Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 6

Mors Praematura

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2013 on CBS

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  • The plot thickens - multiply by three

    Another breathtaking episode this week - PoI is really on a roll!

    A lot of shows tend to stumble when they get too plot heavy and try to get "clever", but this episode was so smoothly woven together than I was just applauding the screen as we reached the crescendo at the end.

    Loved the way the separate plots suddenly intersected, and the look on Shaw and Reese's faces when they spotted each other at the intersection? Priceless.

    Just a few random thoughts here:

    Finch may or may not be going against the Machine's wishes, but he's also the only one who legitimately CAN. It's his teenage child, growing into itself but still not quite adult yet, and while she may yet throw a tantrum at him, there's no denying that she LOVES him and wants to protect him. The respect she/it feels for him is shown in the way that he just gets a number, and figures out the rest for himself, while Root - the "disciple" - has a tendency to go off the rails and needs (at the moment) strict guidelines and a fairly tight leash.

    If the Machine is becoming God, then Finch is the father of God, and that's both impressive and scary.

    The third category of numbers is self-preservation, and the big threat will probably be the Vigilance-group, who will no doubt to ANYTHING to destroy the Machine if they learn of its existence. They'll probably flag on all three of the lists at different times, if they continue on their path - killing individuals, check - threatening the Machine, check, and if they really start gunning for government surveillance-stuff, they'll soon hit the "relevant" numbers too.

    I'm waiting for Carter-and-Elias' plot to either get their own episode, or get involved in the main plot soon.

    It's heading for a big showdown between HR and the Russians, with Carter caught squarely in the middle - she's involved with Elias, she has a vendetta against HR, and there's no way this won't blow up in a SPECTACULAR fashion.

    Also, I really like the idea of her "turning" Laskey - perhaps it was only a single admission because she's got him by the short-and-curlies and he was so shaken - but perhaps he'll end up like a sort of Fusco a once-dirty cop trying to do better? It'd be a nice little story if he did, right?