Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2014 on CBS

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  • Amy Acker plays Crazy to perfection

    This is the highest compliment I can give the actor. She comes off as cheerful, easy-going, and calm all the while you can never predict what she will do next.

    Some viewers have compared this series to Batman, and if I had to use that analogy I would say Amy Acker's Root would probably Harley Quinn. The sidekick to the Joker. The reason being is Harley (Root) is unstable, as much as she is a bad guy, you continually ~Root for her~ she has a simple carefree attitude and is funny and very beautiful. And yes Amy is gorgeous but she has that expression while playing the character that you never know what to expect from her.

    Also her Blind faith in the Machine is akin to Harley Quinn's blind faith in The Joker. I wouldn't mind it if POI had a Halloween episode where Root had to disguise herself as Harley Quinn.
  • A 'Root' episode

    A 'Root' episode, would have been better to save it for a spin off!
  • POI 317

    Good to have an episode focusing on the Root character. It wasn't perfect, it seemed too hard to address moral issues, but this was still a fun and different show tonight.
  • Computer lessons

    Excellent thinking of giving advices, cryptography, appropriate frequency and how to change from demon to a positive one.
  • Great to see Root start to learn a few lessons and pull with the team, even if only at the end

    I really like that Finch finally the machine to work properly when he taught it to value people, and that it appears the machine is trying to pass that lesson on to Root, by making her work through it, not just by telling her. To whoever whined about Root calling the machine "she", that's just her point of view. Rightly or wrongly, she sees the machine as a godlike figure, so she's not going to be using "it". And Root apparently has plenty of background with guns and crime, not just hacking, so her machine directed shooting skills are a little on the edge, but not completely unreasonable. I chalk a lot of it up to the fact that in many gunfights, most of the bullets go astray because the shooters are busy dodging their opponents bullets, but Root basically has a complete lack of doubt and total faith in the machine (rightly or wrongly), so she is just picking her targets and shooting without any regard to incoming fire. She may not *be* invulnerable, but she feels that way, so all of her focus is on the offensive task except when the machine tells her to duck, etc. She is a "true believer" and this gives her effect far beyond what her skills would offer in a normal "also trying to not get killed" scenario. Also, the machine is now "inside her head" even more than ever, so perhaps she is migrating towards almost an avatar like state . In any case, it works for me, and I give this episode a 10! :)
  • "Root" needs to be toned down or killed off.

    I'm with GalaxyOverload. I'm getting tired of this super unrealistic femme fatale BS. Always smug and constantly condescending towards highly trained ex-CIA operators like Reese.

    Also, the scene where she shoots like some kind of super assassin in that lobby... what the hell was that about? Getting real-time intel doesn't make you a dual-pistol wielding marksman.

    Finally, what's with her constantly referring to the machine as "SHE"?? Is this some feminist crap? Because even Harold, its creator refers to it as IT and the spliced voices in the season 2 finale consist of male and female voices so I don't think the machine has assigned a gender to itself.

    Unfortunately, these sites are plagued with fanboys and fangirls so our comments/reviews get downranked. Most likely from the same idiots who vote "root" as MVP every episode, even the ones she doesn't appear in.

  • Great Episode!

    Back in the game again! Wow great episode. Root and Finch on the same page and the machine working it (her) magic. Glad we're back to back to the nail biting, save the number, etc. again!

  • Finally -- Finch @ Root on same page!

    This ep had it all. Victim in jep. All using their resources to rescue -- Reese, Shaw, and even Root.

    Best though is Finch & Root finally realizing that they have to work together. Most of all to defeat Samaritan.

    I love the escape mechanisms that have exported so many potential assets. It will be so delicious when we start to see these people come back to help the cause.
  • No More Root!!!!

    I love POI, it's by far my favourite TV program. However, after being subjected to Root's smug grin and "la la" attitude throughout this episode, it really ruined it for me. The fact that she's being told by the machine to shoot here, there and everywhere, within seconds and hitting each target is quite frankly ludicrous. The sooner the character Root is killed off, the better it will be for the show.
  • War of the Machines...

    the right mix of back story, kick ass action, and character development... the episode is paving way to an awesome season finale that i feel will totally blow our minds... on a side note... why do i get the feeling that root will die... just a thought...
  • Fantastic ride

    The episodes are becoming very deep. This is definitely a thinking mans show. So much information crammed into a hour, you really have to pay attention. I really liked this episode, like with all of POI episodes, but have found that the deep ones are my favorite. Root is the best and is a wonderful addition to the cast of characters. Even though Root is so deep in pro machine and the mission the machine is trying to teach the human factor in the mission to Root at the same time. Root and that double gunning always gets is awesome. Oh and the opening credits were fantastic. I loved it. POI is truly one of the best shows on television and I am really enjoying the ride.
  • Little Voice in My Head

    Parts of this episode were long-over due, parts were long-drawn out and parts were just plain unnecessary. I felt like it dragged, like it wasn't structured well and that something was missing from the team dynamic, despite having everyone there (and having them work together so well in the past). Part of it, I think, comes from the convergence of plotlines. They've become very involved and incredibly intelligent, but perhaps past the point of casual audience enjoyment. I'm not saying dumb it down, but maybe slow down just a touch so the audience can enjoy the unfolding of what I'm sure will be a wild ride. I love you, PoI, but you're doing too much with not enough time here.