Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 2

Nothing to Hide

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

Two men make plans to go after CEO Wayne Kruger, who has a criminal record.

Sam follows Finch as he walks Bear down the city street. However, she loses him when he rounds a corner, and Reese comes up and warns her that Finch likes his privacy. Reese's cellphone rings and he hands it to Sam: it's Finch, who tells her that they have a Number and that she and Reese should meet him that the library.

Carter visits Cal's grace and meets Alonzo Quinn, Cal's godfather. She remembers him giving the eulogy at Cal's funeral and compliments him, and Quinn tells her that the chief has told him that two of Elias' men were the shooters. Carter disagrees, figuring that there's more to Cal's death than that. As she goes to her car to get to her shift, Quinn calls one of his men and says that Carter may still be a problem. Meanwhile, Carter calls Fusco at the station and asks him to check the police database for any leads on Cal's killer. Fusco warns that he could get demoted like she has if he gets caught, but reluctantly agrees to help her once the coast is clear.

As Reese and Sam go to the Lifetrace office building, Finch briefs them on Wayne Kruger. Wayne is the CEO of the company and  happily married after 15 years. He runs a company called Lifetrace, which provides a service for anyone wanting to find a friend or family member on the Internet. However, Wayne sells the data he gathers to the government and any companies that will meet his price. When Reese comments that it sounds similar to what Finch and the Machine do, Finch points out that the Machine only provides Social Security numbers, and insists that there nothing alike.

Once Wayne goes up to his office, Sam gets close to him in the elevator and clones his phone. He then goes to a conference meeting with three men from Riverton, a company interested in purchasing Lifetrace data. Also present is Wayne's second-in-command, Barry Timmons. Wayne makes the pitch to their CEO, Neal Jenkins, unaware that Sam has sat down at an empty desk outside and is listening in. Jenkins is somewhat skeptical but admits that he's impressed by the report provided by his assistant, Peter Collier. Wayne gives Jenkins' other executive, Aubrey Hayes, a present: a silver baby rattle. Hayes admits that his wife is expecting but they haven't told anyone, and Wayne explains that he monitored the man's shopping habits to determine what food he was and wasn't buying. Collier asks if they've had anyone mention any privacy concerns, and Wayne says that there are always those who want to stand in the way of progress. However, he insists that information-gathering is the way to a better future where they can provide everyone with whatever they need. Wayne brings up his own profile page, saying that he has nothing to hide. Jenkins, impressed, says that they'll discuss the possible business deal and get back to him. Finch, listening in, figures that Wayne must have something to hide despite his supposedly public persona.

Finch has Carter check the police records but she doesn't up anything. She has a new partner, Mike Laskey, who gets in the car and gushes about what an honor it is to work with her. Carter impatiently tells Laskey to do what she says and drives off.

While Sam waits in the office and monitors Wayne, she complains to Reese about the lack of action. A janitor comes by and starts to clean her desk, and she grabs the man's arm and squeezes. He quickly backs off while Sam listens in as Wayne talks to Barry. Barry is unhappy about the stunt Wayne pulled off on Hayes, but Wayne figures that it sealed the deal. Wayne's secretary Haley comes over and tells him that his credit card has been declined at the restaurant where he's holding a party for his 15th wedding anniversary that night. As she leaves, Wayne makes a sexist comment about her. Reese, overhearing, tells Sam that they're going to a party.

That night at the restaurant, Wayne thanks everyone for coming and thanks his wife Deedee for being there for him. Reese tells Finch that they've spotted nothing unusual, while Finch checks Wayne's background and discovers that he's electronically scrubbed any negative information about himself and Lifetrace. Meanwhile, Wayne runs a slideshow in honor of Deedee and his marriage. However, the show cuts off and video of Wayne having an affair with a woman plays instead. Shocked, Wayne finally stops the projector and tries to deny it to his wife. She slaps him and walks away, and Wayne screams at the guests to get out. Reese figures that someone is responsible and that's why they received Wayne's Number. However, Finch points out Wayne's temper and warns that they don't know if he's a victim or perpetuator, and that Wayne could do anything if he finds the person responsible.

