Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

A man calls his partner and says that a third man is making a play to take charge of the operation. He assures his partner that he'll take care of it and get rid of the loose ends.

Sometime later, a man is thrown out of his penthouse apartment and crashes to the street below.

Reese is at the library trying to pin down Root, but quickly hides everything when Finch comes in. Finch just stares at Bear, sleeping on the floor, and Reese tries to distract him by offering to go out with him for a beer. Refusing to be distracted, Finch points out that Bear is staying there and isn't happy they're keeping a dog. Reese assures him that Bear will be file and puts away the files on Root while telling Finch that they have a new number. He brings up the information on their new Person of Interest: Sofia Campos, the 21-year-old daughter of a Brazilian diplomat.

As Reese goes to the Brazilian consulate, Finch briefs him via earbud on Sofia and her father, Hector. Hector is considering running for the Brazilian presidency and Finch figures that political kidnappers may go after her daughter. Reese follows Sofia and her bodyguard walk down the street and follows them to a boutique. She treats the bodyguard like a dog, insisting he's only there because her father wants him there, and goes inside. Reese goes in after them, steals a watch, and then plants it on the bodyguard. The security guards arrest the man and Reese tells Finch that Sofia has a vacancy.

At the station, Fusco talks to Carter privately and shows her a box of evidence that he recovered from Corwin's hotel room. One item is a microchip reader and Carter takes an interest. Fusco warns her to drop it since they were only investigating the murder because it tied in to Finch's disappearance. Carter, disgusted, asks for the box and Fusco hands it over. However, he warns her that they're in way over their heads.

Finch sets up Reese's fake background as Reese goes to the consulate for an interview with Hector. He steals all of the other applicants' wallets and returns them, impressing Hector. The ambassador takes Reese to his office and explains that his daughter is a handful and that the consulate security can't keep up with her. He also admits that all of the consulate security are Brazilians and Hector doesn't know which of them work for the opposition party. Sofia calls in to remind her father that he's meeting with the Russian ambassador, Vladimir, and dismisses Reese as unimportant. When Reese doesn't blink, Hector hires him and Sofia warns Reese that he works for her, not her father. Vladimir comes in and Sofia makes a sarcastic comment about Reese in Russia. He responds, amusing Hector and surprising Sofia. As she continues talking with Vladimir, Reese tries to clone her phone but Finch says that Sofia keeps it turned off and Reese will have to manually turn it back on. Meanwhile, Sofia tells her father that she had a headache and can't make the dinner, and goes to her room.

That night, Sofia sneaks out the back door of the consulate only to find Reese waiting for her. As he escorts her to the embassy car, he spots two men across the street. When he approaches them, they drive off and Reese gives Finch what he could see of the plate number.

Sofia has Reese take her to a club and meets her friend Gabi. Reese refuses to let her go in without him and Sofia reluctantly agrees after loosening up his tie. Inside, Reese checks on Finch, who complains that Bear is distracting him. The programmer hesitantly tosses a ball to the dog to keep it distracted and asks what Sofia is doing. Reese realizes that she's drinking vodka and dancing on the bar. When a man tries to take a photo up her skirt, Reese breaks the camera and carries Sofia out.

The next day, Sofia goes to see her father and demands that he fire Reese. Once Reese assures Hector that no one took revealing photos of Sofia, the ambassador thanks Reese for doing his job and tells her that she needs to be at a photo op with the Mexican ambassador at noon. Sofia tells Reese that she's going shopping while Finch warns Reese that the photo op is to promote Hector in his bid for the presidency, putting Sofia in greater danger.

As Carter confirms that the device Corwin had was an RFID reader, Finch calls her. He thanks her for her help tracking him down and assures her that he's fine, and then asks about the partial plate number he sent her. Carter informs him that it belongs to a car rental agency and she's still tracking the driver. Finch then checks in with Reese, who still hasn't turned on Sofia's phone. She's still shopping and ignores Reese when he reminds her that they need to be back for the photo op. Sofia goes into a dressing room and Finch tracks her GPS signal while playing with Bear. He warns Reese that Sofia is on the move and Reese runs out into the street, following Finch's direction. He sees a man approach Sofia on the street... and kiss her. As Reese arrives, Sofia introduces Jack Hughes, her American boyfriend with a trust fund. Once Jack leaves, Sofia tells Reese that he doesn't understand and neither does her father.

