Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 14

One Percent

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

Reese watches as billionaire website developer Logan Pierce plays street basketball, taunting his much bigger, tougher opponents. As Finch runs Logan's history as a college dropout and techie success story, Logan gets into his expensive sports car and drives off. Reese returns to headquarters and Finch inform him that Logan and his best friend from Caltech, Justin Ogilvy, created, a social networking site. They're taking it public in 72 hours and they figure Justin wouldn't kill off the man that helped make it all happen. Finch warns Reese that Logan switches his cell phones twice a day to avoid corporate espionage, making cloning pointless, and gives Reese a tuxedo so he can go to a charity event that Logan is attending that night.

At the station, Carter is going over the file on Davidson when Fusco comes over. He asks how it's going and she mentions Stills, another crooked cop that who also disappeared without a trace. Unaware that Fusco was responsible for that with Reese, Carter continues her work but receives a call from Finch. He asks her to go through the two hundred lawsuits that Logan is filling against web site developers, and then tries playing with Bear. However, the dog just lies on the floor and doesn't respond.

At the charity event, Reese watches as Logan meets with Justin and a third man, Jeremy Campbell. Logan is Jeremy's only client and does big business with Friendczar. Reese poses as a hedge fund manager and watches as their hosts, Ben and Cynthia Kamin, chat with Logan. Finch explains that the Kamins are competitors and that their own social network site was devalued by 50% when Friendczar first came out. Logan notices Reese and comes over to talk to him. Finch suggests that Reese talk about hedge funds, but as soon as he does Logan dismisses him as boring and walks away.

The charity auction begins and Logan and Ben bid against each other for some of Einstein's letters. Logan finally bids $5 million, shutting Ben down, but Reese decides to take Logan down a peg and bids $10 million despite Finch's objections. Logan refuses to raise the bid and Reese wins the letters. Afterward, Logan comes over, smirking, and tells Reese that he just wanted to raise the price for charity. He gets a text and walks rapidly out of the room, and Reese follows him. However, he discovers that Logan is simply meeting with Cynthia to have an illicit affair under her husband's nose.

The press arrives to take a statement from Justin and Logan on Friendczar going public. Justin apologizes for his partner's absence and gives a brief statement. Afterward, Friendczar's chairman of the board, Sinclair Melborne, tells Justin to get Logan under control. Logan emerges from the room where he was with Cynthia, brushes past his partner and goes outside. By the time Reese follows him out, he discovers that Logan has flown away in a private helicopter even though it's illegal to lift off from a rooftop. Reese wonders how they can follow a man that doesn't follow any rules.


Finch is hard at work on The Machine when a shocked Nathan comes in and tells him that something has happened. He turns on the news and the two men watch a broadcast about the 9/11 attacks. Nathan points that they've gotten rich and famous on their work, and wonders what they're going to do to stop similar attacks in the future.


The next day, Logan walks down the street in nothing but his bathrobe and underwear. He goes to his dry cleaners, where Finch has taken the clerk's place, and gives Logan his suit. Logan explains that he only has one suit and only needs one suit. As he collects his clothing, Finch switches his platinum card for the one that he's bugged, and then checks Logan's cell phone long enough to confirm he's going back to his company to hear depositions on Friendczar's lawsuits.

The parties gather in the conference room and a small website owner complains that Friendczar ruined his startup. Reese listens in from across the street while Finch explains that Logan goes after small companies on patent violations if they challenge him. Logan is taking a nap, but when they wake him up he tells the plaintiff that Friendczar screwed up and offers him to pay him back the venture capital. As the others stare in surprise, the lawyers for the next plaintiff, Emily Morton, come in. They complain that Logan has intimidated their client, forcing her to disappear, but Logan ignores them and says that he's going to Coney Island for launch. Listening in, Reese wonders if Logan and Justin had something to do with Emily's disappearance.