The next day, Sam checks the restaurant footage and talks to the wait staff. There was one female waiter there that no one on the staff recognizes. Finch does some digging and discovers that a group of people filed a class-action suit against Lifetrace for violating their privacy. The lead plaintiff is Sherry Harper, whose daughter Chloe was killed when a stalker used Lifetrace to find the girl. Finch checks the security footage against the plaintiffs and confirms that the "waitress" is a woman named Karen mills. He tells Sam to stay put at Lifetrace while he has Carter question Karen.

Carter soon locates Karen as she's driving and pulls her over on a phony charge. She tells Laskey to stay in the squad car and then goes over to talk to Karen. Carter asks why she's going after Wayne and the woman explains that an anonymous mailer sent her the slideshow DVD. Karen admits that she wanted revenge because an ex-boyfriend posted sexual pictures of the two of them up on the Internet, and her co-workers at a legal firm used Lifetrace to find them. Karen's fiancé broke off their engagement as a result, and Karen wanted revenge against Wayne. Carter lets her off with a warning not to do anything like that again and instructions to drop the package off with Fusco. Finch and Reese have heard the entire conversation and figure that someone else used Karen to get to Wayne.
Sam listens in on Wayne's phone as he tries to call his wife without success after discovering that someone has cleaned out their bank account. When he tells Haley to check on it, she plays a message someone sent her of his earlier sexist comments about her and then walks out. Hayes and Collier are leaving the conference room with Jenkins and Wayne runs after them. Collier tells the CEO that after what they just saw, Riverton won't be doing business with Lifetrace. Wayne goes into the conference room and discovers that someone has put up his criminal and bankruptcy records. He insists that they were expunged and that the DUI was from when he was in college, but Barry informs him that the board has already voted and Wayne is out.

Furious, Wayne takes the elevator down to the parking garage. As the car descends, Wayne gets a call from someone using a voice scrambler. The caller tells him that he's hurt a lot of people and the elevator suddenly drops at maximum speed. Sam, overhearing, tells Finch what's going on and he confirms that someone has disabled the safety cutouts. Reese runs into the building to do what he can, while the mysterious stalker stops the elevator just in time. Wayne staggers over to his car and drives off before Reese can reach him. Finch warns the others that if this continues, the only thing the stalker will have left to take from Wayne is his life.

As Reese leaves the building, Finch tells him that he was unable to trace the call to Wayne. However, he has checked and discovered that one Dennis Paulson cleaned out Wayne's bank accounts. Paulson was another plaintiff in the class-action suit, and lost his job when Lifetrace confused him with a serial rapist who had the same name. Fusco has spoken with Paulson and confirmed that someone sent him an anonymous package with the information necessary to destroy Wayne's account. Finch warns that there are too many plaintiffs to be able to track them down, so he sends Reese Wayne's GPS coordinates.

Carter and Laskey secure a crime scene where a ganger was shot dead. Laskey is eager to do some investigation work, but Carter reminds him that their job is just to secure the area and take statements. When Laskey gets a look at the corpse, he throws up. While he recovers, Carter calls Fusco, who discovers that the file on Cal's murder is restricted.

That night, Reese traces Wayne and follows the former CEO's car. Wayne is on the phone trying to convince Collier that the whole thing is a mistake when music blares out of the loudspeakers. A video of Wayne's illicit affair plays on the car's screen and the vehicle goes out of control. Finch warns Reese that someone has hacked into the car's onboard computer system, but there's nothing Reese can do but watch as Wayne's car rolls and crashes. Once it's done rolling, Reese goes over and gets the stunned Wayne out of the car.

Reese takes Wayne to a safehouse where Finch and Sam are waiting. Finch explains what happened and points out that Wayne may have won the class-action suit, but not everyone is happy with the results. He checks on Chloe harper and discovers that her mother and father were divorced. Her father's name is Stu Sommers and the photo matches the janitor Sam saw at Lifetrace. Finch confirms that the man was an electrical engineer at an aeronautics firm, meaning he could easily have sabotaged the elevator and hacked the car systems. Wayne figures that they can get Stu's address from the company's personnel files, but Finch has already hacked the system. He sends Reese to Lifetrace in case Stu is still there, and Sam to Stu's address.

