Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2011 on CBS

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  • LOST fans, your ride is here!


    Now we begin to see the ole Abrams style taking stride...if you're still going through LOST withdrawal, then Person of Interest will probably scratch that itch. Episode 2 "Ghosts" gives us the first flashbacks of the mysterious Mr. Finch, as he collaborates with tech-financeer Ingram to create the omniscient Machine. Reuniting Michael Emerson and fellow "other" Brett Cullen, this backstory contains the same themes of moral ambiguity that made these actors famous playing Benjamin Linus and Goodwin Stanhope. We come face-to-face with issues of justified paranoia, the quantified value of human life, and the ethics of the puppetmasters pulling the strings.

    Beyond the higher-minded elements of the show is a pretty solid action-suspense story, full of the twists and turns that has become Abrams' hallmark. It's all very fast-paced and keeps you guessing, with some interesting cinematography used to represent the eyes and ears of the Machine. Jim Caviezel performs well as the action hero, although his almost superhuman skills and "nick-of-time" rescues do feel somewhat formulaic. But overall, Reese serves nicely as the blunt instrument acting upon Finch's intelligence...a good fit.

    Plus, LOST fans may appreciate a program that actually gives you answers, without raising another dozen questions, LOL