As Logan goes to his car, Sinclair complains about how he's out of control. Logan ignores him and Sinclair warns Jeremy that he'll go to the board to get Logan fired, and Logan dares him to try and see which one the board would choose. Logan drives off in his sports car and Reese follows on a motorcycle. He soon notices that Logan is driving erratically and Finch intercepts Logan making a call to his onboard help company, complaining that his accelerator is stuck. Finch confirms that someone has planted a malware virus in the car's computer and tells Reese to get within 10 meters so he can hack into Logan's Bluetooth and then access the computer. Reese manages to do it before he falls behind when Logan runs a red light. Finch then calls, posing as the help company, and tells Logan that he's dealing with the problem. He manages to shut down the malware just in time and Reese pulls up, only to discover that Logan has already jumped into a taxi. Reese realizes that they can't keep up to Logan so he's going to take a new approach.

After Logan returns to his office, Reese barges in, knocking out the man's security guard, and then sits down. He tells Logan that he's in danger and he can't follow him secretly, so he wants Logan to agree to let him stick around for the next 48 hours. Intrigued, Logan says that it sounds like fun.


Nathan comes to see Finch that The Machine is being shipped on schedule and will reach the government facility in ten days. Finch is ready to move on and suggests that his partner do the same, but Nathan complains that they had their chance to improve the world with The Machine and gave it away. He suggests that they use the backdoor that he hints he installed, even though Finch points out they agreed not to, and Finch says that either they move on together or they don't. After a moment, Nathan walks away.


That night, Finch reviews a video that Emily made for her lawsuit. In it she promises to make sure that Logan and Justin launch her website as they promised.

Jeremy and Justin catch up to Logan and remind him that he has a party to attend. Logan says that he'll be there and tells them to get Reese an invitation. When they wonder why he's meeting with Reese, Logan claims that he's setting up a merger with Reese's company. As they go outside, Finch tells Reese that Emily has the skills to hack Logan's engine system. Meanwhile, Reese discovers that Logan has bought a new car just like the one he had, and the billionaire explains that he buys the perfect item to suit his needs and only buys one of it. One suit, one watch, one car.

Logan and Reese go to Logan's apartment and Logan pours himself a Scotch and offers one to Reese. When Reese points out that Logan is missing his party, Logan says that he has something more important to do. As he plays video football, Finch sends Reese footage of Logan giving a statement to the press advising people not to buy Friendczar's stock. He also tells Reese that Sinclair has used the footage to convince the board to get rid of Logan. Reese asks Logan what he's doing, but Logan starts choking. Reese realizes that he's having an allergic reaction and Logan gasps out that he's allergic to naproxen. Reese cuts an air hose loose from the bar and uses it to breathe air into Logan's lungs, saving his life.

Once Logan recovers, he tells Reese that all of his friends have access to his penthouse apartment. He also explains that he recently developed the allergy. Reese points out that he seems undeterred by the attempt on his life and Logan says that he keeps moving so he can stay alive. Reese knows that Logan's parents went bankrupt and the billionaire explains that his father sold cameras but failed to keep up with digital technology until it was too late. Logan has decided to adapt to change so that it doesn't crush him, and figures that the one thing people will always need is connections to other people. As he goes to sleep on the couch, Reese tells Finch that they have to meet.

Down on the street, Finch arrives and admits that he didn't bring Bear because the dog is under the weather, possibly because of stress from the people around him. Reese says he isn't suffering from any stress and suggests that they move Logan to a safehouse. Before they can come up with a plan, Logan follows Reese there and asks who Finch is. He shows them the bugged credit card and figures that Finch was the one that helped him earlier with the sabotaged car. Logan figures that Reese is former military and Finch is the brains and the bank, and admits that the one thing he can't figure out about them is why they help people. Finch avoids the question and says that they need to get him to a safehouse. However, Logan points out that the city isn't safe and suggests a better location.

Ten hours later, Logan and Reese arrive in St. Petersburg. Logan takes his guardian to a night club built from a bomb shelter and figures that it's the safest place for him.

