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Some Question about the show

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    [1]May 14, 2012
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    Hi guys, I have just started following this show and I have few questions in mind. First of all, in one earlier episode where John and Stanton holding a hostage in their hotel room, Agent Snow mentioned they are behind the enemy lines which is NYC itself, actually what is the meaning of the sentence? Moving on the the episode with Ordos where a laptop is sold to the Chinese, is there any relations with the earlier hostage situation? Furthermore, I assume the Machine was relocated to China but why and who ordered a wipe of all personnel on the new location?

    I am sorry if my questions was too long and cumbersome, anyway any replies are appreciated.

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    [2]May 16, 2012
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    I can't give you answers for sure. But I can tell you how I see it. First of all, the thing about being behind enemy lines. I think he means that if John gets caught he is in a lot of trouble cause CIA isn't allowed to operate within the US. The machine probably isn't relocated to China, I think. My thought is that the technology is sold to them by someone. But I can be wrong. It would be backed up by the fact of both the hostage situations, that could be the one who sold it. Maybe even Ingram, although I doubt that part very much.

    As far as the relation between the to situation is going. Can't tell for sure. But Person of Interest is so well written it probably is and they will explain it in some kind of way. You never know for sure till the handle it in an episode. I hope I was to some help
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