Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 22

God Mode

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2013 on CBS

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  • Quite a send-off to Season 3

    Well, I'm hooked on this show, it's a personal favorite now. Pretty much in line with White Collar and Burn Notice.

    Root is going to be an interesting character in the future seasons to come, I suspect that she might even grow from villain to heroine at some point. I know it's pure speculation, but, she's all about being this machine's BFF. So, who knows..

    At least we now know why Harold is keeping up the "irrelevant" list, he's making amends for not having worked with Nathan when he had the chance.

    It's funny, but this show is almost like Batman, in a way, where the Bruce Wayne character is divided mainly between John and Harold.

    Carter helped Elias escape!! Well well, our straight by-the-book detective is starting to see a lot more in the shades of gray now.. But it makes sense seeing how HR basically backed her into a wall.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend kinda thing I guess. I have a feeling there will be some new things in line for this one.

    I think that someone will eventually realize that if you have to put up with crime, Elias might as well be in charge. HR and Elias will be at odds, and the irony will be that Elias will probably be the one who will be the 'lesser' bad guy in many situations. Again, ironic. Wonder what the NYPD thinks of this show? :)

    Things were actually pretty anti-climatic for Fusco, he got his ass out of the fire thanks for Carter's intervention at digging up Stiles body. That one surprised the crap out of me. In fact, I've been surprised at how little John and Harold did to help Fusco in his predicament.

    Heard this Sam Shaw character is gonna be a season 3 regular. I'm kinda partial to this one. But, if the stakes are much higher in season 3, then John is gonna need more actual muscle.

    Hope we get more Zoe and Leon in Season 3. Leon brings the comedic effect and Zoe's character has that charisma and directness which plays well against John.

    Now, you gotta wonder who the new player is uh? That "woman" who gave the assassination orders?

    How's that gonna go..

    And more to the point, what will be the next evolution for this machine? I just hope it doesn't get into the realm of

    1) android body

    2) leaping into other people's minds, or

    3) it has taken over the entire internet gig.

    More to the point, how will this show actually end? When the machine is dismantled? If/When the machine becomes a threat to the world?

    Maybe a merged between Root and the Machine, as Root teaches the machine that people are flawed. Who knows... That's the fun part! :)
  • Rise of the Machine

    This episode is kind of like an enigma wrapped in an enigma. Throughout two seasons the machine has, largely, served Harold. All the while it was becoming more cognizant of itself until Harold's "failsafe" measures circumvented his own administration. The machine has reached total self-realization enabling it to manipulate, seemingly, all threats by using all parties to it's own means. This is brilliant as it is now what the ultimate Ai is supposedly capable of: directing the destiny of itself as well as all it watches. Now, Harold has the big task of resuming the administrator job, but will the machine allow it even as it may still allow him back in the "loop"?

    This finale wasn't conventional and is better for it. Being more about wrapping up so many story-lines served faithful viewers while presenting mysterious questions alike. Finally, it serves notice things have morphed as if a quantum shift is in the future for next fall (Carter's character being a prime example). So, no traditional "cliffhanger", but an imminent game changer is afoot. Brilliant as so many are lined up to attempt to control what is now, possibly, impossible to contain as it once was. The end effect is the best: we can hardly wait to see how this proceeds!
  • "If you're working alone, wear a mask. "

    Oh sure--awesome wrap up to OSC/Hersh (for now), Root (for now), and flashback (Nathan, Ordos) plotlines, but the big surprise is when a central character heeds Jonathan Nolan's scripted advice from Bruce Wayne and becomes someone else for HR to fear. Bring on Season 3!

    Oh yeah, this little ditty was written by that Nolan guy too. Genius. (Jonah, please cross the WB lot and provide coaching for Arrow's writers who routinely pay homage to you but could use your :)

  • Lack-Luster

    Not nearly as good as the penultimate episode of this season, not nearly by far. This was a cross-country goose chase, which, I must admit, was a major reveal for the Machine, but not a surprising one. After two seasons, however, they're still refusing to give us much at all about Finch's background. What they offered in this episode were things we'd already put together (just confirmed now), or so lack-luster for what the build-up promised that it was disappointing (a car bomber, really?). Root picking up the phone at the end wasn't a cliffhanger, it was a blaring announcement that she'll be a key player next season when her character's already had its run. PoI is starting to get away from itself; it will need careful maintenance to continue being the great thing it is this coming season.
  • Wow-What a Season Finale!

    I admit to being a bit confused,since I was unable to view a few episodes. However, there was more action in that episode than most shows have in a season. I need to do some makeup work to fill in my information gap. I love the addition of the two ladies.
  • Zero Day was the Finale; God Mode was the Wrapping Paper

    Zero Day had me on the edge of my seat for the hour. God Mode ended the Reese/Jessica storyline, closed out Nathan's storyline, and ripped at the heartstrings when a wounded Finch held back from letting Grace know he survived the bombing. This episode, Michael Emerson wins the "expressive face" award. (Re the bombing, the caution at the beginning of the episode, which sat on screen for double the usual time, worried me. With a half-second 'showing' of the explosion, message received, but not

    The episode, which must have been "in the can" for a couple of months, could almost have been a series finale. 'Cause we all know bad things are will keep happening.

    Trying to count the 8 people who originally knew about The Machine. Finch, Nathan, Alicia Corwin, Denton Weeks, OSC (Jay O. Sanders character). Of those five, only Finch survives to date. Am I missing someone? Now, add in "Ma'am" addressed by Hersh after he took out OSC. If my count is right, two more as-yet unnamed baddies in the wings to be drawn on by Messrs. Nolan, Plageman, et. al. What fun.

