Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 14

One Percent

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2013 on CBS

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  • Pretty Good, Not Great

    This was a pretty solid episode and I really loved the Bear storyline. And Reese bidding $10 Million on those letters, then giving them away made me laugh. It was nice to be back to the typical episode style, and after the craziness of the last few episodes, I quite liked it. The POI himself was funny, and the writing was much better than in Dead Reckoning. I honestly cannot tell you how impressed I was that the writers had Reese disinfect the tube before saving Logan... Attention to detail shows. The last fifteen minutes or so felt a bit rushed, but the rest of the episode was interesting.

    And the flashbacks... They were interesting but ultimately amount to little. Okay, they decided to build the machine because of 9/11... We knew that. And Nathan installed a contingency... We knew that. And Nathan decided to go out on his own and try to save the irrelevant... That was the only major revelation the flashbacks gave us, and they were more time-wasters than anything else this episode IMO.

    Overall, though, solid episode, 8/10.
  • The Boys are Back!

    Tonights episode,one percent, was a great look at what our boys do and how they do it best and together!

    Best TV at its best.
  • It All Began With Nathan Ingram (Plus: A Danger, Clever and Smart Billionare)

    Nice episode, after 'Dead Reckoning' is difficult watch a usual episode, but this was good, Pierce is a interesting and dangerous character, the dynamic between him and Reese was fun enough (but between both they no trust each together, very different from the relantionship between Finch and Reese).

    Interesting know about Nathan start to work alone in the case of the irrelevant people, maybe because his death, Finch decide protect people.

    The machine monitoring Pierce is great, like she monitoring Fusco in the first season and Nathan in the flashback last season too, maybe the billionare is a potential villain for the future of the show.
  • One percent danger

    I love Jimmi Simpson and i was so happy to know he was the POI , but there was a point his charisma just went too douche-y and i wanted Reese to kneecap him. Jimmi starred as Logan Pierce, a soft-tech genius (how many shows has this guy played a genius??) founder of the stupidly named social network friendCzar, whose lawyer and bestfriend wanted him dead coz he was a pain. Logan dint like the way his bestfriend was thuggishly doing business and he wanted out. So he increased his own "eccentricness" and so he can get booted out of his own company and go start another one. As the POI , Reese had to protect him but it was difficult . Rather than be afraid someone wanted him dead, Logan was erratic,bend on his own ways and too curious about Finch and Reese. And,his curiosity is what makes me think he is coming back. Unlike Root, i think Logan is going to be a "friend". At the end of the episode, Finch said Logan is enough curious to be dangerous. A scene earlier, as Logan was giving Reese a present which turned out to be an expensive watch bugged with a GPS, he said he understand Finch and John do what they do because of altruism. So i do not think he means them harm. This is the guy we found out earlier in the episode he hated other "one percenters". Maybe i like Jimmi too much, or maybe am just feeling positive today, but i feel like they will be "friends" next time they cross path.

    Oh a depressed bear was cured by going on a play date with another dog. Carter told Fusco they are partner and friends but if his dirty past catches up with him,she doesn't have his the machine may or may not be glitching.
  • Jimmi Again

    Jimmi Simpson plays another odd ball genius. I wonder how much of that is his own personality?
  • Art imitates Life

    How much of Logan Pierce is based on another Social network genius, I wonder? But regardless there was plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. Much like others who evaluated Pierce as borderline douche uber genius, I felt myself torn between liking the obnoxious rich jerk and sympathizing with him when he described his poor upbringing. It takes alot of acting for an actor to convey a jerk one moment then a sympathetic character the next. Jimmi Simpson really deserves an MVP vote but sadly his name doesnt appear as an option.
  • Throw Money at the Problem

    The case this week was entertaining enough, if only for the character of Pierce. It was another case of the week, nothing special there. What made it worthwhile was the promise that they will eventually give us more of Finch's background (especially that concerning Ingram). It's still just a promise, which we've gotten before, but it's also reassurance that they haven't forgotten. Also, Bear's side-plot was wonderful. Way to keep it real, guys.

    One question I had arise from this episode, though. Finch knew where Reese was when the towers fell. I should have realized before now that the Machine didn't exist then. How did Finch know? Does the Machine have the ability to go through old feeds? Was Finch already working on some sort of surveillance? Something doesn't quite add up there.