Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2011 on CBS

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  • How many cliches can we fit into 40 minutes?


    A lot more than I thought it was even possible, that's for sure. They couldn't go 30 seconds without another cliche. The bad guys act like bad guys. They say it's a shame they have to kill the kid. They conveniently spell out their plans right before attempting to do them ("I'm gonna shoot you and, like, I'll make it look like ya shot yourselfs ok"). They even laugh uncomfortably loud and long when the good guy says he's going to out-action them. Bad guys.

    Then you have the prototypical smug, mumbling, good-at-everything good guy. He can like block punches while he's sleeping, and he carries around hidden explosives for that time he might get locked up in a car. He can also disarm a room full of gunmen and tell them they'll be hit in the face by a shell casing. He's so good, everyone must ask, "who is that guy?!" whenever he's been in their presence. Oh and he has nothing to lose and stuff.

    I could go on and on. The only cool things about this show are Michael Emerson and those swooshy Serial Experiments Lain type cuts they do.

    It's really disappointing overall. I didn't have high hopes, to be honest, but Mr. Abrams usually gives us something at least a little watchable. Ah well, it should appeal to the brainless action crowd.

  • something different its well welcomed, but use morebelievablesocial security numbers???


    So the show itsdefinitivelysomething different and not like anything thats going at the moment but this guy its kinda like a batman.

    My very firstthoughtswhere on the "how this works" part, i wasnt really putting attention on the show as it seemed nothing interesting until that part where the guy tells him about his supercomputer and how he gets his names, but then he says all he has its social security numbers which are printed on old margarita paper .. but the numbers are the worst pretending social security ever!!! some are evenrepeatedlike 5 times on the "list" like the exact same one 5 times... plus it has like 5 zeros starting left.... making it a 6 digit number just hope they dont use the same list... cuz i remeber the numbers, good picture memory.

    I get confused about the guy and his motives... other than thinking that he think he is doing the dirty work that hisgovernmentwouldnt care about and catching the bad guys. but i see in the future some type of issue about his girl that got killed...

    anyways ill stick around for being different.

  • The pilot is crap

    Lots of plot holes - like they know she's a victim or a killer but they worry about someone else whose number wasn't up yet, if the machine predicts who will die or something, then that Pope guy and the kid and anybody else would not be in danger since their number isn't drawn yet. Stupid show...
  • Pilot shows good promise

    Nothing to rave about. The case of the week was hit and miss when it came to caring. However the premise show's huge promise. Hopefully they capitalize on it.
  • Music from 22:30 - 22:40

    Does someone knows whats the song name from 22:30 - 22:40??? Thanks.
  • amazing pilot

    Great pilot. We get to meet Reeze and Finch, and the suspicious acting by Reese is great, we get some backgrround stories, and rewatching this, i find i miss Carter,
  • Promising


    I liked it, but i wasnt blown away. Premiere are usually not the greatest, since the characters are still unknown. Person Of Interest had a good enough start.

    The action came in doses, and it was entertaining for the most part. The idea of the ex-spy/cia agent has been done before (Burn Notice), but the idea of the list of troubled people is interesting.

    The plot wasnt anything amazing, but it kept me interested pretty much through out.

    The only thing i was a bit disappointed in was the acting of the two leads, which i found to be a bit stiff. Hopefully as the characters expand, the actors will do the same.

    I'll definitely watch episode 2

  • Been waiting all summer....worth it!


    I have been waiting all summer for this show. Love Emerson andCaveziel. Both are terrific actors.

    My only complaint is the writers or directors having Caveziel speak in such a hushed tone......seems like he's copying Clint Eastwood. I hope he speaks up more and the charactor is less wooden. Caveziel is one of my favorite actors and I know he can put more emotion into the charactor.

    Emmerson never disappoint! Can't wait to see the next episode!!

  • Loved it !!! I have waited all summer long to get to this moment. Emmerson and Caveziel provide a strong lead in this new JJ Abrams installment. Won't say this is perfect, it just provided everything you can ask for : Action, Suspence and a shaddy past.


    The first few seconds of the episode start with a Caveziel (John Reese) love scene. You already know it is bound to have ended badly... he's a hobo. An ass kicking hobo.

    Quickly enough, he get's in jail for having beaten thugs. Only to get mysteriously bailed out by Emmerson's Finch. He refuses an offer to use his CIA/BLACK-OPS acquired skills to protect people who are about to die/commit murders.

    Next thing you know, John Reese wakes up handcuffed to bed having to hear a murder not being able to prevent it. Sure enough it was a recording played by Finch and Reese can't help but realize : He'll save People of Interest.


    Reese's girlfriend died when he was halfway across the world on a mission.

    They were together in 2001 during the twin towers attact. (that much for a timeline)

    Finch was working for the government a program to treat the data (phones, cells, e-mail...) given by the patriot act. The goal was to prevent any new terrorists attacks. Probable events were classified in two categories : relevant (to mass murders) and irrelevant (smaller events).

    The machine was to destroy the lists of irrelevant items every night at midnight. Finch worked out a backdoor to send the Social Security numbers (9 digits) of people at the center of irrelevant events. That's it they only got a number and a name to work on. Anymore data and the leakage would be found.

    Finch used to have a bank (who failed) and someone close to him died. It is probably why he choose to work on the irrelevant list.

    The Government thinks both John and Finch are dead.

    They have a cop who suspect Reese, a crooked cop working for Reese in the inside and a general conspiracy.

    I will be more severe of the show for the next ep. I just do think the pilot lives to his premise.

  • Superb


    The lone hero with a mysterious past , taking out bad guys has been done many times before, very similar to Human Targets first season.

    First off yes its old school, help the helpless tv show, but really is that a bad thing. I grew up on these shows, equaliser, knight rider, the A team, early edition etc etc. Yes you have to remember not to over analyze those shows. They are a dying breed but they still have a huge fan base all over the world

    So forget all the tv snobs who like gritty "real life" dramas, ill go for this kind of show every time, Its entertainment, its fun and thats what i watch tv for.