    Exquisite writing, faithfully relayed by spot-on casting. What week in September will Season 3 begin?
  • Need a little more

    I h8 writing a review for this, when I just want to make a comment, but ah well; don't take it against me. Loved the show since day one and one of just a few things that bother me is how it's missing that "edge". For example, in this episode, instead of showing Harold hiding from the woman (we already know what happened), why not use the time to show something cool - like the helicopter spooling and taking off / in flight / landing (something, anything, doesn't have to be that in particular). A tiny bit - of a bigger budget - could make the show really awesome (like some of the X Files episodes, for those that were around to watch them back-in-the-day). You get the idea? :-)

    Edit: && yes, longladbenny, thank god 4 no cliffhanger!
  • character naming a la "Lost"

    In the show, the last surviving (but, not for long) installation engineer for the "Machine" is Lawrence Szilard. In real life, the two men credited with the 1929 invention of the cyclotron -- quite a "machine," itself -- are Ernest LAWRENCE and Leo SZILARD.
  • WOW....

    This one had the best diss ever on tv!!

    You just have to love Shaw for the way she does things and for the way she puts Reese in his place. Great writing AND acting. The should definitly keep her on the show for the next season.

    Give a guy a shotgun and tell him its to make him feel less inadequate while she drives the Ferrari. AWSOME. your face, John :D

    I haven't laught this hard in front of my TV for a VERY long time. That's why I love this show. Somebody should give the writers an Emmy or something. There isn't much out there that can compete with this level of action, suspense, character and comedy all put into one big bowl and shaken up every once in a while.

    Story-wise I guess it was inevitable that the machine went all "distributed computing" on us. Also, that makes it sort of impossible to attack physically. Smart move, Machine. So, physically its not like "Data" or "Hal" - but more like Skynet. Although it is not yet clear if its like Skynet morally. I would suspect not, since it seems to "care" about human life. But it clearly is able to defend itself. I wouldn't want to declare war on it.

    I wonder what it will do with Root. Can't wait for next season :D
  • An episode of brilliancy creativity

    wow, what an episode and i'm glad they didn't leave it on a cliff hanger. All through this episode i was on the edge of my seat with excitement. finally got an answer to what happened to Nathan and why finch's back was damaged giving him the limp and why his fiance thought he was dead. An absolutely brilliant finale. i predict season 3 will be great giving more of a personality to the machine in terms of AI. i'm looking forward to all the future seasons of POI...
  • What? No cliffhanger?

    Given last season's excellent cliffhanger, I was expecting another. I have mixed feelings about cliffhangers in general, but I did love the episode. We have some great questions leading into the next season; Who is Control? What will the Machine become now that it's free? What role will Root play in the Machine's future?

    The continuation of Carter's journey from "moral center" to "ends justify means" (she DID commit murder, after all) will be interesting to watch. Fusco is making amends for his past so his storyline is not so interesting anymore. I miss Fusco, but given his conspicuous absence over the past few episodes, I think we have seen the end of him. Does Carter become the new Fusco; dealing with the fallout of her actions? Will she be taking on HR single-handedly? Reese and Finch have not been very helpful to her of late. Will Shaw become the next Reese looking for a way to fit into her new world?

    I hate the wait.
  • The coming together of ....

    I loved the episode. It was a combination of plotlines coming together, giving us the answers we needed for a season finale, but also opening new possibilities for next season. There were enough answers for me that I'm really satisfied. The new ones had me on the edge of my chair waiting for were of course enough plotholes to be worry about, but POI does not take itself serious enough for it to be really worrisome (it this it differs from . Revolution that seems to take itself so serious that all the misatkes stand out).
  • Fair Enough!

    The strangest thing about this episode is the lack of Fusco! Even Bear was in this episode! We finally see the death of Nathan Ingram and Harold's injury. What really interested me was the "Northern Lights" boss, who seemed to be a Hilary type, very cool! Can't wait 'till next season!
  • A very long summer ahead...

    Perfect! But where is Fusco?
  • Fallen to Far.....

    I loved the show but with godlike women keep showing up and showing all the dummy men how to do and what to not watch any more. That goes for every TV (4 of them) in my house BTW. I'm godlike, here! The final episode was the worst. To answer another fan here: I don't care what 'she' is doing.
  • The Ultimate Power Control It Self

    What way to finish an season, great episode, bring some awesome moments with Reese and Shaw (I hope she appears more next season), Carter saving Elias WTH?

    Excellent moment with Finch, Grace and Ingram in the flashback, an heartbreak moment.

    The machine is now in control, playing games, what she doing? Three phone ring and the last is Root. WTH happening here? I want season 3 now.

    Plus: I think Zero Day and God Mode work with unofficial two parts finale. Brilliant.

    Plus: I miss Fusco.
  • New threads to weave

    Yet again the show manages to surprise us in style, tone, and plot line! Thought the interactions superb. Nathan to Harold, Harold to Root, Reese to Shaw and her getting to drive the yellow sports car! Carter down, but not out while force-pairing phones and giving her HR buddy a headache. Shaw making the right choice whose camp to be in and Root being caught in a surprise development. The main character surprise is clearly the MACHINE. High time for Pennsylvania Ave. to go and we get to keep Elias, Decima down but not out I fear and Reese and Harold had a good heart to heart--and then the phone(s) rang. Our machine is multitasking with a vengeance, oh how to pass the next months ahead ?