Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • Most Action on network...

    Face it--we like the shows first season had killer action and great stories. I thought the last 10 episodes of Seaso ntwo were enthralling and rivting television. This seasons permiere is right back on target with season one in terms of tension, action, and appeal. I don;t know what they plan to do with "root" ;locked away in a pyschiatric prison (we will see. The gunplay on this show as well as the fights are well coreographed and well shot. I dont see stuntmen like I do on most other shows and they have always used some sort of Impact shot (gunsmoke or blood on bullet impact for realism. Other CBS shows now use that--it is still banned on most other networks.... Back to PERSON--I assume with the recent NSA scandal--this show now has a wealth of material to draw upon so I am expecting bigger and better scripts that clearly define the role of The Machine, Finch and the impact of NSA and suveillance. Updating---They have NOT brought in NSA at all and we are into week FIVE of Season three.

    All the other episodes this season have been WEAK. They have nothing to do with THE MACHINE or the drama that drew me in to watch the last 10 or so episodes of Season two. Sorry, this season is the one gone astray. last season, except for one or two misses was the most solid of any show currently on television.