Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2013 on CBS

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  • Raising the Death flag

    Its sad but all the writing on this episode along with the entire season 3 seems to be pointing a ________'s death flag. When a character believes he/she can do it along instead of asking for help. It just spells doom for that person.

    In season 1 and 2 the group was stronger when they were focused on the same goals but now that they have different goals, on character seems to be drifting off and not counting on the group as much. I am not being mysterious for any fans of the show. The signs are there that this central character will die soon. It may be my imagination but the foreshadowing is like a giant bull's eye.
  • Huh?

    Carter doesn't want any help from John, because in the eyes of the law, he's a criminal. So she teams up with Alyas (sp?) instead. Huh?
  • End Game

    If Part 1 of this 3 part story is any indication this will be a fun couple of weeks. They are upping the ante on the intensity and building up to what should be an epic conclusion. This was much more action-packed than your typical CBS drama.

    Very good episode.
  • Global problems

    I knew HR was a big part of the story! But i feel this is a setup. Poi sets us up to feel for NY and the local problems! The small skirmishes in NY are nothing compared to the global impacts coming soon. Root is alive (books she gets are not for reading, peeing takes some drying up) and she has warned that what is coming is something big, and she is never wrong! But for now we need to finish HR and Carters character needs to get into FBI. Elias will fill the emptyness after HR/Russians. Fusco will have the job of watching this being ok. So bye bye Fusco and start part II with FBI, CIA, NSA global conflicts coming. Shaw, Reese are used to work more globaly. And remember, Shaw and Reese are in NY because of the global setups they got. I LOOOOOVE where this is going. We are soon to get a bigger Picture of the whole thing and soon we will feel that bringing down HR is nothing. The machine will set them up for bigger things the government misses.
  • Dies Tonight

    This episode was all over the place and pulled the classic make you think she didn't when she did. It feels like a multi-episode episode and while overall that hurts, it's still those bigger, overarching stories we need within the season. Carter might be Carter and want to go it alone, but this episode was great at reminding her (and us) that while she's pretty kickass, she still needs backup. A great episode, very busy, but still with one key player missing, and I'm starting to think she's going to be out of the way until after the midseason finale. Because how else would they put a halt on Crazytownbananapants - I mean Root? Let's keep this party going.
  • End of?

    Looks like the title Endgame may be more ominous and real than we thought, especially now that the identity of "the man in the suit" has been revealed. How can Reese change now to avoid certain death? Things do not look rosy for Fusco either. Please go to desperation measures and enlist the aid of.. ROOT!! She will sic the machine on those bad guys.
  • 10 Plus! FInally!

    I laughed out loud during an episode ("wait, that's MY grenade launcher"?). It's been a while. Was on the edge of my seat the last 15 minutes. Haven't been there since Zero Day. Love the feeling. Glad to know they can still do that to us when they choose to. So I'll work on my patience and try to learn to wait peaceably for more. Like till Nov. the 26th.
  • Serve, set, SPIKE!

    Who knew? Carter knows how to play volleyball ... and knows her way around a 37 mil.

    Will Bear suit up in part 2/3? Reese called for it, so lets hope Finch obliges.

    Don't want to spoil the thrills (especially with what looms on the horizon), so I'll leave it at this: Classic POI. Goodies for longtime fans, spot-on acting of a fantastic script, reversals, red herrings, things that go boom, surprises, injokes, over-the-top awesomeness, bonus flashback material--even Shakespeare.

    Word of warning--this is part one of a trilogy, and, in most well-executed trilogies, part two is where the heroes start to suffer losses. And part two of this trilogy is next week.

    (Side note: As per usual, Jonah Nolan's rationale behind the coming loss/"fall" makes sense in context--read the interview noted in Tim Surette's review. Doesn't mean it'll be easy, of course--but it will be epic. )

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