Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • Liberty

    I'm watching through the series right now.

    I thought this was a good episode but not one of my favorites. I really liked the Shaw introductory episode but in this episode her character seems a bit flanderized (if that is the right way to say the trope).

    I think after 40 episodes of the series I need something a bit different than the standard save, at least a twist or mystery to go with it.

    Fusco is growing to be my favorite in terms of humor and my enjoyment of their screen presence.

    I want the best for Carter! So seeing her get demoted hurt but I worry more about how she is getting herself heavily interested in HR.

    I think the HR plot should have a resolution soon or at least some action soon I feel like it has been on the backburner a lot and not much on the forefront.

    I liked the actor who played the victim this episode.

    I liked Roots scenes a lot but I think there is a lot of mystery (for me) around what her true personality is.

    For me this episode was good!! But putting it where we are at now in the series (and as a season opener) I would give it 6/10.

    I do have high expectations for this season though

  • Kudos to season 3

    the truth speech by Root was the saving grace of this episode. The writers knew that the less often you put the characters in the show the more the audience craves it. So the underutilized characters like Elias and Root were scene stealers. It was incredible when they had their 25 seconds of screen time how much they made it work for them.
  • it's a new dawn it's a new day

    Had some "work to do"... one of those situations where you can put the program on as background entertainment... just still love that bit near the end where Scarface comes in and cleans up the diamonds and money... and the music that goes with it (Nina Simone 8SXOs) ... cheers to Elias and opportunity ;-)
  • Most Action on network...

    Face it--we like the shows first season had killer action and great stories. I thought the last 10 episodes of Seaso ntwo were enthralling and rivting television. This seasons permiere is right back on target with season one in terms of tension, action, and appeal. I don;t know what they plan to do with "root" ;locked away in a pyschiatric prison (we will see. The gunplay on this show as well as the fights are well coreographed and well shot. I dont see stuntmen like I do on most other shows and they have always used some sort of Impact shot (gunsmoke or blood on bullet impact for realism. Other CBS shows now use that--it is still banned on most other networks.... Back to PERSON--I assume with the recent NSA scandal--this show now has a wealth of material to draw upon so I am expecting bigger and better scripts that clearly define the role of The Machine, Finch and the impact of NSA and suveillance. Updating---They have NOT brought in NSA at all and we are into week FIVE of Season three.

    All the other episodes this season have been WEAK. They have nothing to do with THE MACHINE or the drama that drew me in to watch the last 10 or so episodes of Season two. Sorry, this season is the one gone astray. last season, except for one or two misses was the most solid of any show currently on television.
  • A Different Shade of POI

    At first I felt like I'd missed a episode for a bit of a transition in season three. Somehow I figured Harold would be front and center battling his own creation for dominance, but Harold was largely in the background. Also, I figured there would have to be a big deal over Carter's precarious situation, but Carter is simply demoted to a uniformed officer. I can live with this, however, because Root had some excellent scenes casting a lot of suspicion as to if Harold will be able to control or in the process be controlled in order to simply keep him busy thinking he's getting somewhere. As for Carter, her character is decidedly darker with no resisting Reese's need to get the job done outside of the department and actually helping him now do so. Carter states she's "always a cop", but this is a cop who has morphed into one with less compunction to be absolute and by the book. Fusco, had some of the least screen time which was some of the best. All of Harold's crew have assumed darker shades it would seem, especially with the addition of the almost superwoman Shaw. The whole just felt darker to this viewer.

    Now, the question is if the transition is the right one at the right time? Third season shows usually have a strong core following which have expectations based on attachments to the characters and actual time invested. But, a series should always be growing too in both writing and characterizations. With Nolan turning over production duties at this time it appears changes are afoot. Those changes largely worked albeit with a story of the week that wasn't among the best, but had season one's greater intensity. There was plenty good including some wicked funny low-key humor darkly delivered by Reese and even Fusco. I'd say it was a successful journey into the darker more intense stuff and is on an improved track still rich with mysterious nuance (Root). Plus, some nice music woven in. Definitely not boring!
  • Root elevated this episode from mediocrity.

    Though we have gotten used to the over the top stuff on POI, it was always grounded even at its most absurd of situations. But Reese was way too cocky here, the entire episode was, and that messed up something. Shaw was good though and I think she can be an asset to the show. The amazing Root was the powerplayer of the episode. Her scenes elevated the episode from mediocrity.
  • Liberty

    A very strong season premiere for this show. A lot of action, and while fleet week has been done to death by CBS, let alone all of the shows in this genre, it was handled well here with a fun episode. Not a lot of twists or turns, but a good pace.
  • Thumbs down to Shaw

    I'm sick of Shaw already! She wants to be badder than Reese. Every time a woman is added to a cast on a good show, they want to be "The If she remains on this once EXCELLENT show, I'll just stop watching, plus Carter is another female who wants to be "The Next they'll have Carter and Reese rolling in the hay together. Another VERY good show intent on going to hell. There, unfortunately, are very little worth-while TV shows on the air right now, but the few that are good are always messed up before long. Seasons 1 and 2 will most likely be the last of any of their seasons that will be worth watching. I can't see continuing watching now, with that stupid man wannabe, Shaw.
  • New Producer Mix, Episode a Bit Crowded, a Bit Comfy

    I worried when I heard that Nolan, Burk, Lingg and Wickam have gone to HBO to bring WestWorld to series TV. There are still many of the former producers (writers, directors, editors, as I learned by response to a question to a reliable source on Twitter), accounting for the comfort level that remains.

    I think once per episode is enough for Shaw to use a weapon that's as long as she is tall. Better they used the time for repeats of that effect to not shoot Mr. Finch in the library from such a distance and looking for all the world like a mouse in a maze. Disrespectful of the character who set everything in the series in motion.

