Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

A diplomat's son, Rafael, is crossing the street with his date. A van pulls over and three masked cartel enforces jump out, grab Rafael, and drag him into the van. As they drive off, one of them tells Rafael that he'll have to play because his father wouldn't cooperate with the cartel. He then notices that one of masked men is playing a video game. Reese removes his mask and introduces himself as a hostage negotiator, then takes the kidnappers out. The van goes off the road and once it stops, Reese gets Rafael out. Rafael runs off as Carter pulls up in a black-and white squad car, wearing a beat cop's uniform. Reese tells her that he's taken care of everything and admits that she looks badass in the uniform, and Carter wonders where his friends are.

Sam Shaw is taking a carriage in the park with a young man, Don. When he compliments her, Sam tells her that she knows that he rips off women and drains their bank accounts. However, one of the women he ripped off was the daughter of a mobster who has put a hit out on Don. Three hitmen pull up and Sam immediately opens fire on them. She shoves past Fusco, who is in disguise driving the carriage, and takes her attackers out. Sam then tells Don to get out of town and change his name, and starts to walk off. Finch comes over and congratulates her, but suggests that she might use a little less violence in the future. Fusco complains about she endangered his life, and Sam shatters her cell phone and tells Finch that he knows how to find her before walking off.

The next day, Reese and Finch walk bear down by the river and Finch complains about Sam's violent tendency and refusal to carry a phone. Reese points out that she has good reason to keep a low profile given the people who want her dead, the same people that want them dead. Finch gets down to business and explains that their newest Number is Frank Salazar, a U.S. sailor. He ended up in the Navy when he beat up a man and the judge gave him a choice of jail time or military service. It's Fleet Week in New York and 6,000 sailors are in town. Finch has no idea where to start but Reese figures that Jack and his buddies will head to Hell's Kitchen to buy some boilermakers and drink heavily before their leave time runs out. He tells Finch that he's going to start checking bars.

Reese tracks down Jack to a bar where he and his friend RJ are hitting on two girls. One of the girl's boyfriends objects, calling them jarheads. A marine overhears them and takes offense, but Jack tries to calm him down by buying him drinks. The marine isn't interested and drops RJ's hat on the floor, and then pours a beer on it. Jack and RJ attack the marine and his friends, and the boyfriend gets involved. Reese watches the whole thing until he finally decides to step in. Someone hits him in the back with a chair and by the time he gets up, Jack and RJ have made good their escape. Reese tells Finch that they need to call in the others.

At the sanitarium, Root is receiving treatment from Dr. Ronald Carmichael. Carmichael begins Root's therapy session by saying that the other patients have complained that she's in her cell talking to herself at all hours. Root glances up at a security camera and tells Carmichael that she talks with a higher power. The voice wants her to stay in the sanitarium and reassess her methodology. Carmichael figures that she's obsessed with modern-day surveillance and digital monitoring, and Root admits that it feels like someone is always watching her.

Reese goes back to the library and reviews Jack's record with Finch. The sailor scored high marks across the board and Reese has Finch check to see if the Navy is testing him for anything else. Finch notes that Jack started the fight but Reese says that he would have also defended a friend. RJ's record as a quartermaster shows that he's a troublemaker and they figure that RJ and Jack will be heading back together to their ship to check in. Reese says that they need someone with military experience to figure out where Jack will hole up.

At the station house, Carter is bringing in a flasher when Fusco comes over to talk to her. He complains briefly about his new partner while Carter gets a call from Finch. She meets with Reese, who tells her what's going on. She figures that Jack will want to hook up with some prostitutes and takes Reese to a deli. He doesn't understand why Jack would want salami, but Carter points out a sailor in a phone booth. They watch as he goes through a secret panel in the back and follow him through to an underground nightclub. As they go in, Reese asks Carter how she's doing and suggests that he could offer her a job with them. However, Carter says that she's a cop now and isn't looking for anything else.

Reese spots Jack at the bar and goes over while two sailors hit on Carter. Once he gets close to Jack, Reese clones his cell phone and watches as RJ comes over and gives his friend a pack of Cuban cigars that he skimmed off an admiral. Jack warns RJ to watch himself and avoid getting too greedy, then walks off with Reese following at a distance.

At 11 p.m., Jack is out on the street and calls RJ, but gets no answer. A force recon Marine, RIP, comes over and tells Jack that he and his people want "it" back. Jack claims that he has no idea what he's talking about, while Reese spots more "Red Dog" force recon Marines securing the area. RIP finally has enough and attacks Jack, while one of the Red Dogs steals a car. Jack puts up a decent fight but two more of RIP's men join in and subdue him. They demand that Jack return the items but he still insists that he doesn't know what it is. The fourth Marine drives over in the car and they load Jack in the back. However, Reese has knocked out the driver and taken his place. He drives off as soon as Jack is in the car, and RIP and the other two Marines open fire. A stray shot hits Jack before Reese can make good his escape.

Reese takes Jack to a safehouse and calls in Sam to stitch up his wound. Finch arrives as Jack wakes up and grabs Sam, who immediately draws her gun and threatens to kill him. Finch tells Jack that the Red Dogs attacked him and he needs medical treatment, and Jack releases Sam. Reese asks why the Red Dogs are after him and Jack explains that RIP paid RJ to smuggle in an AK-47 from Somalia where they were stationed. Once RJ got it back to the States, he told Jack that he gave the rifle back. Finch checks the Red Dogs' background and discovers that they served in Somali. They went up against a crew of pirates that had attacked a deep-sea mining vessel. RIP calls Jack using RJ's cell phone and tells him that they have RJ. RJ tells his friend to check the Cuban cigars. When the open them up, they discover that they have uncut diamonds inside. Rip gives Jack a hotel room to deliver the diamonds if he wants to see RJ again.

