Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 21

Many Happy Returns

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 03, 2012 on CBS

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  • one of the best episodes

    If you weren't a fan of Caviezel til now, after watching this episode you'll change your mind. I guess half of the merit goes to the staff and writers and directors but he definitely played his character brilliantly. It's hard to comment without giving away any important information but i must say i felt sorry for Reese throughout the entire show and in the end when Carter found out what happened to the marshal i instantly got a lump in my throat which only grew bigger at the last scene that blew me away completely.

    Finch was awesome as the concerned partner that tries to protect Reese's emotional state, he went out of his way to keep him from knowing of this week's POI, even revealed that he knew his birthday. Luckily for the POI Reese was smart enough to realize something was off and stepped in to save the day. Watching how afraid Finch was that Reese might break down made me feel anxious too.

    Carter showed us some cool detective work alongside with great instinct... finding that picture though was a stroke of luck. She also sensed that something was off so she cut Reese more than some slack... i guess she also felt sorry for the guy. What surprised me a little was their discussion on the side of the road. with her personality i expected her to insist more on him giving over the marshal to her, and i don't get why he didn't tell her what he was going to do with that guy... anyway, this is one of the best episodes so far... i'm going to miss this show during the summer

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