Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • A Different Shade of POI

    At first I felt like I'd missed a episode for a bit of a transition in season three. Somehow I figured Harold would be front and center battling his own creation for dominance, but Harold was largely in the background. Also, I figured there would have to be a big deal over Carter's precarious situation, but Carter is simply demoted to a uniformed officer. I can live with this, however, because Root had some excellent scenes casting a lot of suspicion as to if Harold will be able to control or in the process be controlled in order to simply keep him busy thinking he's getting somewhere. As for Carter, her character is decidedly darker with no resisting Reese's need to get the job done outside of the department and actually helping him now do so. Carter states she's "always a cop", but this is a cop who has morphed into one with less compunction to be absolute and by the book. Fusco, had some of the least screen time which was some of the best. All of Harold's crew have assumed darker shades it would seem, especially with the addition of the almost superwoman Shaw. The whole just felt darker to this viewer.

    Now, the question is if the transition is the right one at the right time? Third season shows usually have a strong core following which have expectations based on attachments to the characters and actual time invested. But, a series should always be growing too in both writing and characterizations. With Nolan turning over production duties at this time it appears changes are afoot. Those changes largely worked albeit with a story of the week that wasn't among the best, but had season one's greater intensity. There was plenty good including some wicked funny low-key humor darkly delivered by Reese and even Fusco. I'd say it was a successful journey into the darker more intense stuff and is on an improved track still rich with mysterious nuance (Root). Plus, some nice music woven in. Definitely not boring!
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