Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 15

Last Call

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2014 on CBS

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  • This isn't over!

    Most of this episode was very good, loved the call at the end, this isn't over! What spoiled it was that the caller asked Sandra to unplug the back up system and delete the calls, Harold could have sneaked downstairs and turned the back up back on, they could have backed the calls up while she and her camera headset were out of the room, and then she could have deleted the calls. alternatively, when he sent Fusco some of the calls, he could have backed all of them up a remote server at the same time.
  • Last Call

    Another edge of your seat episode for Person of Interest. A bit of an unoriginal concept with the mystery voice on the other end of the line, but still wall to wall fun.
  • Not the best episode

    In this episode there were too many things that didn't connect. Why was this particular boy kidnapped and what is his connection to the 911 dispatcher? How did Reese take care of the guys in the bar (details please)? But the main one is the ending... who is going after Finch and what is his deal really? The writers could be setting us up to face a new just hope they writers continue to move in their usually awesome manner and put these kind of episodes to rest.
  • A New Villain.

    With HR dismantled, Elias more or less on the lie low, Root on hiatus, Its down to Decima and Vigilance, and for our favorite team 2 enemies are just to easy so that is why we need to have a new villain. And as Jim Moriarty puts it, every hero needs a good old fashioned villain. In this case... a lot.

    As regards to the ending with which have gathered some criticism, I did notice that mistake but rather than dwelling on the error, i tried to think of a logical reason to explain and what came up with was I would guess that the guy with gun might be wearing ordinary shoes while the 911 operator was in water proof boots which would have shielded her from being electrocuted.
  • Not the usual.

    It wasn't my favourite, and I love the series, what threw it for me was the huge mistake towards the end, One of the protagonist walks into water and Finch says drop the gun, or I'll electrocute you. The guy does. Finch plays his hand and folds almost in the same instant, because Finch says get the gun to the girl she walks into the water, and picks it up, Any would be assassin would only have to grab the girl, Finch would have been powerless to do anything. The guy must have been as dumb as an amoeba.

    Well the writer certainly was.
  • Wow what a crappy ending!!!!!

    So the episode wasn't that bad to start, but the ending... come on really!!!?? Finch gave a great performance up until he asked the 911 operator to pick up the gun that the killer had dropped in the WATER!!! The 911 operator walks in the WATER!!!!! to grab the gun!!!! Would it have been so hard to just grab the women so Finch couldn't drop the electrical wire. He could then have picked up his gun, walk out and push the 911 operator thru the door!!! This isn't even the only way he could have got free. As soon as he had the women he would have been in control. I am an avid viewer of this show, but come on that is some crappy writing, how didn't anyone catch that.
  • 911 Whats Your Emergency. Person of Interest ls One Of The Best Shows On TV.

    So what seems to be two different cases turns out to be connected, the murder or Tara Cooke, all because Kincaid was having an affair with Cooke. So the wife Gina takes upon herself to make a call (the bitch) and basically put out a hit on Nicholson, the 911 operator. But things escalate from there to a little boy being kidnapped, all to do with something that happened to Nicholson when she was 14. Suffice it to say everything ends well, until Harold gets the same phone call from the same faceless guy (who is this guy). Is Detective Jake Harrison going to be a regular? Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.
  • Great episode

    Th team Works great to save a boys life, we need this show renewed. Period.
  • Juvenile Records

    This episode felt like a mash up of past plots and the Saw series. It wasn't horrible, per se, but it wasn't the best episode PoI has put out by far. The team does seem to be finding its new dynamic, but in doing so splits the story in too many different directions to make it an easy watch. It's not a well-oiled machine (ha). I really dug the scene with Finch, the puddle and the live wire, though. That was very Ben from Lost. I'm not sure if we've reached that dark side of Finch, but maybe it's hinting at what we're going to learn next week?
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