Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 19

Flesh and Blood

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2012 on CBS

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  • Christmas Gifts that keep giving!

    I received the box set of season one as a Christmas Gift and have been enjoying Person of Interest. This epiosde seems to wrap up a major storyline for the first year. Which makes me wonder where things are going, especially for Elias??? Enrico's work from Galaxy Quest to Just Shoot Me and CBS' own Flashpoint has been solid, but I really enjoyed his work here. I hope we see more of him. Also a little trivia, Mark Margolis who plays Elias' father was a semi-regular on the 1980s CBS Action series The Equalizer. He played Jimmy one of Robert McCall's guns for hire. The Equalizer was a pre-high tech version of Person of Interest with a former-CIA agent trying to set right some wrongs from the past.
  • Perfect Effort

    I loved Reese's tactical 12gauge shotgun wooo tht ws sme serious fire power right thea. nice story just hope the government doesnt say that too many government secrets are bieng exposed n ban the sequel
  • The Best Episode Of The Season So Far

    Amazing episode, great performances by Elias, and more detective Carter did a great performance too. Reese and Finch are so kick ass in this one. Fusco performance good too.
  • Simply Wow!

    Only got one word for this episode....DAMN!!!
  • 1x19 "Flesh and Blood"

    This episode (sorry for the vocabulary) was some serius shit. I mean Reese is sooo badass and Harold is so adorable. The way they reacted when Carter's son was kidnaped was so freaking cute!!!! And the soundtrack was fantastic as well.
  • the best of the best

    This is one of the shows i enjoy after prison break, supernatural(till 5th) and fringe.

    and todays episode was best of the best . Period.

    I don't want to write spoilers because it will spoil your viewing experience of this episode at least,
  • Taking the fight to the devil(s)!

    The title says it all as John and Carter decide to take the fight to the devil(s) himself! Finch also was pretty cool and not to mention Fusco's suprise. Pretty much the best episode of the season, almost seemed the season finale... wonder whats gonna come next? the last few episodes are sure gonna end this season with a big bang!
  • This show rules! (SPOILERS)

    Man, this was a thrilling episode. I had goosebumps the moment Elias kidnapped Carters son and Reese had to call her. She now knows he is not a bad person at all and willing to do anything for her. If she saw how he handled the bad guys that kidnapped him she would even understand more.

    I mean, how bad ass was that, he just walked towards them, even the bullet couldn't stop him. And as soon as they drove of he wouldn't risk to shoot and maybe hit the boy.

    Also I loved the way Finch talked to the HR guy. That was epic. The guy didn't knew what happened to him.

    And as said earlier. The way Fusco stayed on the side of Carter was really great. Even after the don confronted him with his corrupt past. He even called back-up and told Carter she should trust someone. After this episode two things will happen in a short time a think.

    Carter confronts Fusco with the things the don said. And they find out they are both working with Finch and Reese. Although Fusco works more FOR them.

    And as someone stated here, the Elias story is far from over. I mean, he killed two more dons from within prison. He probably will get out somehow, or else he runs things from the prison.

    I can say it every week, this show keeps getting better and better. How long can this go on? But even if it stops getting better, the level of quality is that high that it would be a delight to watch. Man I love this show. And I'm really sad that we have to wait a couple of weeks again. It is very annoying
  • Great theme superbly executed...

    Have to say it totally surprised me how much both Reese and Finch fought to keep these bad guys alive...But they are totally dedicated to what they do...I also liked how Fosco remained loyal to Carter, and how Carter in those incredible last minute scenes refused to make an agreement for her sons' life...I guess that's why she was upset with Reese, because she probably would have died than to turn over Elias' father...The other scenes constituted a bio into the past life of Elias starting with his upbringing and ending with the moment the revenge started...The ending was perfect.

    What I didn't liked was:

    -The don's behavior in front of the danger...Old experienced people just accepting it all.

    -Fosco was part of HR and yet the producers didn't developed on his child possibly being kidnapped, would have made it a lot more hardmode.
  • Breathtaking from beginning to end...

    Superbly executed with a constant pace and the smarts of a genius. At the beginning of this series I didn't know whether it could be a new jewel. Now I know.

    Most THRILLING Episode of Person of Interest Yet... i jumped off my seat multiple times. I have not been thrilled so much since The Dark Knight(not comparing).. WOW The show gets intense by the week..