Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 10

Number Crunch

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 15, 2011 on CBS

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  • "Number Crunch"

    It is undoubtedly one of the best shows on television right now. Better than all the previous action type series except perhaps the original Nikita. Not the generic rip off today. However, there are a lot of flaws. which other investigative shows lack.


    First of all, Reese would never have stuck around for the police to catch him. And secondly, he never would have taken the water for Carter to get his prints. Flash forward to...

    EPISODE 10

    I find it difficult to believe that Carter put Reese in her statement because she knew that she'd get a lot of grief for it. And maybe she might have had a little gratitude in the aftermath of the incident. Yes, she would have still wanted to arrest him for his vigilante activities but in the aftermath of him saving her life and if not to simply make her life miserable she might have left it out or not. She is honest to a fault.

    Secondly, Fosco would have warned Reese immediately that there were suits looking into the incident; suits that looked exactly like him. Thus, Finch and Reese would have known immediately that they'd been found. This is one of the first and foremost major flaws in this episode.

    And I cannot understand why Finch wasn't monitoring Carter more carefully. They had just saved her and needed to know how much she knew and how much she would put in her report.

    Thus they could have been warned by Fosco, the camera in the office and by monitoring Carter's cell phone. Sorry, it does not add up. And they're surveillance experts.

    And Reese would NEVER have called Carter and given her his location while he was still there. He told her he knew she would still arrest him if she had they chance and naturally she would come with a team as in the second episode to arrest him. He's not an idiot. He knows her character flaw is honestly. So he would have been long gone if he actually gave her the location. However, I do believe that he would have called her to see how she was doing and if she was okay.

    Carter being Carter would have seen through the CIA BS. She, like us, will know that some of it is real and some isn't. I don't think that she would have given him up to them knowing that they admitted he was one of their hitmen. She would have wanted to arrest him on her terms and not theirs. And then they admitted to assassinations so I cant see that boding too well with her.

    Another thing I could never understand was how a billionaire like Finch did not have a staff to do the minor chores like picking up Reese etc, basic tracking of POI etc. Every crime boss has a people in every area yet this billionaire doesn't?

    Those CIA were the most un-CIA folks I ever met. The police track cellphones and monitors people and they didn't? The obvious thing to do was monitor her cell phone and thus they might have been able to find Reese but then again his phone might have been untraceable thanks to the tech-savvy Finch. Eventually, they could have found the signal. They would have also monitored her partner's cellphone, Fosco, in the event that he knew anything.

    Why did the sniper not aim for Reese's head if he wanted to kill him. Its either you wanted to kill him, in the head, or not, another body part. Reese would know that Mark would never come alone and would have a shooter nearby. Yes he would have been a sitting duck but I would imagine him working Mark while he tried to reach for cover as he assess the best possible position a sniper would have been in. I imagine Mark trying harder to get back one of their gifted assassins.

    Carter actually tried to arrest him after seeing him almost killed in cold-blood, something she is against. She helped the CIA even though they told her that his job was to kill people? They do not give out that information and since they did, she'll be on their hit list. From the moment they tried to kill Reese she should know she was in danger.


    -As usual a lot of action.

    -They acting and chemistry between the characters is superb especially our main cast.

    -Carter being Carter disobeyed the Captain.

    -I think that was the best ending the it could have with Reese badly wounded. My previous comments does not mean that I am opposed to this. I am opposed to the way in which it occurred.

    -A lot of emotion in the final shooting scene and Reese thanking Finch for the second chance he was given. That alone makes me give it a 9.7 cause I love the show so much. Just really want them to iron out the flaws.


    The only option left is for they to hide her since she will not be able to do it on her own. She will get a harsh lesson in how the world works. Taraji has stated that she prefers movies and not TV series because she like playing different characters and thus hopes Jonathan give her a lot of undercover time. Now she can evolve and thus have the undercover role she desired. While Reese is down she will realize how many people are dying and there is nothing anyone else can do. She might even have to do it while he's recovering.

    One thing's for certain, the writers of the show have no experience in spy shows and need to watch some more or at least think through their stories. Secondly, no way the writer of the dark knight pen the series because they would have been well-thought out and never have these obvious flaws. Despite that, one thing is certain, it is still the best action show on television and the only show I watch.