Back at the consulate, Hector complains that Sofia missed the photo op. Reese takes the blame, claiming they were stuck in traffic. Hector eyes him suspiciously but simply tells him to get Sofia to the party the next night welcoming the Brazilian President to the States. Once the ambassador leaves, Sofia thanks Reese for helping her and explains that her father doesn't want her dating a rich American. As she leaves, Reese realizes that she's left her phone behind and clones it.

As Carter goes to the morgue to see Corwin's body, Agent Snow comes out. When she approaches him, he tells her that he's no longer looking for Reese because he's been reassigned. As he walks away, Carter notices that he's limping and Snow says that its' the result of an old mistake. The attendant, Rick, says that Snow was also there to examine Corwin. When Carter check the body, she spots an incision on the upper arm and Rick says that it was inflicted after the autopsy and that Snow also asked about it.

That night, Finch tells Reese that a private investigator from San Paolo, Gustavo Lira, rented the car. Sofia is upstairs in her room and checks a message from Gabi, who warns her friend that something happen to a guy, Paul, who they were with the other night. Reese, listening in, checks Sofia's phone list and discovers that there is no one named Paul on the list. Sofia comes downstairs and tells Reese that she's going out, and asks him to drive her to the club this time. On the way, Sofia tries to call Gabi but doesn't get an answer. As they pull up to a stoplight, the car from earlier pulls over... and the private investigator snaps photos of Sofia. Reese realizes that he's paparazzi, destroy the memory chip in his camera, and drives away.

Carter calls the phone number that Agent Snow gave her and a woman answers. Carter asks for snow and a man comes on the phone and asks if she's seen Snow. Carter refuses to answer and asks who she is speaking to, and the man hangs up after saying that they'll be in touch.

At the club, Sofia looks around for Gabi while Reese watches over her. He spots two men with guns heading her way and takes them out, but another man opens fire on Reese from the overhead catwalk. Reese uses one of the attackers as a human shield, stopping the bullet. As the shooter escapes using the crowd as cover, Reese takes a photo of one of his attackers, focusing on the scar on his neck, and then gets Sofia out to the car.

Later, Reese sends the photos to Carter and she informs him that the scar is a brand that gang members use in their initiation. Once she tells Reese that she'll look into it, he takes Sofia to a safehouse and makes her a meal. She tells Reese that she and Gabi went out with a man, Paul Romano, when Sofia's boyfriend Jack went home early. Sofia says that nothing happened between her and Paul, and Finch brings up Paul's record. The man was a small-time drug dealer and club promoter and died in an apparent suicide, jumping from his penthouse. They figure that Sofia is in trouble because of her connection with Paul and she explains that another man came to the penthouse that night and things got weird. She shows Reese a photo that Gabi took that night and Reese identifies him as the shooter from the club. Reese tells her that Paul is dead and it was probably murder, and Sofia insists on finding Gabi. Reese tells her to stay there but Sofia persists and he reluctantly agrees to take her with him.

The next morning, Finch works to enhance the photo from Gabi's camera while playing with Bear. He sends the killer's photo to Carter, who confirms that he has the same brand and it belongs to the 14th Street Mafia. The penthouse cameras malfunctioned at the exact time that Paul died and Finch asks her to track Gabi's cell phone GPS. Once he hangs up, Finch decides to take bear on a walk and goes to get some treats. He finds them in a drawer along with the files on Root and stares at them.

