Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 9

Get Carter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • "Person Of Interest" is finding its "voice" as the bigger story of bad guys and bad cops becomes front and center.


    I have been interested in "Person Of Interest" from the initial episode, yet for most of the first five or six episodes I've not been fully invested. That seems to be changing as the crux of a larger story of interconnected bad cops and bad guys is becoming "front-and-center". The series is reeling me in as it is increasingly focusing on the relationship of corruption within the police department of NYC and ominous other forces.

    "Person Of Interest" has a good slant: a wealthy inventor whose mission is to keep average innocent citizens from befalling dangerous, even deadly, situations due through the use of videosurveillancehe developed for government use. Finch, the system inventor, knows the way the government uses and filters the information allowing everyday citizens to be filtered out. He has software that a find the ones, called numbers, who are below that threshold yet are likely to be in danger. He has enlisted a partner, John Reese, whose is capable of intervening to protect these witless potential victims.

    The characters of Finch and Reese have grown on me, likely due to the excellent casting of Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel respectively. They make a formidable duo with their combined strengths. They have a reluctant good female cop, Detective Carter played by Taraji P. Henson, who they both protect and work with. By leveraging a former bad cop, Detective Lionel Fusco played by Kevin Chapman, they are able to use the department by spoon feeding her the bad guys.

    Detective Carter knows the Reese character is a sort of Superman popping up time and again intervening to save lives. The problem is that he crosses a line frequently by killing would be murderers. This makes him a sort of quasi-lawless savior who, if she really could find him, she would be forced to arrest. That would be bad, in a sense, because he is also her protector. In this latest episode some things are starting to gel as far as her realizing she needs Reese.

    As of the latest episode I have now been given enough pieces of a this good cop/bad cop mystery to want to keep coming back. It seems the series is ramping up. At this point I am starting to be what I call "fully invested". A good show that seems to be finding its voice and is improving every episode.

  • Family, Friends & Big Ass Grenade Launchers

    Thursday nights rock!! There are just too many shows to watch and not enough time. After an hour or so of comedy, it's on to the serious stuff, and it doesn't get any more serious than the most kickass show on television right now, Person Of Interest.

    This show always gets my blood pumping and tonight was no different. 'Get Carter' was by far the most exciting storyline I was eager to watch and it did not disappoint. Reese has protected or pursued some really memorable characters over the past couple of months. So when Finch's machine pooped out Detective Carter's number, Reese's left eyebrow twitched a little indicating significant astonishment. The idea of protecting the very person intent on hauling his keester off to jail presented an interesting and unique challenge for Reese. And it wasn't easy.

    With a gun-running gangster, a wife-beater (a real person, not a sleeveless shirt), and a certain high profile (yet inexplicably inconspicuous in a POLICE PRECINCT) mobster named Elias all gunning for Carter's head, Reese and Finch had their work cut out for them. But our favorite dynamic duo handled the situation with absolute aplomb and finesse, and of course a grenade launcher had to be involved.

    But seriously guys, how cool was Reese in this episode? He appeared to be wearing and using the stuff I have on my Christmas Wish list. Let's see -

    - Awesome jacket, check.

    - Amazingly cool motorcycle, check

    - Wicked crazy sub-machine gun, check

    - Big ass grenade launcher, check

    See what I mean?

    When Carter's CI turned out to be the real threat, it was a nice enough twist, although not exactly unexpected. What was great to watch was the absolute synchrony with which Reese, Finch and Fusco worked together. It was like clockwork, and brought out the fact just how awesome this show has become.

    For about half a second, I thought it was curtains for Carter, which would have been an earth shattering step for the show. Who knows? It could have worked. Killing off a main character this early in the season would have put the show on the map, or it could have backfired. Tough call for the writers, but in the end probably the right one.

    It was good to get more background info about Joss Carter (that's her name, according to Reese). From her past, which included her stint as an army interrogator to her present as a cop and a mother, it gave us an opportunity to get to know her better instead of just making her out to be the reason why Reese hasn't used the full extent of his badassness.


