Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • No retirement plans for old spooks.


    BEST EPISODE YET! I spent half the episode choked with emotion. Admittedly I am a sucker for old spooks sold out and done wrong, and I love Alan Dale, so this one was going to have to really go foul to go wrong with me, but IMO this episode did a number of things really right.

    First, the score on this episode was brilliant! The music ratcheted the emotion up to phenomenal levels. I am consistently impressed with POI's scores.

    Second, POI is totally redefining the "bromance" and I for one could not be happier. I am sick of seeing a bunch of pansy dudes with low testosterone sitting around whinging about women and work and life in the middle of some pathetic identity crisis, or worse, acting like infantile morons and blaming it on booze and Vegas. Reese and Finch are each in their own way a man's man, and their developing relationship is a treat to watch. Fav moment:

    Finch: "No thanks, I don't drink coffee."

    Reese: "Sencha green tea, one sugar."

    Finch: "You've been paying attention."

    Reese: "Relax Finch, it's just tea. I haven't guessed your favorite color yet."

    Finch: "New number."

    I love that Reese continually pushes Finch's buttons with these tiny intimacies and then teases him about his ivory tower syndrome.

    Third: Alan Dale and Jim Caviezel were fantastic in the interrogation scene, temperantly evocative without being trite. The comparison between Reese and Kohl was unavoidable and we learned something important about the reality of the service that these men gave to their countries. They each believed in their countries, they were good soldiers, they followed orders, and it cost them everything. We do not even know if Reese was John Reese before Stanton or if he was John Smith, or John Jones or whatever. What we do know is that John had to turn his back on his pre-2006 life to keep anyone he cared about from that time safe from his own government, from his own team, and just like Kohl, Reese is a loose end that someone if going to come round to tie up before it is all said and done. There are no retirement plans for old spooks.

    Last, I love that the show is measured and things are revealing themselves slowly. The 21st century has inured us all to instant gratification, instant intimacy, everything must be action and excitement, edge-of-the-seat-every-second. There is a reason men are attracted to women of mystery: they always keep them guessing. I do not want POI to lay all the cards on the table - take it slow, retain the mystery and always slip me just enough to be sure my fascination never wans. Reese and Finch are the type of men one comes to know with patience and attentiveness, and as my daddy always said, nothing that came easy was ever truly appreciated.

    P.S. I stand by my prediction that a covert team of Reese/Finch and Fusco/Carter may soon become reality. There was a crucial shift in Carter's perspective this episode, and she is now referring to "the man in the suit" as a "vigilante" and not a perpetrator.