Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2012 on CBS

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  • All about the characters

    this might not look it but for me this episode seemed more about these 4 people and how they deal with what happened the last two episodes.

    Reese is happy for sure... I haven't seen him smile so much in all the episodes of POI combined and this was clear from the first minute of the episode. His awkward tip-toeing around Finch as if not to bother or upset him in any way was beyond nice and his big smile when Finch started taking as usual (paired with the "its good to have you back") set the tone for his character this episode. He was so much more relaxed and playful (the stolen wallets scene for ex.), he looked very joyful when he realized Finch threw the ball for Bear, smiled when Carter asked about the beat up thugs in the club, clearly enjoyed scaring the sh.t out of the boyfriend and 'lit up the room' in the last scene when Finch asked if it had to be beer. This doesn't mean that he wasn't the usual ass kicking (he did plenty of that too), hard as nails Reese. All in all it was fun to watch him today.

    On the other hand, Finch still feels pretty bad. Didn't realize it at the beginning, even though he was all defensive, as the dog was an awesome distraction for both him and us keeping our minds away from Root and all that mess. it only hit me when Reese asked for Finch's help and he didn't even consider going out without the dog. How scared could he be to use an unfamiliar animal, he didn't even want to befriend, for protection. Of course, he didn't manage to go help Reese. i guess for now, till he overcomes this problem Carter and Fusco will be taking over the field helper position. Felt really sorry for the guy...on the bright side, he wasn't scared to go out with Reese but he still held the dog close.

    Loved Fusco today, he made a good call to give Alicia's things to Carter (deserves respect for that gesture towards Carter) and it made me feel good he was happy to talk to Finch. Of course, we all had seen it coming that he would lose the girl but how awesome was it when it was he who broke in the car window and stopped that guy from killing the girl. And the scene when he stood in from of the girl protecting her with his own body... Fusco is growing in my eyes with each episode and I'm thankful to the writers for letting him. And... i just melted at his childish pleased smile when the girl called him a stud (ROFL at Reese's expression when he heard that).

    Carter was a different story today... she didn't have time to deal with the aftermath of the previous events as she had other things to do. She still very much feels uncomfortable not knowing exactly who she is helping (i would feel like that too) i just hope she doesn't get in too much danger trying to figure out their secret. i have a feeling that whatever she finds out she will keep o herself...she just needs it for her piece of mind. liked that banter in the car, and that she let him do his thing but stayed close enough to protect him if needed. and also... found it hilarious that Reese tried to find excuses for not managing to beat up the guys at the bar in less then 4 minutes.

    if we add the POI of the week and the reappearance of Snow and Kara and that chip (it finally feels like Alicia's death might have had a purpose)... we get a pretty solid episode. I had a blast watching this