Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 22

God Mode

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2013 on CBS

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  • Quite a send-off to Season 3

    Well, I'm hooked on this show, it's a personal favorite now. Pretty much in line with White Collar and Burn Notice.

    Root is going to be an interesting character in the future seasons to come, I suspect that she might even grow from villain to heroine at some point. I know it's pure speculation, but, she's all about being this machine's BFF. So, who knows..

    At least we now know why Harold is keeping up the "irrelevant" list, he's making amends for not having worked with Nathan when he had the chance.

    It's funny, but this show is almost like Batman, in a way, where the Bruce Wayne character is divided mainly between John and Harold.

    Carter helped Elias escape!! Well well, our straight by-the-book detective is starting to see a lot more in the shades of gray now.. But it makes sense seeing how HR basically backed her into a wall.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend kinda thing I guess. I have a feeling there will be some new things in line for this one.

    I think that someone will eventually realize that if you have to put up with crime, Elias might as well be in charge. HR and Elias will be at odds, and the irony will be that Elias will probably be the one who will be the 'lesser' bad guy in many situations. Again, ironic. Wonder what the NYPD thinks of this show? :)

    Things were actually pretty anti-climatic for Fusco, he got his ass out of the fire thanks for Carter's intervention at digging up Stiles body. That one surprised the crap out of me. In fact, I've been surprised at how little John and Harold did to help Fusco in his predicament.

    Heard this Sam Shaw character is gonna be a season 3 regular. I'm kinda partial to this one. But, if the stakes are much higher in season 3, then John is gonna need more actual muscle.

    Hope we get more Zoe and Leon in Season 3. Leon brings the comedic effect and Zoe's character has that charisma and directness which plays well against John.

    Now, you gotta wonder who the new player is uh? That "woman" who gave the assassination orders?

    How's that gonna go..

    And more to the point, what will be the next evolution for this machine? I just hope it doesn't get into the realm of

    1) android body

    2) leaping into other people's minds, or

    3) it has taken over the entire internet gig.

    More to the point, how will this show actually end? When the machine is dismantled? If/When the machine becomes a threat to the world?

    Maybe a merged between Root and the Machine, as Root teaches the machine that people are flawed. Who knows... That's the fun part! :)