntrol. man! that women has got some real guts .. from not giving up harold to not afraid of dying. got to give her credits for that.

    and Hersh .. a true badass.

    s04.. i dont know what they'll be up to.. my brain here is just unable to 'calculate response'

    ughh!! september .. damn you!

  • Trial Was Not Awesome

    The "trial" was not written well. It did not fully discuss what specific Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights are infracted by surveillance and recording , wire tapping, indefinite holding of prisoners, no due process etc.

    On the Other last 15 minutes were nail biting, amazing, and even sad. The ending left me wondering if this was the LAST episode of the series.

    Samaritan with its ruthless NWO leader is now makes it clear it seems they have left the characters in a position to reinvent themselves. All bets are off. It also leaves it open for cancellation should ratings or salary disputes have not read the show has been 'renewed" for a 4th season. CBS waits till end of MAY to start revealing what will return....

    Episode all around was interesting and certainly had a tremendous conclusion.... if only the trial had been a bit more well researched and eloquent...
  • What an ending!

    I can't wait for the 4th season! This ending to the 3rd season is so.... dramatic! I doubt anyone saw this coming.
  • Wow, just freaking wow!

    Not that it hasn't been coming for a while, but with this season's finale, we have certainly left the shores of weekly procedural land far far in the rear view mirror. Not that there can't be episodes of that in the future, but clearly we are off to explore a much wider landscape :)