Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 19, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

Carter arrives at a diner and sits down to wait. Reese finally comes over and sits down, and Carter apologizes for calling in the CIA. She warns Reese that she has rules that can't be broken, but she wants to know more. Reese warns her that there's no going back and Carter asks where he's getting his information. He doesn't answer her question and admits that he's tired of her chasing him, and then gives her a name on a piece of paper. It's for Andrea Gutierrez, a civil litigator who has a sealed juvenile record, and Reese asks Carter to unseal it. When she warns him about her rules, he tells Carter that she has to choose between saving a life and the rules. Reese then gives her a cell phone and leaves.


When Reese gets back to headquarters, he tells Finch that Carter wants to know how they have their information. Finch insists that they can't tell her about the Machine. He then goes over Andrea's background and confirms she owes $50,000 in student loans and $20,000 in credit cards. They wonder if she borrowed money from the wrong person. Andrea is currently suing the state on behalf of prisoners with grievances, but hasn't won her first six cases.


Reese goes to the courtyard to follow Andrea. In court, she represents another con and the state objects. Andrea mocks the state attorney and the judge reconvenes until Friday. As Andrea says goodbye to the con, Terrence King, he asks her if she'll bring his son Jacob on Friday. As they go, his parole officer, Dominic Galuska, insists that he found the drugs in Terrence's place and tells the con that he should have been more careful.


Next, Andrea goes to the department of foster services and asks her friend Chris Scollard to get her a blood test on Terrence prior to his arrest. His boss, Gloria Copeland, comes over and complains that Chris is working with Andrea, who isn't going through proper channels. As Andrea leaves, Reese clones her cell phone and continues following her to a bar where she meets with friends. Carter calls Reese and informs him that Andrea had a B&E and larceny charges in high school. Lionel sees her talking and calls to warn Reese. Reese tells him not to worry about it and goes back to Carter, thanking her for her help. Finch, listening in, questions Reese keeping Fusco and Carter in the dark about each other. Reese says that they're assets and it's safer for them not to know each other.


Andrea leaves the bar and a man follows her. Reese follows him and tackles the man as he prepares to shoot Andrea. The man manages to get away with Reese still weakened from his gunshot wound. The killer dropped a bottle of anabolic steroids and Reese figures that he'll be back.


Reese returns to headquarters and discovers that Finch isn't there. He unsuccessfully hacks his computer and Finch comes in. He brushes Reese aside, and Reese suggests that the killer was an ex-con and that he might be one of Andrea's former clients. Reese wants to get his files and Finch agrees, but then takes a call and says that he'll be right there. He tells Reese to watch Andrea and says he'll be back soon.


Finch goes to a police station and watches a young man, Will, come out. Will greets him and apologizes for Finch having to bail him out again, this time for underground gambling.


Carter finds an envelope on her keyboard. Inside is the bottle of steroids. Reese calls and asks her to find out where he can find the steroids, and figures that the killer is working out of the gym. Carter agrees and glances nervously at Lionel, and warns that people are watching her. Reese assures her that she has nothing to worry about.


Next, Reese goes to see Andrea and represents himself as an ex-con. He spills coffee and when she goes to get towels, he puts a GPS tracker on her key ring. Finch checks in but avoids discussing his appointment. When Andrea returns, Reese claims that he hurt his back on the job. Meanwhile, Finch hacks her computer while Reese describes him as his current boss in less than flattering terms. Reese offers to pay up front and Andrea agrees, but says she has to go to her next appointment.


At the jail, Andrea brings Jacob from his foster home to see his father. Terrence assures his son that he'll be out soon and then asks Andrea privately if she got the blood test. Andrea confirms that she's working on it but warns that it won't clear him on his own. However, she insists that she'll see it through because everyone deserves a second chance. Meanwhile, Carter calls Reese to tell him that she has a lead on the steroids and offers him the three gyms if she doesn't get call in. Reese agrees and checks out the three locations. He spots the killer at the third gym and approaches him. They fight and the man makes a break for it, but is run over by a truck.


Back at the base, Finch confirms that the killer was Alonso Garcia, who served a sentence for manslaughter. He shared a parole officer, Galuska, with Terence Hill. As Reese heads for the courthouse, he calls Carter who complains that Reese left a dead man with no ID. Reese admits that he stole the wallet and points out that he had $10,000 on him that was the payoff for a hit. Meanwhile, Reese sees Galuska meet with another parolee, Lou, and collect his 10%. Reese approaches Galuska and easily knocks him out, and then asks Lou to find him a bottle of booze. He then dumps Galuska into his car and puts a gun in his hand, and pours the booze on Galuska and calls him in as a drunk driver.


Finch and Will go to the loft where Will used to live, and that Finch has held for him. However, Will says that he plans to sell the place because he never liked it there, and it's where his father Nathan moved after the divorce. Finch admits that Will's father worked a lot, and Will asks how the insurance business is going. Finch says it's fine, unaware that Reese is watching him. Will and Finch discuss Will's occupation as a doctor, and Will admits that he plans to leave and continue helping people. While he watches, Carter calls to complain that he framed Galuska for threatening one of his parolees. She has talked to other parolees who claim that Galuska planted evidence on them. Next, Fusco calls Reese, who tells him that he has a job and to not worry about Carter.


