Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 9

Get Carter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • "Person Of Interest" is finding its "voice" as the bigger story of bad guys and bad cops becomes front and center.


    I have been interested in "Person Of Interest" from the initial episode, yet for most of the first five or six episodes I've not been fully invested. That seems to be changing as the crux of a larger story of interconnected bad cops and bad guys is becoming "front-and-center". The series is reeling me in as it is increasingly focusing on the relationship of corruption within the police department of NYC and ominous other forces.

    "Person Of Interest" has a good slant: a wealthy inventor whose mission is to keep average innocent citizens from befalling dangerous, even deadly, situations due through the use of videosurveillancehe developed for government use. Finch, the system inventor, knows the way the government uses and filters the information allowing everyday citizens to be filtered out. He has software that a find the ones, called numbers, who are below that threshold yet are likely to be in danger. He has enlisted a partner, John Reese, whose is capable of intervening to protect these witless potential victims.

    The characters of Finch and Reese have grown on me, likely due to the excellent casting of Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel respectively. They make a formidable duo with their combined strengths. They have a reluctant good female cop, Detective Carter played by Taraji P. Henson, who they both protect and work with. By leveraging a former bad cop, Detective Lionel Fusco played by Kevin Chapman, they are able to use the department by spoon feeding her the bad guys.

    Detective Carter knows the Reese character is a sort of Superman popping up time and again intervening to save lives. The problem is that he crosses a line frequently by killing would be murderers. This makes him a sort of quasi-lawless savior who, if she really could find him, she would be forced to arrest. That would be bad, in a sense, because he is also her protector. In this latest episode some things are starting to gel as far as her realizing she needs Reese.

    As of the latest episode I have now been given enough pieces of a this good cop/bad cop mystery to want to keep coming back. It seems the series is ramping up. At this point I am starting to be what I call "fully invested". A good show that seems to be finding its voice and is improving every episode.