Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2014 on CBS
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Root intersects with the team again when the Machine gives Finch the Number of a janitor after it sends Root to investigate the man.

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  • Amy Acker plays Crazy to perfection

    This is the highest compliment I can give the actor. She comes off as cheerful, easy-going, and calm all the while you can never predict what she will do next.

    Some viewers have compared this series to Batman, and if I had to use that analogy I would say Amy Acker's Root would probably Harley Quinn. The sidekick to the Joker. The reason being is Harley (Root) is unstable, as much as she is a bad guy, you continually ~Root for her~ she has a simple carefree attitude and is funny and very beautiful. And yes Amy is gorgeous but she has that expression while playing the character that you never know what to expect from her.

    Also her Blind faith in the Machine is akin to Harley Quinn's blind faith in The Joker. I wouldn't mind it if POI had a Halloween episode where Root had to disguise herself as Harley Quinn.moreless
  • A 'Root' episode

    A 'Root' episode, would have been better to save it for a spin off!
  • POI 317

    Good to have an episode focusing on the Root character. It wasn't perfect, it seemed too hard to address moral issues, but this was still a fun and different show tonight.
  • Computer lessons

    Excellent thinking of giving advices, cryptography, appropriate frequency and how to change from demon to a positive one.
  • Hey, cuckoo's nest!

    This episode was great and I like the fact that Finch and specially Root are starting to accept that they need to work together. I have to say that at first I thought that Root needed to be "put down" because she was a bad guy, but now, after all she's been put through (thanks to the machine I might say) she deserves to be on the team. It makes the story so much interesting and exciting. I find amusing that she's all "cuckoo" but it's not fair that the machine only tells her when to shoot everybody so she can dodge bullets. Love the names Lionel gives her (cocoa puffs? hahaha).moreless
Yul Vázquez

Yul Vázquez

Cyrus Wells

Guest Star

Colin Donnell

Colin Donnell

Billy Parsons

Guest Star

Danielle Divecchio

Danielle Divecchio

Captain Rose Divecchio

Guest Star

Leslie Odom Jr.

Leslie Odom Jr.

Peter Collier

Recurring Role

John Nolan (I)

John Nolan (I)


Recurring Role

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    • Root: Oh, did you not hear about my chat with Control? She's fun... in an unnecessary stapedectomy kind of way. But I do miss music in stereo.

    • Root: Samaritan presents a serious threat to our Machine, Harold. And Decima is trying to bring it to life. Do you really want to see what it looks like when two gods go to war?

    • Finch: (after Root sends him an electronic Viagra ad) In the meantime, I'll try to determine what message this is meant to convey.
      Sam: Seems pretty clear to me, Finch.
      Reese: I think she likes you, Harold.

    • Sam: This is Collier, right? Or at least that's your alias.
      Collier: Can't say I know yours. So I'll just call you a target of opportunity.

    • Finch: Have you secured Mr. Wells, detective?
      Fusco: Yeah, I got him. And cleaned up the charges, too. You're welcome very much.
      Finch: A phrase which now makes my thanks seem less than sincere, detective.

    • Fusco: Hey, nice try, Cocoa Puffs. There's no way I'm letting him leave with you.
      Root: I understand. But there are things you don't know. For starters, Cyrus is currently wanted by not one but two very dangerous organizations. And you have no idea that there are currently 27 people en route to this location, the closest of whom is carrying two concealed firearms and a push dagger he used to kill three people in Dubai last month--one of them just for fun.
      Fusco: I don't care how big your brain is. Nobody's taking this guy from me without a big fat Federal warrant, you got that?
      Root: (hands him a warrant) Joined the Bureau last month to get access to a nuclear plant in Tulsa. Long story.

    • Reese: You let her what?
      Fusco: She had a warrant--a real one. What was I supposed to say? "Sorry, boss, Agent King is actually a superpowered nutball. Just ask my buddy, the urban legend."

    • Collier: See, I knew we had something in common--many things, I suspect. You're not the only one the government has betrayed. I want your help. See, America's dying. And everybody knows it. It's not just about privacy, it's about principle. Our nation is assassinating people with drones, holding them without due process, and yes, spying on its own people without cause or limits and in direct violation of our Constitution. But we have a plan to stop it, and if you join us, you will not only have your revenge, but you will help write a new chapter in American history.
      Sam: You're right about all of it. I did work for the government, and I do want revenge. But if that work taught me anything, it's that how you do matters as much as what you do. And by that metric, you're all just terrorists. And I kill terrorists.

    • Finch: But I do believe that there's a lesson here about hubris.
      Root: Well, if anyone would know about hubris, it would be the man who built God.

    • Root: That man has spent every day of his life believing that there is actually some sort of higher plan. That's the problem with humans--they just sit around, hoping that someone will fix things. But no one will. No one cares. the universe is infinite and chaotic and cold. And there has never been a plan. At least not till now.

    • Root: How badly did you have to break it to make it care about people so much?
      Finch: That didn't break it. It's what made it work. It was only after I taught the Machine that people mattered that it could begin to be able to help them. I'd like to do the same thing for you, if you'd let me.

    • Root: Sorry, doctor, I didn't have time to make an appointment. But I know you'll make an exception for me.
      Dr. Carr: Really? And, uh, how do you know that?
      Root: The same way I know you can put a bullet through your hand before you dial 911.

    • Root: Look like it's time to go. I hope you don't mind starting a new life.
      Cyrus: I was about due for one. Besides, it's all part of the plan.

    • Sam: Keep 'em dry. Change the dressings every 72 hours.
      Root: I love it when you play doctor.

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