Andrea is in her office checking out dating sites when Reese comes in and tells her that Galuska is his new parole officer. When Reese tells her that Galuska keep searching his apartment, Andrea promises to be there. He notices that she's checking out the dating site but Andrea tells him that she doesn't date clients. When Reese sees her certificate, he wonders why she stayed in New York, Andrea says that everyone deserves a second chance and she was taught not to run away.


Carter interrogates Galuska and points out that a lot of his clients have gone back inside. Galuska denies doing anything and claims that his new truck came from money that an aunt left him. She asks him about Garcia and points out that he tried to kill Andrea. Galuska claims not to know anything and asks for his lawyer when Carter persists.


That night, Carter calls Reese and tells him that Galuska walked. Reese tells her that he got into Galuska's apartment and took his computer. He takes it to Finch, who easily hacks his information and confirms that he's received kickbacks each time he kicks a parolee back into prison. He took out just enough money to pay Garcia without attracting the INS, and they realize that he's taken out the same amount again, meaning that Galuska has hired someone else to kill Andrea.


At the NYU law library, Andrea is working alone when a man steps out and prepares to shoot her. Reese arrives and takes out the killer, and then tells Andrea that she's going to need his services. As he takes her to a safehouse, Andrea demands answers and Reese says that he gives people second chances. Meanwhile, Finch confirms that the second killer is Wendell Lentz, another of Galuska's parolees. Reese tells Andrea that Galuska probably framed Terrence. She's surprised to hear that Terrence is innocent and explains admits that Galuska lost the lab report on Terrence's drug test that would have cleared him. Reese tells her to stay put in the safehouse and gives her an extendible baton, and Andrea assures him that he can handle it.


Reese meets Carter at another diner and she says that she found a pattern. All of Galuska's parolees were single parents, so their children went into foster care and the parents make $800 a month. She goes to talk to one set of parents, Paul and Melissa Kinsey, who have six foster children under their care. Terrence's son is one of the kids and the Kinseys say that he's adjusting fine. They claim not to know Galuska, or Gloria who handles placement at DFS. Carter notes that their one-bedroom apartment isn't big enough to hold six children, and tells them to talk or she'll arrest them. The Kinseys admits that Jacob is the only one living with them, one child ran away, and the other four don't exist. Melissa tells her husband to shut up, and Carter figures that Galuska has a partner at DFS.


The Kinseys refuse to talk and Carter steps outside to take a call from Finch. He tells her to give the Kinseys their phone call and Carter realizes that he's tapping her phone. Finch explains that he's checked the files and Gloria signed off on Galuska's parolees. When Carter warns that Gloria will destroy any evidence if the Kinseys call to warn her, Finch says that's what they want to do.


Finch goes undercover at DFS as a shredding machine repairman and places a scanner inside it. Meanwhile, Terrence calls to warn Andrea that he's being moved to a maximum security facility and he can't make it in. Andrea promises to file an injunction and assures him that everything will be fine.


Finch calls Reese and informs him that Gloria has stated shredding the evidence. She uses the paperwork to hide the kids that she's fabricated, making a quarter million a month. Reese tells Finch that he's following Gloria and that she's not Galuska's contact at DFS.


Chris returns to the office and Andrea is there. She asks him to help file the injunction but Chris tells her that he's the one who filed the transfer. He draws a gun and prepares to shoot her.


Finch confirms that Chris forged Gloria's signatures.


Chris takes Andrea into the basement storage archive and insists that the children were better off. Andrea insists that it was due to Jacob that Terrence wanted a second chance. She uses the baton on Chris and runs off into the stack of records. Reese arrives and exchanges gunshots with Chris, and then finds Andrea and signals her to get down. He shoots Chris in the shoulder, who staggers out and finds Carter there to arrest him. Reese escorts Andrea out past Carter, who ignores him.


The next day, Andrea gets Terrence released and reunites him with Jacob. Andrea has won her case and Reese arrives to congratulate her. She thanks Reese for his help and asks if he's ever considered a less hazardous occupation. Reese tells her that she's not the only one who believes in second chances and walks away.


Finch goes to see Will, who explains that he's staying so that he can find out more about his father. He says that he didn't know much about his father, and points out that he has the audits that the lawyers performed for the company, IFT. Nathan shut the company down for seven years to build something and sell it to the government for $1. When Will asks if Finch knew anything about it, Finch lies and says that he didn't.


At headquarters, Reese goes over what he's discovered about Finch and Will, and discovers that Will is the son of Nathan. Finch calls in and says he won't be in, and Reese notes that he sounds worried. His partner says that there are some things that he can't tell Reese, and Reese says that he understands and hangs up. Fusco then calls Reese and asks if his new job will be ending anytime soon. Reese tells him that it'll be over when he has some answers, and Fusco continues following Finch.