    - Did you know it was a good eight minutes (including ads) into the show before Reese made an appearance? I didn't notice. And he's the best part of the whole damn thing. That's how good this show is!

    - Did anybody else smile when Reese called Finch 'Harold'? I think he's mocking you, Finch.

    - After the items already mentioned, Fusco's gift wrapped police doll camera is next on my wishlist.

    - I'm eager to see another Reese-Elias showdown. Aren't you?
  • Touching episode...


    I totally love this TV Show and I watched all the episodes with a lot of content...The message, that even if you seem like you are all alone in this world you actually aren't is moving...Moreover, JJ Abrams producing it makes it like totally worth watching...

    The high points were Reese putting his life at risk to protect an honest cop, and Carter's past scenes...Seeing her trying to level with the prisoner, even though she was an interogator and could have used more violent methods makes it even better...

    This show is for all those who have lost hope in this world and the system...There are still honest, decent, caring people who can help one and we need to do our part aswell and have a little bit of faith things will turn out for the best.

  • Finally an episode where our hero meets with his adversary - sort of - when he has to protect her. A good background story and a step forward in arc plot and characters. This show just gets better.


    We get to see Carter as the realistically tough cop, doing her bit to make the world a safer place with little regard to her own safety, and find out more about her personal and past life. In itself this makes for interesting viewing.

    Tie in several plots (so the latest threat is hard to uncover) and bring in the Elias story arc (which is always curious because it is so underplayed in many ways), and then add Reese being a tough-ass.

    And when he gets his tough-ass on he's a treat to watch because it looks like it's real and very natural for him to wander about with a grenade launcher and string up violent offenders with power cords. Again, he does it in such an understated, almost mundane way that doesn't glorify violence - it's just done and dusted quick and over, then back to the story. And that makes him so much more believable.

    His grudging admiration for Carter was always there but now he's protected her he's even more a fan, and in any other series I'd suspect a lead up to a romantic interest or the will-they-won't-they thing, but in this show I don't expect the obvious.

    Nice to see the character of Fusco getting more time and seeming to choose sides, and it's always a pleasure to see Finch out there doing his thing, even if that includes rummaging around in a car.

    Still so many places for this show to go and explore. Looking forward to following further - and so glad it hasn't just stopped for Christmas hiatus crap like all the other shows I watch. If nothing else it deserves an honourable mention for not letting me get bored over November/December.

  • The Best of the Series

    I really enjoyed this episode. There are a few shows I like better than this one, but I thought I'd stick with it hoping that the human element would become a greater part of the show instead of all the extreme violence. We still had a scene of that here, but on balance, it was a terrific episode as we learned not only about Detective Carter's life, but also saw Reece, I think, become more invested in what he and Fitch are doing because of his personal connection to Det. Carter.

    I'm not a believer in forcing every program to have some sort of a romance going on, but for me to enjoy a show, it does have to have a level of human caring and this episode did. Well done. :)
  • Dynamite!!! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!


    Finally, we got us some Carter backstory. Should it come as any surprise that she's carrying around some demons of her own, a past that helps define her present just as we've seen with Reese and Finch? Apparently this program has absolutely no place for an old-fashioned, goodguy/badguy, blackhat/whitehat ethos...which is fine by me, I'm happily swimming in these gray shades of moral ambiguity. What's really fascinating is what each of our main characters brings to the table, in terms of their own unique world views and personal struggles. Each of them is a prodigy in their own right, able and willing to use his/her abilities to effect change on their own private battlefield. BUT they are also damaged goods, left with the scars of battles lost and ideals corrupted. And now here they all are, anteing up at the same table and dealing from the same deck...D-R-A-M-A-! Man, I love this show. I suppose next we can expect them to turn Fusco up a notch or two. He's already been portrayed as the crook who suddenly surprises you with an act of goodness...and then just as quickly stabs you in the back again. He's clearly got a moral compass of some sort, even if the needle's spinning all over the place. It would be interesting to see him expand beyond the role of reluctant pawn, perhaps to become a mediator of sorts between the other characters. He's a self-interested bastard, of course...but he also seems vaguely penitent, aspiring to fight the good fight in his own misled way. Man, I love this show.