Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 19

Most Likely To...

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2014 on CBS
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Vigilance launches a new attack and the team splits up: Finch and Fusco go to Washington to investigate, while Reese and Sam go to a high school reunion to protect their newest Number.

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  • School reunion

    Shaw and Reece go undercover at a school reunion
  • Most Likely To

    I don't know why shows do these high school reunion episodes. Even this one, which was a faux reunion for Shaw and Reese just dragged forever.
  • Looking forward to ...

    Just now pretty tuned for next episode
  • In my dreams

    Another great episode, combining over the top gags and violence with lots of long term relevant story details. The high school reunion motif worked perfectly with the tone of the show, almost like a small screen version of "Grosse Point Blank". Although it's had a few ups and downs, this is turning into one of the best seasons of POI ever. So much so that it's invading my dreams...

    Scene 1: John Reese, in a plane, surrounded by worried faces, about to parachute alone, unarmed, and wearing only his trademark suit, into mountains patrolled by crack special forces types, who've been alerted he's coming, late at night, in winter... although I'm not entirely sure about the parachute.

    Finch: "You know what's waiting down there. Are you sure this is the only way?"

    Shaw: "Sure you don't want some help?"

    Reese: (in a hoarse whisper) "No, I've got this. "

    Scene 2: John Reese, surrounded by crack special forces types, in their mountain camp, being questioned by their leader.

    SF Leader: "Mister Reese, we finally meet. Given your reputation, I'm surprised you were so easy to catch. '

    Reese: (in a hoarse whisper) "The question you've got to ask yourself is why?" (raises eyebrow)

    Cut to: special forces camp in mountains, deserted except for a number of moaning crack special forces type shapes on the ground, zip-tied in their underwear. No sign of John Reese...

    I've got to admit, my Shaw related dreams tend to be a bit more sexual though. Seriously, how cool would it be to have a GF who was quiet, discrete, didn't need to talk about her feelings all the time, and to whom you could point out anybody, and say "that one", and have them either disappear from the face of the Earth, or come down with a mysterious knee-cap related ailment. Too bad she doesn't do relationships.

    This brings up another thought though - flashing ahead a few years to a support group/convalecence home for surviving POI villains, we see a room full of tough, fit looking characters, characterized by dazed expressions, and the fact they are all on crutches or in wheel chairs. Damn, I should see if I can get a job writing for them.

  • Gets better and better

    This show is awsome Caviezel and Emerson are great
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Nestor Carbonell

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Rob McClure

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John Doman

John Doman

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Camryn Manheim


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Leslie Odom Jr.

Leslie Odom Jr.

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    • Sam: Is it just me, or it getting harder to tell these tourists apart?
      Reese: Don't appreciate visitors, Shaw?
      Sam: I don't appreciate their fanny packs.
      Reese: Pretty handy for concealing a grenade.

    • Sam: This trip to Westchester, is this some kind of punishment?
      Fusco: I have the car packed. (Fusco holds up two CDs) AC/DC or Dixie Chicks?
      Finch: I believe I am the one being punished.

    • Finch: She's in town to see a Broadway show.
      Sam: Is that why you had us dress up, Harold? An evening at the theater?
      Finch: If you keep an open mind, Miss Shaw, you might actually enjoy yourself.
      Sam: What's the show?
      Finch: Mamma Mia.
      Sam: Uggh.

    • Alice: So there's drinks at the bowling alley tonight, and of course, the big shindig tomorrow. I hope you brought your dancing shoes. You do still swing dance, don't you?
      Reese: I don't like to show off.

    • Sam: (after three women slap him) Got the scoop on why all these women are so fond of you, "Frank." You gave the brunette a promise ring, then slept with her best friend the redhead, before having a fling with the blonde...
      Reese: Well, that's not too bad.
      Sam: ...whose mother you seduced.
      Reese: Oh.

    • Sam: Sorry to ruin your your diabolical high school grudge-fest, but chances are none of us are gonna make it out of here alive.

    • Matthew: Remind me never to make you angry.
      Sam: Likewise. Torturing Doug so he could confess, then making his death look like a suicide? That's plain artistry. But, uh, killing's not the answer.
      Matthew: Killing's not the answer? That's the best you can do?
      Sam: I don't know. I've killed lots of people, but my friends keep telling me I'm wrong.

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