At headquarters in New York, Finch tries to get Bear to move without success. As he starts to look up canine depression treatments, Carter calls to tell him that she got a partial fingerprint from Logan's decanter that matched Jeremy's.

As Logan eats dumplings, Jeremy arrives in response to Logan's text message. Logan admits that he sent it and tells Reese that since the board fired him, he is no longer bound by his non-compete clause and can take a new job. Finch calls Reese with the information about Jeremy's prints and the fact that Jeremy filed Logan's recent medical application for health insurance. Reese accuses Jeremy of trying to kill Logan since the lawyer no longer has a job since Logan has been fired, and then knocks Jeremy to the floor and handcuffs him. Justin and a bunch of Logan's other friends come in and Logan tells Reese that he texted the rest of his friends as well. Disgusted at Logan's disregard for his life, Reese walks away and tells Finch that Logan doesn't need help now that his friends are there.

Carter is at the station going over the files on Davidson and Stills when Fusco comes in. He thanks Carter for having his back and starts to say that he's made some mistakes. Carter interrupts him and says that it doesn't matter whether they're friends or partners. If he broke the law, she's still a cop and she'll enforce the law. Fusco says that he understands and Carter leaves.

As Reese heads for the airport, he asks Finch what their next number is. Finch informs him that The Machine has given them Logan's number again, and figures that either Jeremy had an accomplice or there's a new danger. Finch tracks the purchases Logan has made on his card and confirms that he took a room at a nearby hotel. When Reese goes there, he breaks in and finds Emily waiting with a gun. She says that Logan told her that someone else would call and fires a warning shot. However, Reese disarms her when she refuses to shoot him, and then sees a bill on the table. He realizes that Emily is in Logan's purchased room because he hid her there until he could announce their new partnership.

Emily sits down with Reese and explains that a week ago, Logan moved her to St. Petersburg when he realizes that someone was onto their plan. They are working together to create a new business center on Emily's social networking site, cannibalizing Friendczar. Finch, listening in, realizes who the one man with the most to lose must be.

Logan gets a call from Justin and meets him on a nearby bridge. Two hired thugs grab Logan and prepare to throw him off the bridge. Justin tells them to wait and then asks Logan how he could let a woman come between them. Logan explains that Emily reminds him of Justin, before he became corrupted by wealth and power and started suing any company that competed against them. Disgusted, Justin tells Logan that he only made the business decisions because Logan didn't want to, and that all of his friends want him dead. As he drives away, the thugs prepare to throw Logan into the river, but Reese arrives and takes them out.


The Machine brings up the SSN of Anna Saunders, a woman who has filed a restraining order against her violent ex-boyfriend. It then sends the SSN to Nathan, who drives to Anna's house and waits outside. Eventually Anna comes out and her ex follows her down the street. Nathan takes out a gun and prepares to go after them.

When Reese returns to headquarters, he watches with Finch as the newscaster announces that Justin is being brought up on murder charges. Logan and Emily have teamed up with Ben Kamin and gone public with their new company, and Friendczar's stock is slumping.

Later, Reese finds Logan at the basketball court. After the billionaire bets and loses his car to his opponent, Reese comes over and Logan admits that Reese is full of surprises. He explains that he's working with Ben because Emily's software shows that they're compatible and because Ben is honest. Reese realizes that Logan knew about Justin but didn't warn him because he wanted to see what Reese was capable of. Logan smiles and says that he's finally worked out that Reese helps people out of altruism. He gives Reese a thank-you present and Reese offers to give him a lift, but Logan says that he'll take the subway.

Later, Finch and Reese take Bear to the park. Finch lets Bear to go play with another dog and tells Reese that Bear just needed a friend. When Reese gives Finch Logan's present, an expensive watch, Finch stamps it on the ground and the pulls out a GPS tracker. He figures that Logan is just curious enough to be dangerous.