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Why are they messing with the schedule so much?

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    [1]Mar 11, 2014
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    After last weeks fantastic RAM episode, this week is a 2013 repeat. They haven't run consistently all season. Why doesn't the network respect this show or its viewers?

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    [2]Apr 4, 2014
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    We were lucky, we got 10 in a row without a break to start season 3. Remember last year with the NCAA tournament break, two weeks with no episode, repeat or otherwise. And all sorts of other breaks and repeats inserted. Now, they have umpty weeks till the mid-May end of season, but only another 13 episodes to fill the time.

    I'm so old I remember when weekly series had as many episodes as weeks in the school year, minus a couple of weeks from mid-December till after new years, and no new shows (repeat episode or replacement special) during spring break and Easter week. That is, there were 30+ episodes per year. Now the shows cost so much to make we get what we get. A great new show this season, Sleepy Hollow, had only 13 episodes, but even that had worked in repeats and weeks off. Holler at the networks, but don't hold your breath; no one looks that good in blue.

    Hope it helps to know you're not alone. And stepping back after nearly a year of gnashing my teeth I can look at it and appreciate how good, classy, classic, entertaining, well-written, well-acted, wonderfully scored, etc., etc., etc. POI is. And we get a season 4.

    .If you follow @PersonInterest and @POIWritersRoom on Twitter, they may do a 'rewatch' of all the eps from the beginning starting 60+ days before the season 4 premiere. It's one way to counter POI withdrawal.
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    [3]Apr 14, 2014
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    Unfortunately for us, the viewing audience, this sort of schedule of on one week, off the next, on one, off two etc. seems to be the way all the networks are showing all of the series. It is unfortunate and I think in the long run, the networks will lose viewership because of it and then wonder why. I , for one, am getting really ticked off with all the interruptionsand the shortness of the all the series in general. That is why shows like American Idol, The Voice some other reality showsandorganized sportsmaintain their viewership. You know when you turn on the TV to watch the show at the allotted time - it will be there. Not the best TV sometimes for sure, but at least consistent. When they take over completely, that will be the end of my TV watching. I am not buying viewing time to watch people who are not actors and not able to string a half decent sentence together and I have never been a sports fan. Just my opinion but I am sure I am not alone.

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    Each show only has so many episodes, and they have to go till May for May sweeps. So in order to make it till May they have to take breaks. Also there's Award shows, Sports, Superbowl, Olympics, and if there's an emergency and the President has to speak then that also affects the schedule. Get use to it all show's do this, and for those saying you'll loose viewers then you truly aren't loyal followers of the show's your watching.
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