Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 3

Mission Creep

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

Reese enters the library and wakes d up Finch. He apologizes for blowing Finch's cover identity and jokingly notes that he's been trying to find him a new job. Finch tells him that the Machine has sent them a new number: Joey Durban with the 107th Infantry, just back from Afghanistan. Reese notes that he fought besides the 107th in Iraq and most of them were young when they joined. Joey works as a doorman at a building in midtown and Reese heads off to run surveillance on him.

Reese watches as Joey greets people at the door and then makes a call. He's cloned Joey's phone and sees him get a text message: "Anchor D-0." Joey then goes to meet with fiancée Pia Moresco, who waited six years for him to come back. Joey then goes to a toy store and Reese calls Finch to have him check on the text message. Meanwhile, Joey bumps into a man and gets a case from him, and then goes into a bank. Reese goes inside after him and watches as Joey puts on a mask and takes out a gun. Other masked men break into the bank, ordering Reese and everyone else down. When the guard tries to go for his gun, Reese stops him rather than risk a shooting. The ringleader yells at Joey, calling him Sierra, and the robbers make their escape. Finch calls to tell Reese that the text is an address for the bank.


Jessica runs into Reese at the airport and is surprised to learn that he's back. He explains that he has a new job, one that he can't talk about.

The Present

As Reese goes after Joey, Finch tells him that the Machine only looks for lethal intent and suggests they turn the ex-Marine over to the police. Reese figures that Joey was a good soldier and wants to learn how he went bad, and Finch warns him not to let his personal feelings interfere with the job. Joey meets with a woman and gives her an envelope filled with money, and then returns to his job. Reese figures he needs to get close to Joey, and notices a cab driver dropping off money to Joey. Finch confirms that the man is Willis, who was in the 107th with Joey. Before he dropped off the money, Willis visited a bar owned by Sam Latimer, a veteran of the first Iraq War. Reese has Finch create a cover story for him and work up a vacancy in the gang.

Later, Reese goes to the bar and introduces himself to Latimer as a former vet. He claims that he's looking for high-paying criminal work and prefers to work with a gang. Latimer isn't interested in working with a stranger and says that there's no job openings at the moment, but he'll call around.

Finch gets a ride with Willis and plants guns in the trunk of his taxi. He calls in the police and they arrest Willis.

At police headquarters Detective Molina from Robbery meets with Carter and tells her that Reese's prints showed up at a bank job on the holster of the guard he protected. Carter studies the video and realizes that the robbers are soldiers. Molina figures that Reese is their inside men and leaves the video with Carter.

Latimer calls Reese to offer him a job and has him meet that night at the bar. Joey goes out the back and hey check his calls and then destroy his cell phone, and Joey says that Latimer told them to put a bullet in Reese's head if they don't like him. Reese repeats his cover story and says that he worked with the 107th. Joey relents and gives him a one-use cell phone so they can contact him when they have a job for him.

Back at the library, Reese tells Finch that Joey may be a soldier but he's not a killer. Finch wonders why Joey is throwing it all away and figures they have to find out who plans to kill Joey. Reese continues to watch Joey as he meets with Pia where she works as a waitress. She says she needs him to look at a new apartment with her and that they need to spend more time together having fun, but Joey says that he has business to take care of.


Reese notices that Jessica is wearing an engagement ring and she explains that she waited for him. However, she knew that Reese left without saying anything because he figured that he'd die. Reese wishes her happiness and walks away.

The Present

Carter talks to Molina about the gang and he tells her that there have been a dozen robberies and in case, they were in and out in 60 seconds and never hurt anyone. Molina admits that the gang has managed to stay together. Carter says that she served in Iraq and Afghanistan and has confirmed that a package of untraceable radios were stolen a few months earlier from Fort Drum. She suggests that Molina cross-check soldiers who were at Fort Drum during the robbery.

Reese follows Joey's other woman and sees her pick up her daughter at kindergarten. He sends a photo of the woman to Finch, who suggests that Reese meet with Joey. Reese goes to the hotel bar where Joey works and "accidentally" meets him. Joey says that they follow orders and Reese asks if he gets sick of them, and the ex-Marine says that he prefers things simple. He admits that when he came home after six months, he came home and there was nothing, and the bankers have taken everything. Two Wall Street bankers overhear Joey talking and complain, and Reese knocks out one of them. He walks away with Joey, who explains that he had an obligation to pay and needed the money from the bank jobs. The ex-Marine explains that one of the other robbers, Straub, has gambling debts and the mob has tried to blow him up twice.

Finch confirms that the other woman is Stacey Myles and her daughter Amy has no father's name listed. Reese watches Straub as he goes to Latimer and asks for a bigger share because the landlord is kicking his mother out on the street. Latimer says that he has a big job for him that night for $400,000, and the two of them can split it. He mentions two former soldiers, Manny and Danny, that worked with the gang and were able to retire. Straub asks if it's the same split if any of the gang members dies, and Latimer assures him that it is.

