Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • "Error: Continuity of Operations Compromised. Evaluating Options."

    And with that final unspoken line, we now have to wait until September. AUGH!

    But what a nonstop hour led up to it!

    No flashbacks this time. (Sorry Nathan Ingram fans, but we don't get to see closure there, although we do find out the way in which his death came about, both the false reason that a certain recurring character had been fed, and Finch's confirmation of the real reason that we've pretty much known all along, especially after "Super" and "No Good Deed.") While I was really hoping for at least some more flashbacks coming into the episode, it's so clear why they were omitted (and not just to save some for Season Two)--the pacing of the finale is so airtight (again co-penned by Jonathan Nolan himself--well, duh :) ) that any flashbacks would have seemed jarring and out-of-place.

    The acting as usual is superb by the leads, fully complemented by a nice helping of recurring characters. One recurring character does such an outstanding job that it completely changed my view of that character. The supporting cast did an admirable job of following Caviezel and Emerson's modeling of how to act with one's eyes, so evudent and emphasized especially in these past few weeks.

    Fans will be talking even more about which recurring characters did not appear in the episode, having quite apparently been tabled until next season. I actually liked the omissions in the end, because being proven wrong about some of my finale assumptions turned out to actually be a very good thing. Anyone who feared that the finale would be predictable because it would simply have to involve this or that character will be pleased with the result. Yes, you can figure out the ending on some levels based on past episodes and events in this one, but the awesome part is that it's only one of so many other options you'll be considering, that you really won't know which one until the end, thanks to the depth to which this series has been written thus far.

    Plus, there's enough surprise moments (including two Finch ones that you'll literally applaud) and the pace is so tight, that you'll either just kick back and enjoy the ride, or you'll end up taking two or three hours to watch it due to pausing to try to analyze every possible outcome.

    Does it end on a cliffhanger? Yes, but in the Nolan sense. It doesn't end abruptly midscene, so you won't necessarily torture yourself by watching it. While the final moment does leave you hanging a bit, the Season Two premiere doesn't necessarily have to pick up the microsecond after this one ended (although we'll all be wondering what the final resolution is, given that it would answer a question that's been around for, oh, about a week now). The ending is satisfying in the "for now" sense, making the wait doable because you just know it's going to be so worthwhile. (And, let's face it--four months is way shorter than the four years we'll have had to wait between the second installment and the conclusion of a certain superhero movie franchise that Nolan has been doing with his brother.)

    So what does the finale resolve? Well, without giving away any spoilers, the following items do get addressed:

    Carter and Fusco (where this happens is absolutely hilarious, especially for Fusco fans).

    Finch and two different recurring characters whom we've been eager for him to finally interact with more directly.

    Donnelly and, well, let's just say that those of you who have missed the pre-Episode 9 Carter will end up starting to really like the character.

    Fusco and the HR situation he referred to last week in "No Good Deed."

    For those of you who had anticipated that the increaing number of recurring characters would likely result in one or more recurring characters meeting their end, one does, though I won't say which one..

    Those of you who need your periodic Zoe fix will not be disappointed--as usual, they gave her some really memorable lines, which it seems Paige Turco was born to deliver.

    And, those of you who have been following Jonathan Nolan's hints (about the Machine's developing role) by monitoring the clues over the entire season will be very happy indeed.

    Ok, I lied--four months is an excruciatingly long time to wait. But after watching this season finale, you'll know it will be absolutely worth the wait!

    Thanks so much for an awesome Season One, Mr. Abrams, Mr. Nolan, Mr. Caviezel, Mr. Emerson, Ms. Henson, Mr. Chapman, and the rest of this incredible cast and crew! Kudos to you all!

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