Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 9

Get Carter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • Family, Friends & Big Ass Grenade Launchers

    Thursday nights rock!! There are just too many shows to watch and not enough time. After an hour or so of comedy, it's on to the serious stuff, and it doesn't get any more serious than the most kickass show on television right now, Person Of Interest.

    This show always gets my blood pumping and tonight was no different. 'Get Carter' was by far the most exciting storyline I was eager to watch and it did not disappoint. Reese has protected or pursued some really memorable characters over the past couple of months. So when Finch's machine pooped out Detective Carter's number, Reese's left eyebrow twitched a little indicating significant astonishment. The idea of protecting the very person intent on hauling his keester off to jail presented an interesting and unique challenge for Reese. And it wasn't easy.

    With a gun-running gangster, a wife-beater (a real person, not a sleeveless shirt), and a certain high profile (yet inexplicably inconspicuous in a POLICE PRECINCT) mobster named Elias all gunning for Carter's head, Reese and Finch had their work cut out for them. But our favorite dynamic duo handled the situation with absolute aplomb and finesse, and of course a grenade launcher had to be involved.

    But seriously guys, how cool was Reese in this episode? He appeared to be wearing and using the stuff I have on my Christmas Wish list. Let's see -

    - Awesome jacket, check.

    - Amazingly cool motorcycle, check

    - Wicked crazy sub-machine gun, check

    - Big ass grenade launcher, check

    See what I mean?

    When Carter's CI turned out to be the real threat, it was a nice enough twist, although not exactly unexpected. What was great to watch was the absolute synchrony with which Reese, Finch and Fusco worked together. It was like clockwork, and brought out the fact just how awesome this show has become.

    For about half a second, I thought it was curtains for Carter, which would have been an earth shattering step for the show. Who knows? It could have worked. Killing off a main character this early in the season would have put the show on the map, or it could have backfired. Tough call for the writers, but in the end probably the right one.

    It was good to get more background info about Joss Carter (that's her name, according to Reese). From her past, which included her stint as an army interrogator to her present as a cop and a mother, it gave us an opportunity to get to know her better instead of just making her out to be the reason why Reese hasn't used the full extent of his badassness.


    - Did you know it was a good eight minutes (including ads) into the show before Reese made an appearance? I didn't notice. And he's the best part of the whole damn thing. That's how good this show is!

    - Did anybody else smile when Reese called Finch 'Harold'? I think he's mocking you, Finch.

    - After the items already mentioned, Fusco's gift wrapped police doll camera is next on my wishlist.

    - I'm eager to see another Reese-Elias showdown. Aren't you?