Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • Lethe

    Can't believe I am saying this but a good guest appearance by Saul Rubinek. A strong episode, a clever episode, and one that saw a different side at times of these characters.
  • A blast from the past for Finch

    A blast from the past for Finch and the prospect that there is another machine out there.
  • Control

    Those people we forgot about/assumed were no longer issues? Way to bring them back through this slush pile of an episode. It was nice to see some of Finch's background (totally in line location-wise with one of the fics I've been following since the series started) and to get just a little taste of Reese's as well. It's been so long since we've had good past stuff on the main men since they revealed Finch's limp. I really enjoyed Reese and Fusco fighting to work through their Carter pain, too, because sometimes you just have to duke it out to move forward.
  • l Don't Do Quiet.

    So Claypool used to work for the NSA and now he has a brain tumor and is dying,. but Claypool also built the other machine Samaritan (which i'm sure Root is in contact with). No offence Harold but all through this episode i felt you knew more about Claypool than you were letting on. Now Hersh and his boss Diane / Control who claimed to be Arthur's wife is after both machines, as it turns out Shaw was working for her at one stage and she also wanted Root dead last season, that's who Hersh was reporting too. Meanwhile Reese is struggling over Carter's death as we all are, so Fusco plays watchdog for Reese. The Flashbacks of Harold when he was a child i found very interesting, Harold was a genius back then, unfortunately he was also losing his father to Alzheimer's / Dementia all through his life. Finally i get to know who the mysterious woman was that Hersh was reporting to last season. (Rudy / Root). Excellent Writing. Anther Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.
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