Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 18

Identity Crisis

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

Reese arrives at the library for breakfast and a briefing and Finch tells him that their newest number, Jordan Hester, has almost no electronic identity. He's unable to even determine his or her gender, and all signs indicating that Jordan is living off of the grid. Finch finally manages to run a credit rating check and determines that Jordan has two addresses but only one SSN. Reese heads out to check one address and suggest that Finch go to check out the other and call Carter to get a criminal record. Finch reminds him that after recent events, Carter isn't too thrilled with Reese right now.

Carter is at the park looking into the shooting murder of a teenager when she gets a call from Reese. She ignores it and talks to the supervising detective. He explains that they have caught the killer, who claimed that he shot his friend because the police weren't there to stop him. As Carter looks at the perp in disgust, she gets another call from Reese and ignores that one as well.

Reese goes to the Brooklyn apartment while Finch goes to the Village address. Finch slips in past a tenant while Reese picks the lock and goes in. Finch finds mail addressed to Jordan Hester, while Reese finds a wad of tip bills and a receipt for a local bar with an employee discount. He goes to the bar and hears the bartender yell or Hester, a barback at the place. Reese tells Finch, who doesn't figure that a barback could pay for both addresses, much less one. Finch is forced to hide in a closet when he hears someone at the door. The closet is filled with woman's shoes and dresses, and Finch watches through the slats as the landlord helps a woman, Jordan, bring in her packages. He informs Reese and they realize that they're dealing with two people living one life.

Reese eventually gets Finch out of Jordan's apartment by setting off sprinkler system. He and a soaking wet Finch go back to the library and figure that one of the two is an imposter. Finch is unable to find birth certificates hard copies gong back far enough and didn't find anything on Jordan's laptop. Reese has confirmed that Hester recently rented a van and tells Finch that they'll have to split up and continue surveillance on the two Jordan Hesters.

Later, Reese meets Lionel at a bar. Lionel wants to talk about the situation with HR, but Reese tells him to do a background check on the two Jordan Hesters. When Lionel complains that Reese can't seem to make up his mind whether he should be working legitimate cases or undercover, Reese says that he's more concerned with saving a life than Lionel's problems. The detective reluctantly agrees to do what he can.

While Reese goes to the bar to watch Hester, Finch follows Jordan through the streets as she runs errands. He does a check and confirms that a luxury co-op did a credit check on one of their Jordan Hesters six months ago. One of them rented an apartment at the co-op but no one has seen the new tenant, and Reese heads over there to check it out while Hester is still on his shift.

At the station, Carter comes in while Lionel is running he background checks. They chat briefly about identity theft and she admits it would be good to work a case where she could save someone's life. Special Agent Donnelly with the FBI comes in and demands a private meeting with Carter. He explains that the man in the suit that she has been tracking is the same man who stole a murder suspect out from under his team a few months back. Carter points out that the suspect was proven innocent, but Donnelly focuses on the fact that Reese has been tied to dozens of homicides over the years. He goes over Carter's first interview with Reese after the subway incident and her suspicions that he was with Special Forces. When Carter is reluctant to talk, Donnelly asks for an hour of her time to show her something.

Reese goes to the co-op and breaks in, and finds an ecstasy manufacturing lab. A man comes in and attacks Reese, who easily disposes of him. When he checks the man's phone, he discovers that he had just sent a text message asking for backup. Meanwhile, Finch follows Jordan and figures that whichever Jordan Hester is behind the lab is using the other one's name as a cover to buy the necessary hardware supplies and chemicals. Jordan is an antiques dealer, and Finch is so focused on telling Reese what he's learned that he loses her in the street traffic.

Reese plants a surveillance camera in an air vent, gets out, and then watches on the PDA as the man he knocked out, Jekyll, meets with his partner, Hyde. Jekyll tells Hyde that their boss wants to meet them for the first time since they started the operation four months ago. Reese calls Finch, who has gone into a nearby bookstore and relocated Jordan. She notices him looking at a book and they discuss literature briefly. Reese, listening in, interrupts to tell Finch to not make contact with the suspect because she may know that Finch is following her. Jordan leaves the bookstore when Finch isn't looking, and Reese goes to follow Hester. The barback takes a break and leaves, and Finch sees him meet with Jekyll and Hyde. Meanwhile, Finch has managed to find Jordan out in the street and sees two thugs approaching her. Figuring that Hester has sent his men after Jordan now that she's no longer of use to him, Finch grabs Jordan, whispers in her ear that she's in danger, and escorts her away while claiming to be a friend.

Hester tells Jekyll and Hyde that someone is onto them and he has a van with the supplies they need to finish making the ecstasy at the lab. While Reese watches, he gets a call from Lionel informing him that Hester was arrested six months ago for manufacturing ecstasy. However, the distributor in the chain couldn't pick Hester out of a lineup. Reese considers the matter and then tells the detective to figure out how Hester stole Jordan's identity.

Finch takes Jordan to lunch and claims that he's a private investigator. She admits that she knew someone had stolen her identity months ago, but the police and the bank kept referring her from one to the other. Finch tells her to relax and assures her that his man is keeping an eye on the identity thief.

Lionel meets with Det. Desmond Franklin out of the ID Theft Squad and tells him about the identity theft case. Franklin knows about a similar case involving Kyle Morrison, who had his identity stolen and then used to set up an ecstasy lab. Kyle was convicted of manufacture with intent despite the fact that he protested his innocence the entire time. Intrigued, Lionel calls the station to find out where Kyle is being held.

