Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 10

Number Crunch

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 15, 2011 on CBS

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  • Game On!

    Now that's what I'm talkin' about!! In what has been a satisfying week of television so far, Person Of Interest packed a significant wallop tonight, thus solidifying it's place as one of the best (if not the best) shows of 2011. 'Number Crunch' was quite possibly the best episode of the series, with 'Witness' and 'Cure Te Ipsum' at second and third place respectively.

    Finch's machine provided yet another unexpected problem for Batman and Robin to solve, in the form of not two, not three, but four different social security numbers! This episode didn't exactly catch Finch and Reese at their best as the bodies started dropping faster than Tiger Woods could switch mistresses. The situation was an unaccustomed one for both, especially Finch, who for the first time in this season seemed to be genuinely flustered. It was cool to see Reese actually offer Finch a few honeyed words of consolation. I think this partnership just switched to friendship, folks!

    As it turns out, these four people happened to stumble upon an accident involving a cocaine-coated Congressman's son who died on impact with a buttload of cash in his car. So naturally, these four pillars of the community did what any self-respecting dude would do in this economy. They pinched the dough. This would later prove to be fatal for two of the four, because as it so often happens, the money (which is of course illegal) belongs to the Congressman (who is corrupt. No really!) and his partner, who hires a dude and a dudette to get the money back and tie up loose ends. But before things could get any worse, the dude and the dudette got Reesed and the Congressman and his business partner got Finched. End of story? Nope. I missed out the good part!

    Carter had a very interesting role to play in this episode. With the CIA now aware that Reese is still alive , I didn't expect her to fold so easily and give up Reese's location. It was a moral dilemma that ultimately solved itself when Carter finally helped Reese escape with Finch. Detective Carter seems to have finally made her decision about Reese, although it almost got him killed tonight.

    So now there are loads of questions swimming around in my mind -

    - Why does the CIA want Reese dead? The story that Reese killed his handler might be true, but the rest is bull. It's more likely that Snow and the other dude are rogue agents trying to clean up a mess they created.

    - Where do Reese and Carter go from here? Friends or Foes? Is Fusco going to lose his status as Reese's police contact?

    - The photograph Reese saw at Finch's place. N.I probably stands for N. Ingram, the dude from episode 2 (Ghosts). How did Ingram die? Does Finch's limp have something to do with it?

    - Where does Elias fit into all of this?

    Speaking of episode 2, I remember a split second scene between Finch and Ingram in 2007, where Finch switches off one of the computers with Reese's ex-girlfriend's photo on the screen. Reese's ex is dead, folks. There may come a point in the series where both Reese and Finch will realize that her death could have been prevented.

    Whew! I could go on and on. This show still has a lot of avenues to explore and I will definitely be along for the ride.


    - Reese got shot in the gut and the leg. He still managed to return fire and limp away from an NYPD detective and two CIA trained operatives. Badass!

    - No episode of Person Of Interest is complete without a Fusco joke. Finch commenting about Fusco's digestive tract was hilarious!

    - I borrowed Reese's motorcycle this week. Sorry dudes!

    I had no idea this was the mid-season finale. The next episode is in 2012. Crumbs.