    My favorite thing about POI is the blend of serious theme, action sequences that I don't get grossed out by (I mean, really, Mr. R. takes out at least a trio at a time most fights, in a suit, without ever ripping a shoulder seam on his jacket, and unless he's gutshot, never breaking a sweat (my kind of action sequence!), but blended with naturally occurring humor that sometimes borders on snarky (my favorite kind). (Example: Fusco working on defusing attached to bomb asks, "You bomb squad?" Fusco replies, No, Homicide. Priceless! Actually POI is funnier than most sitcoms. The mix of elements fluctuates from one episode to another, and that's fine. I don't think I'd stop watching, but keeping a balance among the elements will keep this not-in-the-holy-grail-of-demographics-viewer happy.

    Did enjoy Root's slice and dice of the shrink. Why is the Machine still talking to her after the 24 hours of God Mode? Looking forward to that being explored in future episodes.

    Four days till S03E02, and counting.
  • Superb start to the season.

    Superb start to the season. While the main storyline wasn't exactly gripping, everything else more than made up for that! Where can I start? The team has a new member, Shaw, who bounces off the others for the pefect mix of action and humor, a new role for Carter, who seems to be now taking a more active role. Root and the machine having a tiff! Elias still on the scene. I loved the series before, but now it seems to be taking a new direction and could be even better than last season. My only gripe is Bear, who isn't the same Bear from last season. We need to see more Bear!
  • Out of the gate strong this season

    I thought this was a really good season opening episode. Reese and Finch are up to their usual business and the addition of Shaw to the intervention group makes the show feel a little different but not in a bad way. Shaw clearly has some truse issues to work through. Carter seemed to get hammered by HR for the shooting incident late last season but looks determined to bring HR down. I am interested to see how her quest for justice/vengence plays out. The highlight of this episode this week for me was Roots interaction with her shrink espically where she lid out all the info she knows about him and he is clearly unsure how to react. Elias's henchman taking the money and diamonds and the machine probability flow chart were just the right cherry on top of this episode.
  • Why do I feel this premiere was weak?

    Overall, this episode was gave me the impression that they wanted to set a record with one liners. Also, wasn't a bit too much "light-hearted" humor in the gunfights? I love the quirky retorts this show pulls of from time to time, but there was way too much in this episode. It kind of felt like they made a parody towards the show itself.

    There wasn't that much plot in this episode, except for a little foreshadowing on Elias and Root's future roles in this season. Overall, it felt like a mid-season episode for the entire episode, until Root revealed what really was going on behind the scenes between her and the Machine.

    I love Shaw, and I like her in the team. But it felt like they were trying to pull the dynamic Finch-Reese duo apart by introducing a new partner for Reese - perhaps I'm the only one who felt that?

    What makes the show so strong(IMO), except for the deep plots and interesting twists and thrills, is the relationship between Finch and Reese. Now that they've introduced Shaw as a potential live-partner for Reese, there weren't that much dialogue between the dynamic duo. Because of that, this particular episode felt weak.

    As for the side-character in this show and the episode's VIP - not that great either. I don't like the fact that they've skipped some of the parts of where we left off and where we are now in season 3. I would've liked to see the process in which, and how Carter was demoted to an officer and how the HR dealt with that situation, considering their assets were killed by Carter. No response to that?

    And how did Shaw get so mushy-mushy with the team all of the sudden and so fast. I get that she is a backup, and not a fulltime, but it certainly didn't feel like that and why is she so open to that kind of job?(Which she was against the previous season)

    It felt to me like I had missed a couple of episodes of season 3. I don't know if you guys felt that as well.

    Amy Ackers performance was unusually weak this episode, but she was playing a weakened side of Root - and I didn't like her in that role. Anyways, I gave this episode 7/10 and that's because of the great ending to Root's "The truth" dialogue. (How many times did they say "truth" this episode!? :D)

  • "Retasking"

    The Machine is learning.

    Don't worry, it hasn't become self-aware and decided to annihilate humanity, nor does it plan to surgically turn everyone into cyborgs, nor any other sci-fi cliche. Instead, it's learning that people are capable of change. And it wants to effect change on someone in particular. The Machine's concluding analysis of its probability of successfully changing ("retasking") that person: Unknown.

    Hence the major setup for Season 3.

    We also discover through changed circumstances that the other major subplots of Season 2 will not be resolved in just one or two episodes, but will instead carry over as carefully developed storylines over multiple episodes. And we get hints at the coming attractions for flashback scenes for this season.

    Oh, and there's plenty of action, suspense, crisp dialogue, red herrings, jargon, current events, allusions, fan bonuses, and those trademark tongue-in-cheek over-the-top moments that are now classic POI.

    Kudos especially to Amy Acker--nice to see that Root is still fantastically wackadoodle. Like Caviezel and Emerson, she's proven that she is another example of this show's pitch-perfect casting. Remember after watching the episode that virtually all of her scenes took place in a small office, with zero interaction with the other principals. Great stuff!
  • Private Person

    Car crash in the first minute? Wouldn't accept anything less. The humor felt a little off but the characters were right where we left them (minus Carter's demotion - anyone else seeing a parallel with Murphy from the Dresden Files?). Also, holy bringing out all the big guns in the first episode. Definitely hasn't lost its touch, but there also definitely wasn't enough Finch. Absolutely perfect end with Elias's man, though - sometimes his cockiness is well deserved. I love but am not surprised by the fact Root thinks the Machine is a girl and am fascinated that the Machine thinks it's rehabilitating Root. Something I'm more excited about than I thought I would be given my previous feelings for Ms. Crazytownbananapants.