Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 19, 2012 on CBS

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    After all his current shows I think this is the most stable and well written show of all. The case was incredible parole officer guy that hire thugs to plant evidence on people to get them sent to jail and take their kids to adoptive foster parents. That's how far I'm going even that amount I told is no one near the amount of twist and changes that occur on this show about who really is behind it all. As hard I try to guess who done it I'm never right they put a lot of work and detail in to their episodes. I like how Reese is working with Carter now and they starting to understand each other, Reese sends Lionel to trail Finch for answers. Finch needs to stop these secrets, and of course Reese is not going to get burned from this. He's knows what he's dealing with and its only a matter of time when someone catches on and you can't do that by yourself.
  • Better and better


    Man, I'm getting more addicted with this show every week. At this point I'm starting to think I wouldn't mind to watch it even if an episode was 24 hours long. Great mix between action, drama and humor. Cause the humor isn't in "real" jokes but in the teasing between characters.

    This weeks episode was great, I mean, nice case. And I really liked the lady, in my opinion she was hot, but not in usual way. Maybe beautiful is a better word. But that aside. The case give some suggestions/ has a connection to the situation Reese and Finch are in.

    I liked it when the "kid" showed up and its the kid of the business partner of Finch. And even he didn't know anything about Finch accept that he was best friends with his father. For now I don't think he was the threat, but he was the victim, and he was killed by a car accident or so and Finch was with him. But who knows, cause this show is one big pile of questions. When the answer one, you get 10 back.

    And thats how I like my show. Just the right combination of everything. And I like how the give the audience some respect. Just like last week, Reese wasn't all well, this week he was way better but the shotwound still is a weak spot. Thats nicely done
  • Pretty darn good

    Person of Interest, you always take us for the best rollercoaster ride.

    'Legacy' was a great episode--the game of cat-and-mouse unsheathes more sharp edges than ever, and a new player is introduced in the middle of this panoply of action, wit, and mystery.

    I really enjoyed Reese's return for wry wit and swift-fisted justice in the gray edges of the law, and Finch has captured everyone's curiosity now--who is this reclusive billionaire, and what secrets are locked in that nervous little noggin of his?

    Carter plays a great addition to the team: she's a warrior who sticks to her protective guns more fiercely than a spider monkey sticks to his nut. My only worry with the show is that Carter seemed to be getting closer to Reese and Finch seems to be drifting away in their boss-employer friendship. The instability with Reese and Finch is extremely unsettling, as is the way Carter started to subtly replace Finch in his intel role. We'll be staying tuned for what happens next!