Reese breaks into Hester's van and finds his laptop, but there are no drug manufacturing records on it. There are videos on how to load and shoot guns, which Reese figures a drug lord wouldn't need. Meanwhile, Jordan gets a call and tells Finch that she needs to get to a meeting. She explains that she tracks down antique books for clients and Finch offers to put her up at a hole for her own protection. Once he agrees to go with her, Jordan agrees.

Back at the co-op, Hester manages Jekyll and Hyde as they make up a new batch of ecstasy. Jekyll warns him that they'll need more than 24 hours to finish the batch, but Hester insists.

Lionel goes to prison to see Kyle, who insists that he's innocent. The convict isn't interested in discussing the matter until Lionel says that he's tied to someone else having the same problem. Surprised that Lionel believes him, Kyle describes how someone first kept making new bank accounts in his name and then cleared out his credit cards. The police arrested him, he was convicted, and now his wife refuses to let Kyle see his little girl. Lionel promises to get him out of jail so that Kyle can be reunited with his family.

Jekyll and Hyde realizes that the chemicals they're using are turning black. Hester checks his phone and tells the two thugs that the cops are on the way and they have to clear out.

Jordan goes home to pick up a few things for the hotel and makes herself a drink, and then offers one to Finch.

Lionel shows Kyle the hardware store receipts that were made in Jordan's name. Kyle confirms that they are the same equipment and chemicals that he was framed for buying. He sees a photo of Jordan and tells Lionel that he knows her: she was a receptionist at his accountant's office.

Hyde talks about the chemicals they need and the skylights at their last lab, and Hester agrees. The thug then reveals that he lied to see if Hester was who he claimed. The two thugs draw guns on Hester and ask who he really is. Reese tries to call Finch and tell him that things are backward, just as Lionel calls Finch to tell him the same thing. A dazed Harold is staring at his glass and doesn't get either message. Reese then runs into the apartment and says that they have to get out before the cops get there. Jekyll recognizes Reese rom before and Reese knocks him and Hyde out. Hester draws a gun on Reese, who tells him that he knows that he's the real Jordan Hester and has been framed.

Finch starts to get dizzy and Jordan tells him that he'll be feeling better soon.

Reese easily disarms Hester and explains that he knows what happened to him. As they tie up Jekyll and Hyde, Hester explains that he was always an introvert and no one believed him when someone started stealing his identity. He decided to play along and be a bad guy so he could find who was responsible and turn their operation against him. Hester bought nitric acid for Jekyll and Hyde so that it would destroy the lab. Then he'd use the existing ecstasy to lure out the identity thief and get his life back. Reese figures that it's a terrible plan, but it's the best they have so he decides to go with it. He calls Finch, who is rambling because of the ecstasy that Jordan slipped him and repeating what Reese says. Jordan finally realizes that Finch has an earpiece and removes it, and Finch tells her that Reese is at the lab. Jordan mixes some chemicals into a tin and puts it into the microwave, and then calls her man Josef and tells him to meet her at the lab. The tins and the chemicals start to burn in the microwave as Jordan leaves.

Reese calls and tells Lionel to get to Jordan's apartment and check on Finch.

Donnelly takes Carter to a special FBI task force and explains that the CIA has been running illegal black ops in the U.S. He figures that Reese was one of the men they used, but he left the Agency and is now apparently selling his services to the highest bidder. Donnelly has learned from the Russian Mob that Reese was apparently protecting Carl Elias when he took out a mob hit on the crime lord. The FBI knows about CIA Agent Snow and figures that he covers up for the CIA's U.S. operations. When Carter wonders what Donnelly plans to do about Reese, the FBI agent says that he wants to stop the CIA and stop Reese. He figures that they can give her 100% support for her own efforts to find Reese and asks her if she knows anything else. After a moment, Carte says that Donnelly has everything she has and promises to keep in touch. As she leaves, Donnelly promises her that they'll track down Reese.

Lionel gets to Jordan's apartment and finds Finch staring at the flames in the microwave. The detective turns it off and gets Finch out, and then tells Reese what is going on. Reese is occupied at the moment as Jordan, Josef, and her third man storm into the lab and capture him and Hester. She tells Josef and his other man to dispose of them and leaves, and Reese takes out a bottle of what he claims is hydrochloric acid from his jacket. He threatens to drop it and when Josef calls his bluff, Reese throws the liquid in his face and knocks down the other man. He then tells a screaming Josef that it's just water and shoots him in the leg.

Lionel has determined that Hester and Kyle both used the same accounting chain owned by Richard Eckhart. He gives Finch his laptop and tells him to find out where they can find Eckhart.

Jordan arranges a meeting at a restaurant with Eckhart to get a new ID for her to steal. Reese and Hester come in and Reese shows her the file revealing that her real name is Tara Verlander. He tells the accountant to leave and then informs Jordan/Tara that he knows all about her. She looks at Hester and wonders what he plans to do, and he admits that he was going to kill her but decided that would just make him like her. He and Reese leave as Franklin and his squad come in to arrest Jordan for identity theft. As they watch, Hester thanks Reese for giving him his life back.

Outside, Reese finds Lionel watching Franklin take Jordan way. When he wonders why Lionel didn't make the arrest, the detective says that it would be too high-profile for his undercover work. He asks Reese again if he's working high-profile or undercover, and Reese says he'll let him know when he figures it out.

Carter looks at the surveillance photos of Reese and gets another call from him on her phone. She ignores it.

Lionel puts through the paperwork on Kyle and is there to meet him when his name is cleared and he's released. Kyle thanks him and Lionel tells him to go home to his little girl.

Reese drops Finch off at the library and tells him to drink plenty of water and sleep off the ecstasy. Finch wants him to stay and talk, saying he'll answer any questions he has. Reese refuses to take advantage of his partner and leaves, while Finch smiles and says, "Good night, Nathan."