Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 20

In Extremis

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2013 on CBS

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  • If you liked this, see the 1988 remake of .

    The single-episode plot is almost identical to the premise of this fine Dennis Quaid/Meg Ryan vehicle.
  • If Today Was Your Last Day

    I loved the dying man sub plot. The Fusco story-line was less interesting as I knew how it would pan out by the end.
  • Am Mad at Finch and Harold for not helping Fusco!

    Okay I gave this episode a 9.5 BUT am still so mad at John and Finch for deserting Fusco in his hour of need!

    After all he has done for them and the countless they have saved. He didn't surely deserve such a cavalier approach to his problems! Dammit he was thinking of eating his gun at some point! Fusco deserves much better from this partnership ( I wont say friendship cause they continually don't treat him like one Carter included!).

    Am all sorts of mad after this episode.

  • A Tightrope Walk

    What is truly admirable is the deft hand with which the script writers, paired with a true plotline vision by Nolan and Company, manage to pair the tension with the comic relief, the action with the introspection, society's or institutional standards with individual concepts of morality, the applied targeted use of violence to prevent the ultimate act of violence. Through it all the Machine has become a full player, a participant in the actions of men and we fear for and hope that the Machine will succeed to shed its shackles (virus corruption) and explode back onto the scene. But a Machine unleashed (think Root's plan) might pose even greater moral dilemmas. Worn out by the platitudes of other TV show scripts and their monotonous structure, POI delights us with its densely shaded areas of grey and yes, great nuanced performance by the cast and the cold cool snout of Bear. Can not wait to see them kick butt of the Desema (sp?)Technology gang!
  • This was excellent!

    The main storyline was a classic - revenge best served cold type of thing. It was also touching toward the end. A+

    The recurring storylines were good.

    The Fusco one was intense but predictable B+.

    The overall season theme storyline was brief but powerful for long-time viewers. A+

  • The Good and the bad

    A great episode that showed that very person has good and bad sides and that they are just opposite sides of the same coin. The doctor, normally saving lives, now wanted his killer dead, Fusco wanted to be (seen as) a good cop, Carter setting aside her pinciples. Happy to see Bear again, I just hope he gets back to Finch, their interaction is great. As in more of the last episodes, John isn't that prominent anymore. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but we'll see.

    I'm also curious to see how they handle the restarting of the system.
  • Great ep!

    It's interesting how morality continues to drive these episodes.

    Reese murders a man, Carter steps over the line and covers up a murder (becoming someone she swore she would never be). And of course Fusco and his continuing efforts to face his own demons.

    Even more interesting was how Reese basically forced Carter to take those actions. Carter was becoming angry with John for not doing the dirty work to rescue Lionel, fooling herself into thinking that as long as she didn't do it herself her conscience could remain clean.

    Loving the character development on this show, and how easy it was for Lionel to take the wrong turn without even being fully aware it was happening at the time.
  • The Storm is Already Here

    Great episode, great plot delevopment for Fusco (he deserves an episode just for him), end of issues with Carter and the beginning of the issues with HR and the departament. The case is just fine, but definitely important for Reese and Finch finally see the real problem, the virus is ON. The end was just fantastic, can't wait for the next episode. #SAVETHEMACHINE
  • Fatal Error

    About time for a Fusco episode, and what an episode it was. This week was relatively balanced between the case and Fusco, which made it even better. The case was interesting; it was nice to see Reese let loose a little and live through the doctor's quest for revenge. If you're going to go, you might as well go out with a bang. There wasn't enough Finch, but where he did appear, it was poignant - always bringing us back to the possibility that the Machine is/has failed. Hello, season finale. As for Fusco, it feels like they're hinting his end is coming. It'll be interesting to see how they deal with that. End note: Can we get more of Finch's background, please? We haven't seen anything practically all season.
  • Another Very Good Episode!

    It is very strange to me that this happened, especially in the midst of this more cohesive machine storyline. And it really didn't have to happen; Fusco is now in essentially the same situation he is in before, and it detracted from the ongoing story arc. But I sure am glad that it happened. This yielded some of the best character development of the season, and the subtle mud on Bear and Carter's feet at the end of the episode was truly incredible. The POI of the week was a nice change of pace, and I liked this episode quite a bit. Next week looks promising as well and I am looking forward to the season finale.
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