Molina follows up on the radio lead and confirms that a soldier, Ted Dalloway, is left-handed like one of the robbers at the bank and worked at Fort Drum. The police are following him and Carter asks him to keep her informed when they move in.

That night, the gang calls Reese for the job. He calls Finch, who isn't happy that Reese is going in on the robbery. Finch agrees to monitor the police van. Meanwhile, the gang pick up Reese and Straub explains that they're hitting a mob gambling joint and going in heavily armed. Meanwhile, Molina calls in Carter when they realize that Dalloway is on the move and is somewhere in the neighborhood.

The gang blasts open the door to the gambling den and Carter spots the explosion. As she calls in backup, Finch picks up the call and warns Reese. He tries to get the gang out but Straub insists on collecting the money. A mobster goes for his gun and Reese knocks him out, and they get out just ahead of the police. Carter and Molina enter the gambling den and discover that the gang has escaped.

The next day, Straub meets with Latimer and warns him that Reese seemed to know too much about the police raid and that Joey back him up. Latimer says he has a big job coming up and to dispose of Reese on the next job. Finch warns that they have to wrap it up before someone gets hurt, and Reese wants to learn what Joey's situation is. In response, Finch confirms that Joey has paid over $10,000 into a savings account for Stacey's daughter, Amy. He's confirmed that Amy's father was Frank Stephen, Joey's fellow soldier in the 107th.

Reese meets with Joey and warns him that Straub is losing it, and asks Joey about his obligation. Joey explains that Frank took his place on patrol and got killed. He hasn't told anyone, even Pia, and he plans to be with Pia completely when he's done. Reese tells him to be with Pia now and not do the job, but Joey insists on taking care of Amy. Reese then goes to the café where Pia works and says that he's a friend of Joey's. They talk and Pia wonders if Joey will ever let her in. Reese suggests that she see someone else if Joey won't be with her, but Pia insists on standing by him. Realizing that he can't stop Joey, Reese tells finch to call in the cops as soon as they find out what the next job is.

Carter does some digging and learns that Manny and Danny were murdered three months ago. One of them had a radio stolen from Fort drum, meaning that they were part of the gang. Carter figures that the gang stays together because after a few jobs, someone kills them and recruits new members.

Latimer calls someone and tells him that his gang has the location of the next job: a long-term evidence locker. They have precise orders to recover a specific job. Finch listens in and hears Latimer's superior to dispose of the gang.

Straub gathers the gang and tells them that they're going in after a single item. He hands out guns and has everyone get rid of their cell phones, tossing them into a bucket of water... just as Finch calls to try and warn him without success.

Finch goes to the evidence locker, pretending to be a lawyer. The gang breaks in and order Finch and the officers down on the ground. Finch manages to warn Reese that it's a trap and he goes after Straub. Meanwhile, one of the officers grabs a gun.

Reese finds Joey and Straub as they find the evidence box and warns them that Latimer has set them up. Straub doesn't believe it until Reese threatens him. As they head out, the officer shoots Dalloway in the leg and Reese gets him out.

Molina informs Carter that they've received a report of a shooting at the evidence locker.

Reese and the others get out and find Latimer waiting for them in the van. He gets the evidence from Straub and then shoots first him and then Dalloway. Joey tries to return fire and discovers that his gun doesn't work, and Reese returns fire with his backup gun. They take cover and Latimer drives away. As the two men leave, carter and the police arrive and try to figure out what happened.

As they go down the street, Reese gives Joey a couple of grand and tells him that he has to get out of the city before the police identify him. Joey refuses to go, saying that he has someone in the city. Reese tells him to call Pia and ask her to go with him, and all Joey has to do is tell her that it'll be just the two of them. Joey thanks Reese and walks away. Carter calls Reese using the radio from one of the dead gang members and says that whenever she goes looking for him, she always finds him in bad situations. Reese finally responds, suggesting that she could stop looking for him. She says that it's not an option and wants to know who killed the two soldiers. Reese says that he'll take care of it and that he has his reasons. Carter says that he might, but it always ends with her target locked up. Carter then goes back inside and discovers which one piece of evidence was stolen: an envelope from a man named Elias.

Finch calls Reese, who says that Joey paid his dues and deserved a second chance. However, Reese says that they're not done.

Latimer meets with his employer and turns over the evidence, which includes a photo of a dead woman and a murder weapon.

Reese tracks down Latimer and confirms that he's dead. He tells Finch the name on the box was Elias and Finch says he'll look into it. Reese then goes to the bus station and watches as Pia meets Joey. The couple embrace and get on the bus together.


Reese tells Jessica that he learned it was easier to be alone and that no one comes to save anyone. As he tries to walk away, Jessica says that she doesn't believe it and tells him to take a risk. She promises that if he asks her to wait, she will. Reese is unable to say anything and Jessica walks away... and Reese whispers for her to wait.