Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 3

Lady Killer

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2013 on CBS

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  • Oh...... my God!!!!

    They need Root to join the team!!!!! I know her personality is very very very out there, but imagine the conflicts that would occur??????? She is so awesome!!!!! I like Zoe, can't stand Carter, and annoyed by Shaw giving her macho act all the time But Root is the most authentic Original character out of this show. And the best part is the delivery of Amy Akers lines!!!! she is so composed and funny when she delivers the lines. Root would be a very valuable asset to the team. Her computer skills are second only to Finch, she is unstable but funny as hell. She can handle a firearm and willing to step into the grey area to eliminate targets.

    The only problem would be for Finch and Reese to reel her in. But I am starting to see signs of the Machine asking Root not to kill. If its one thing that Root will listen to, its The Machine. Her showdown with CIA assassin at the end of the episode was hilarious!! I would have rated this episode a 6 if no for Root's escape scene thus earning it an 8
  • Charlies Angels

    Great episode that saw Carter, Shaw and Zoe working together like Charlies Angels. Also loved Root going terminator at the asylum.
  • Lady Killer

    A little too much Carter involvement in this one. Just don't connect with her character the way some other fans do.

    The ending was unexpected and expected at the same time. Definitely made the episode for me.
  • Just like Terminator 2 :)

    Lady Killer. What a brilliant episode, but really loved the end and the tip of the hat to T2 and the whole nut job proving the psychiatrist wrong thing. Pure genius.

    Really can't wait to see how it all pans out with Root, she could even show Ben Linus a thing or two. Can't see this show running out of steam any time soon. It is opening up to allow itself a number of paths, but without being convoluted or unrealistic. Is just me, or is the acting getting better and better? Not that it needed to, but it is really setting a high bar. Love it.
  • Root Holds It Together

    The Root storyline has been the best part of season 3. It's the only element that's still "true" to the strengths of the series in prior seasons. IMO the "showrunners" should pay some attention to that, since they're down 3 MILLION viewers. They got a new Bear, a much calmer canine than last year's. I suppose they trust Shaw to take up the slack in the testosterone department. Reese has been relegated to waiting on a sidewalk to walk his girlfriend home, fighting with Shaw over who's going to row, row, row the boat (he should have decked her with an oar), and giving out with a couple of cheesy grins during the episode. Perhaps his part has now been confused with Bear's? This show WAS so good. Guess I'll go run a DVD from Season 1 and hope for a return to better days.
  • Amy Acker is the most valuable asset of Person of Interest.

    Appearances can be deceptive. We all know the women of POI are very efficient and awesome. This was a great episode. I cannot stress the brilliance of Amy Acker enough who portrays Root with such devilish glee and gravitas in equal measures. She raises my heartbeat everytime she's onscreen and is the true MVP of the show. And I'm falling in love with the hilarious and badass Shaw more and more after each episode. Reese and her make a fantastic working team.
  • Amazing!


    I love how they all work together like a well oiled machine but most of all the new Root and how she listens to the machine is to die for!

  • Finch's Angels

    Round and round and round we go with Crazytownbananapants, but at least we're finally out of the psych ward and Mr. Enforcer took a hit. I enjoyed the lady power in this episode, even if it showed as a much less action-packed installment. What really bothered me was how much they left dangling. Like, what about all the women Ian hung out with? Why the disguises? He's still a creep, regardless of whether or not Mr. Bigwig wanted him dead. There was nothing resolved with his son or with his impending doom. Rather disappointing overall. The only thing decently noteworthy was that Shaw's connected with Bear. Just a bad week.
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