Carmichael has another therapy session with Root and asks about her family. She refuses to discuss them and Carmichael comes over and takes his cell phone out of Root's pocket. Root explains that she needs it to keep in contact with the Voice and admits that they're having a disagreement at the moment. Carmichael decides that it would be best if she was isolated from all technology and, ignoring her pleas, has the orderlies take her to solitary confinement.

Reese and Sam take Jack to the hotel and Sam spots one of the Devil Dogs in an ideal sniper position. She goes over to buy a popsicle while Jack wonders how he got into the situation. Reese assures him that he's a good guy and points out that he's trying to help people. Sam comes back and gives Reese the foil wrapper from her popsicle. When he wonders what she wants him to do, Sam tells him that he'll figure it out and that he should give her three minutes. Sam goes up behind the rooftop sniper and waits until Reese distracts him with sunlight reflected off the foil. She knocks him out and Reese and Jack go up to the room. RJ is wired to an IED explosive and has a cell phone taped to his chest. RIP calls them and realizes that Jack broke their arrangement by bringing Reese with him. The Red Dog tells Reese to stay there or he'll detonate the IED, and then tells Jack to get into a cab that will arrive for him. Reese warns Jack that he won't come back if he follows RIP's instructions, but Jack insists that he won't let RJ die.

While Jack catches the cab, Sam tells Finch what's going on. He figures that the Red Dogs will use a fence to sell the diamonds, and calls Carter to see if she can find the fence. Carter says that she'll handle it and then goes to where she's keeping Carl Elias safe. He's eating dinner with his henchman, Scarface, and Carter complains that Scarface has been spotted in the Russian mob's territory. Elias notes that the Russians control everything now and dismisses Scarface. As he goes, Scarface ominously thanks Carter for taking care of her boss. Once he leaves, Elias points out that Reese and Finch haven't visited him since Carter spirited him away. He wonders if they know she's hiding him and if they'd approve, but Carter insists that Elias would be dead if she hadn't stepped in. She then asks about a fence that could handle the diamonds, and Elias gives him the address of a man named Maksim who does business out of a pawnshop. As Carter goes, Elias offers to help her with HR and the Russians, but Carter tells him that she has it under control.

Finch goes to the hotel and hacks the cell phone from outside. He then creates a video loop of Reese standing in front of the camera so Reese can move away. Fusco arrives in response to Finch's call and gives Reese the address of the fence, which he got from Carter. Reese leaves him to defuse the bomb while he goes to the pawnshop with Sam to save Jack.

Jack gets out at a park and he hears a cell phone ringing from a lunchbox taped beneath a bench. He answers the phone and RIP tells him that he has a bead on him with a sniper rifle. The Marine orders Jack to go to the pawnshop and collect the money for the diamonds. Jack will then turn the money over to them and they'll release RJ.

As night falls, Fusco keeps trying to defuse the IED. RJ is less than happy to learn that Fusco is in Homicide, not with the bomb squad.

Jack arrives at the pawnshop and offers Maksim the diamonds, expecting the 50% that RIP negotiated. Maksim will only give him 30% and Jack warns him that he doesn't know who he's dealing with. RIP and his men come in, armed, and demand the 50% that Maksim promised. The fence orders his men out and they draw on the Marines, who draw on them. Maksim knows how they got diamonds and insists that he'll only pay 30% because of the risk to him.

Reese strolls into the shop, surprising both sides, and suggests that they settle on 40%.  Neither side is impressed. While Sam watches through the sight of a sniper rifle, RIP checks his cell phone and realizes that Reese tampered with the video feed. Finch yells over the earbud at Fusco, telling him to get out, but the detective realizes that it's too late to get far enough away. He manages to defuse the IED just in time and RJ sighs in relief.

RIP tells Reese to shut up and prepares to shoot Maksim, who says that his men can handle the Marines. Sam realizes that he's set an ambush and spots more Russians in the room above. She warns Reese, who grabs Jack and drags him out of the field of fire. The men above fire through the floor, taking out some of the Red Dogs. They open fire on Maksim and his men, while Sam picks them off from across the street. Once everyone is down, Reese leads Jack out. RIP tries to shoot them and Reese shoots him. Once they leave, Scarface casually walks in and takes the diamonds.

The next morning, Carter comes home at the end of her shift and calls Reese. She's heard about the shootout and Reese assures her that everything is fine. He and Sam have taken Jack back to his ship. Reese asks if Carter is doing okay and she says that she's doing fine. He offers his help if she needs anything and cuts off. Carter then goes to her college and examines the board that she has set up... with the entire chain of command of HR on it.

Later, Reese tracks Jack to a bar and Jack tells him that RJ took the blame for everything that happened. Jack's captain has told him that he could probably make it into the SEALS, but Jack looks over at a happy couple and admits that he was hoping to get back to a normal life. Reese tells Jack that a guy like him could do a lot of good in the right place, and informs the sailor that he ended up in the military the same way. Jack wonders what he should do and Reese tells him that the CIA will probably take an interested in him. He advises Jack to say no if they do come for him. Jack considers what Reese has told him and then has the waiter take over two glasses of champagne for the couple. However, first he drops one of the uncut diamonds in the glass.

Once Jack goes back to his ship, Finch comes over and admits that he didn't know how Reese joined the military. Reese points out that he doesn't know because he never told him, and wonders why Finch appears unhappy even though they saved Jack. Finch admits that he is happy, but that he has a feeling that things are going to become a lot more complicated.

Carmichael has Root brought back to his office and asks what she's really thinking. Despite having supposedly been out of contact with all technology, Root lists all of the personal and unethical things that Carmichael has been doing. She tells Carmichael to give her back the phone because she's having an argument with a Voice. What they're arguing about is whether Root should kill Carmichael.

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