Later, Carter calls Reese and tells him that she's traced Gabi's cell phone GPS... to the city morgue. After telling Sofia, Reese takes her to a park for some fresh air and calls into Finch. He asks Finch to watch Sofia while he goes on his own to find Gabi's killer. Finch agrees and takes Bear with him, but as he crosses the street he suddenly freezes, panic-stricken. Panting, he finally goes back to the library and calls Reese, saying that he can't go out. Reese assures him that it isn't a problem and that he'll call Fusco in to handle it. Meanwhile, Sofia tells Reese that she can't bring herself to go back to the consulate and play hostess at the welcoming party after hearing about her friend's death. Reese tells her that it's a matter for the police and that it isn't her fault. Sofia tells him that she's been lost for a long time and that she's been clubbing so that she could find someplace where she could be happy. Reese admits that he knows how it feels and that someone found him and give him a purpose. Finch is listening on the earbud as Sofia says that the man who helped him was a good friend and Reese agrees.

Fusco arrive and Reese has him take Sofia to the party that night. She looks at Fusco and chuckles, and he takes offense until she explains that she reminds him of her uncle, who was nicknamed "The Stud." After that, Fusco is much friendlier.

That night, Carter calls Reese to confirm that the shooter is Monty Spencer, who was working with Paul. Paul was moving large qualities of designer drugs recently but neither he nor Monty had the money to bankroll a major distribution network. Carter gives Reese the address of a bar where the 14th Street mafia hangs out and insists on going there with him.

Fusco takes Sofia to the museum where the welcoming party is held. As hector greets his daughter, Finch checks in with Fusco while he reviews the security footage from the penthouse before the cameras went out. As he enhances the image, he spots another man in the background.

Reese and Carter go to the bar and he asks her for four minutes to handle it alone. She reluctantly agrees and he goes in, and a man flies out through the door a few second later.

As Hector announces his candidacy as president, Sofia tries to approach him afterward. She asks Fusco for a few minutes alone and he escorts her to a private room. Once she goes inside, she calls Jack and says that she can't away. He reminds her that she promised to see him and says that he's just outside.

Reese disposes of the last man but another ganger tries to shoot him. Carter wings the men and Reese sheepishly admits that none of them told him where Monty can be found. Finch calls to tell Reese that the footage shows another man in the penthouse: Jack. He figures that Jack, a trust fund kid, had the money to fund the drug operation. When Finch calls Fusco, they realize that Sofia has slipped away.

Jack takes Sofia down the street and apologizes as Monty comes out of the crowd, drawing his gun. Her boyfriend admits that he ran out his trust fund and hooked Paul up with Monty so they could invest his remaining money and net him a fortune. However, Paul got greedy and demanded more so they took care of him. Now they have to deal with Sofia once and for all. Jack walks away while Monty takes Sofia to his car. He asks if she showed the video to anyone and she claims that she didn't. As he prepares to shoot her, Fusco arrives and smashes the car window with his gun. Monty manages to grab the gun and prepares to shoot both of them. However, Carter, and Reese drive up and Carter rams Monty's car with her own, knocking him down. The officers arrest Monty while Reese confirms that Sofia is okay.

Jack is making travel arrangements at his penthouse when Reese grabs him and dangles him over the balcony. When Jack asks if it's a shakedown, Reese tells him that it's a breakup and Sofia comes out on the balcony. She tells Jack that he set her up and killed Gabi, but he insists that he had to do it so that Monty wouldn't kill him and that he knew Reese would protect her. she doesn't believe him and says that it's over between them. As the police arrive and take Jack away, Sofia tells Reese that she's going back to Brazil to help her father with his candidacy. She asks if Reese will come with her but he tells her that New York is his home.

At the station, Carter gets a visit from a CIA agent. She asks if Carter has had contact with Snow and Carter says that it's not her job to keep track of him. She reminds the agent that Snow's partner Evans turned up dead five weeks ago in a hotel room.

Hersh calls the Special Council and tells him that he found something in Corwin's body. As he examines the chip that he took out of her arm, he warns his superior that they have a big problem and will meet with him as soon as he can.

Cara Stanton goes to a basement where Snow is seated on a chair. He tells her that Corwin is definitely dead and that he doesn't know who told Corwin to send Reese and Cara to China. Cara tells him that she still has a few more errands for him to run, and he calls her a psychopath. She warns him to be careful so that she doesn't forget him and checks the pack of explosives wired to his chest.

As Finch put the information on Root back up, Reese comes in and suggests that they get a beer. When Finch says that he has work to do, Reese tells him that it can wait and they go out with Bear.