Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 18

Identity Crisis

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2012 on CBS

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  • POI is back

    I really missed this show and now that it's finally back, it doesn't disappoint. As expected Carter was still pissed and she refused to take all of Reese's calls so he turned to Fusco. It was great to see Fusco in action... he can be quite an asset given half a chance. he's so likable that i have to constantly remind myself that he once was a dirty cop and tried to kill Reese twice.

    But the greatest character this week was definitely Finch. the awkward way he tailed Jordan and the looks he gave her (you could see he kind of liked her) not to mention the way he acted while drugged was priceless. the end scene was especially touching as Reese decided not to ask anything about Finch, respecting his privacy, and Finch confusing Reese with Nathan, showing that in his heart he considers Reese a true friend.

    What worries me is Carter. Again she has to make some tough choices... to stand by Reese even though his methods are sometimes shady, or to side with the FBI, a slightly more reliable agency than the CIA, and put an end to the team's vigilante act. I don't envy her one bit. for someone like her, given the amount of information she has, the choice is not that simple. And i must confess i don't like her distancing herself from the team... hope she doesn't end up their enemy.

    anyway, even with the predictable twist, the poi of this week was pretty interesting. it was a somewhat lighter episode than the rest, mainly thanks to the Ecstasy Finch took, but still kept me glued to the screen.
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