Finch continues trying to triangulate the elevator call while Wayne paces nervously. He tries to sneak out a call on the phone, but Finch pulls the wire and points out that it's ironic that Wayne is losing his privacy when he's done the same thing to so many. Wayne insists that he's not the only one and that there are plenty of other companies that do the same thing, but Finch isn't impressed. The CEO finally says that he wants to call Deedee, and Finch reluctantly sets up a web portal to his voice mail. Wayne discovers that Collier has let him a message saying that Jenkins will meet with him at the Mayfield Hotel and discuss finalizing the deal. Finch refuses to let Wayne go, warning that someone else--probably Stu--checked the voicemail first. Wayne reluctantly agrees to stay, but knocks out Finch as soon as his back is turned.

When Finch wakes up a few minutes later, he calls Reese. Reese has found Stu's locker and finds a photo of Stu and his daughter Chloe together. He pockets it and figures that Stu wants revenge on Wayne for unwittingly helping the man who killed Chloe. As Reese heads for the Mayfield, Finch warns him that Wayne may still be the ultimate perpetrator rather than a victim.

At the lobby of the Mayfield, Stu is waiting when Wayne comes up behind him and puts a gun in his back. He tells Stu that he's going to help him get everything back and then escorts him into the meeting room where Collier is waiting. Wayne notices that Jenkins isn't there and Collier explains that his boss had to catch an early flight. He then tells Wayne that Riverton won't make the deal after all. Furious Wayne takes out the gun he's kept out of sight and aims it Stu, and tells him to explain to Collier what he's been doing. Stu goes for the gun and manages to wrestle it away from Wayne, and prepares to shoot him.

Reese arrives and tells Stu to stop before he does something that he'll regret. Stu insists that Wayne has to pay for getting his daughter killed, because Lifetrace refused to take down Chloe's address. Her ex-boyfriend-stalker found her three times and each time Stu asked Lifetrace to remove the address, but they didn't. The third time the ex killed Chloe. Shocked, Wayne apologizes, saying that he didn't know, but Stu isn't interested in hearing an apology. Reese walks in front of the gun and tells Stu that Chloe wouldn't want  him to kill Wayne in her name. After a moment, Stu reluctantly gives Reese the gun. Meanwhile, Finch finally triangulates the call from earlier... and warns Reese that the phone is in the meeting room.

Collier draws a gun and shoots Reese and Wayne, and tells Stu that he and his people sent the package to him. They had to improvise when the car crash failed to kill Wayne, but they're satisfied that everything is working out. Collier tells Stu to go and the engineer quickly leaves. Once Stu is gone, Collier walks over to the wounded Wayne and tells him that he's responsible for people losing their dignity and everything else because they've lost their privacy thanks to men like Wayne. Now people are mobilizing against the invasion of privacy, and Collier represents a group of people who have vowed to fight back. Collier tells Wayne that they set out to teach a lesson and then shoots Wayne dead. Ignoring Reese, Collier walks out. Finch desperately asks Reese if he's okay, and Reese confirms that his bulletproof vest stopped the bullet. Sam arrives and helps Reese out before the police arrive to investigate the shots. Reese wants to go after Collier, but Finch tells him that it will have to wait.

The next morning, Laskey gets in the call with Carter and tells her that the last two rookies that worked with her requested reassignments. He insisted on working with her because he read about how she took down HR, and wanted to be trained by the best. However, Laskey figures that she doesn't want to train anyone, and tells her to cut him loose if she won't train him. Carter gets a call and, after a moment, gives the radio to Laskey. He takes the call and they drive off together.

Finch meets with Sam and Reese and tells them that he checked Collier's background. The man started at Riverton four months ago, for the purpose of getting close to Wayne so he could initiate the whole scheme against the CEO. As far as the others that Collier mention he was working with, Finch has no way to trace them. The packages to Wayne's tormentors were sent from mail processing centers scattered across the country. Finch admits that he's worried and is sure that the attack on Wayne was just the beginning.

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