Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 2

Nothing to Hide

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 2013 on CBS
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While Reese tries to protect the newest Number, an Internet entrepreneur with a stalker, Finch sends Carter, Fusco, and Sam to find the stalker. Meanwhile, Carter learns to live with her new partner now that she's been demoted to street cop.

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  • Excellent episode raising awareness of data-mining

    Excellent episode about data mining is going on, that people aren't even aware of and how profitable it is.

    Harold points out that "Data brokers get their information from public records, but also from teh ways people reveal themselves online, whether they're aware of it or not" and indeed I'm shocked that many people don't understand how companies like Amason/Ebay/Facebook/Yahoo only know what they've shopped for, searched for or posted, but are selilng that information.

    The show also points out how profitiable it is for companies (like this fake records company or social media sites) and how most sites will NOT take steps protect the average consumer because there is no cost to them and no accountability.

    As the greedy data-miner explains to Harold:

    "I'm part of a 300 billion dollar industry. Information abuses are unfortunate, but they happen. Can't be

    Finch counters, "Oh, they can. But only if the people who have access to the information are as interested in protecting it as they are in profitting from

  • Should scumbags be saved?

    I have been pondering this question for awhile now. We have had our kind decent souls that show up on the POI in the past but Kruger is a douche. It seems like this type of person cares only about himself. This character was devoid of any human compassion, he seeks only opportunity and advancement for himself. He is the type of person who would step on other people in order to get what he wants. To put it simply his motive in live is always about his Greater Good.

    This is one time I wish that the group would leave the situation alone. Its one of those moral ethical questions about what is better for the world as a whole. But this is a show and we aren't supposed to think about deep issues, we are only simply thinking about explosions and comedy (sarcasm)moreless
  • no hidden information

    this episode really reminds people the potential danger of the social webisdes.. how could normal people take control of the easily accessible information without detecting the potential life threat?should people stop throwing their personal imformation on the net?indeed theres no options for most of websites to decide who can get the information even they are wrong people.
  • Good episode as always...

    Good going by POI. Never let me down..

    and this episode about identity theft really made me feel about the dangers of social websites..

    the stuff people have on facebook can really get dangerous in the hands of the wrong people.
  • The perils of modern technology




    And I'm liking it! I just feel like a lot of people are feeling threatened by the badass Shaw just because its a 'she' and not a 'he'. But damn I love that woman!

    I felt the premiere was a bit of a letdown aside from Root, but this episode was awesome and I didn't expect the d-bag guy to get killed in such a fashion. POI keeps surprising us. The introduction of this new group of vigilantes(?) is quite intriguing. While I do not give two hoots about Carter's new buddy, I just hope he isn't working for HR since that would be very predictable.moreless
David Alan Basche

David Alan Basche

Wayne Kruger

Guest Star

Gary Basaraba

Gary Basaraba

Stu Sommers

Guest Star

Brian Wiles

Brian Wiles

Mike Laskey

Guest Star

Leslie Odom Jr.

Leslie Odom Jr.

Peter Collier

Recurring Role

Clarke Peters

Clarke Peters

Alonzo Quinn

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