Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 2

Nothing to Hide

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 2013 on CBS

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  • Open Secrets

    Long before Edward Snowden's revelations about Prism and the extent of NSA surveillance put Cheshire-cat grins on the faces of executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, they have been up front about seeing Person of Interest as a cautionary tale of lives lived increasingly online. Those concerns have been largely implicit, part of the show's underlying DNA. This episode moves them to the forefront, with a Number, Wayne Kruger, who runs Lifetrace, which proposes taking data mining to new levels. The company's name may be a little on-the-nose, and some of the plotting a little heavy-handed, but it serves notice that this season will take on these issues more directly.

    However, the need to bring Finch and Kruger together raises my major quibble. It makes for a nice confrontation, and even comedy, when Finch clucks at Kruger's offer of his password. But it beggars belief that they would bring him to the library when the need to keep it anonymous has been long established. Beyond belief is Bear, the Special Forces-trained attack dog, inflicting only superficial damage after Kruger attacks Finch. All of that should have happened, sans Bear, in one of Finch's trove of safe houses.

    Root remains on the sidelines, allowing the suspense to build on how exactly she'll handle Dr. Carmichael. It also keeps the focus on the new player in the game, the group that actually pulled all the strings in Kruger's demise. When Shaw was introduced last season, I mentioned her team felt like Quantum Leap's Evil Leapers. Some astute readers pointed out the flaws in that analogy, but this group, using familiar methods with fewer scruples, is giving me that vibe all over again. And with Root's release imminent, there may be some tricky new alliances about to form.