Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2013 on CBS

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  • Concerning

    Like many viewers I felt this was a mere copy of murder mysteries before it. I think the writers got a little bit lazy with this episode but they were able to utilize it as a means of conveying the virus affecting the machine.
  • Who dun it

    Bit of a boring episode with an obvious twist/killer. Hardly developed the story line. The plot developments were minor and could have been brought into an episode that led somewhere more. All-in-all this was a filler episode.
  • Oh The Places You'll Go!

    The perp of this episode was obvious from the start and Emerson really seemed to put on his Ben Linus face for Harold this go-round. It had just enough grounding in the beginning of the episode to remind the viewer that they're watching PoI instead of something else (which Relevance failed at). And the implications that the Machine is being affected by Stanton's virus is going to be a big part of the plot for the end of the season, I think (all those cameras it couldn't access switching between scenes!). An important episode for the series, but in a very quiet way. I'm really wondering where Fusco has been.
  • Episode Summary needs fixing.

    It wasn't 6 local numbers. They were spread across the country. But Reese and later Finch were trapped in a Police Station with 6 locals and the killer.
  • saw that one coming

    The protagonist was no surprise, but the situation was very interesting. I'll watch it again.

    I do not believe Beecher is dirty. His explanation of the IA was reasonable and there was NOTHING during his meeting with Quinn ('Til Death -- Quinn questioned him about statistics) that was suspicious.
  • The Storm Is Just The Beginning.

    It's not a usual episode of POI, is different, but I liked it. The machine give six numbers and reveal a serial killer to the team machine is very interesting, more interesting is find out the six numbers are six dead person and the deduction of Finch and Reese about why the machine gave this numbers was just excellent.

    The final dialogue between Finch and the killer is great, even better is Carter appears to save Harold.

    I'm very intriguing to know what the hell is the virus and what his doing to the machine. Why she not working right? Three days without give Finch a number is not a good sighn. This season finale is gonna blow our minds.

    Another thing, Carter and Beecher delevopment. I liked, but I still think this man is danger.

    Reese beeing a badass like usual, but in this episode not so much.

    This episode is just a analogy of the true events of hurricane sandy? Hmm maybe. Plus: This episode make me remember a lot of the tv show "The Harper's Island" because of the serial killer and of course "Lost" because the episode is in a island.
  • Identity Thief

    Even a dog can do it. From the opening scene of Finch, Reese and Bear exiting a movie theater, the theme of "Proteus" was set: not everyone is as they seem. Reese chided his boss for passing Bear off as a service dog, and Finch worried aloud that the Machine's identity may have been altered--its shape shifted like the mythical Old Man of the Sea that gives the episode its title.

    They are soon chasing a serial number who turns out to be a serial killer, an identity thief who, for all his skill, does not hold a candle to Finch (did anyone doubt that a man who names himself after birds can fly? It was still a surprising skill). Reese himself poses as Jennings, the wife-beating . Marshall he stashed in a Mexican prison, and Cal Beecher hints to Carter that he is not as the FBI has painted him. All of this serves as the backdrop for the larger question: is the Machine still the Machine? The storm is indeed just beginning, as Finch has not way to check it's ID, to find out if it has become an impostor as a result of Stanton's program. The resemblance to an Agatha Christie plot was part of the cleverly layered masquerade. Can you say "Bravo" with your tongue in your cheek?
  • stand alone episode

    This was a very mediocre episode.

    Some fusco humor might have helped.

    One of nolan's favorite 80s shows was magnum, pi. They did a hurricane i guess this is poi's storm episode.

    They've got a commitment to 22 episodes. So they will have to stretch things.

    I think at some point they need to announce a plan like Lost to run 5-6 years. Otherwise we will get watered down detective and fed characters for multiple years, and it will turn bland.

    Announcing a goal would be good, even 24 got watered down the last three years.